Evelyn Hamilton
1 Nov 2022, Melbourne, Australia
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Hi FSBB, I studied under a master who told me that “everything” is not feng shui. I followed all her advices closely, moved from room to room, moved my furnitures around and for 6 years i had no results. My life went haywire, my finances decreased and my relationship ended. After checking your website out, i gave your feng shui products a last shot and would call it quit if i don’t see any improvement. I wrote to your scholar and he was helpful and very knowledgeable. I guess i learned more from your free information and free consultation than the courses out there that costed me $15k from those self proclaimed classic master. I am delighted to inform you that i have a solid inflow of income and a happier life now. Your feng shui items are indeed a game changer that triggered the onset of good feng shui for me. Thank you.
28 Jan 2021, Singapore
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Thank you for sharing the free annual almanac in your website. It is very much appreciated. It is very useful and I often refer to it on a daily basis. Thank you again for sharing your expert guidance with us. I wish you Great Health & Wealth & Big Success.
Meenu Gautam
10 Sep 2022, USA
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I hope you are good, I am a long time customer of your website and purchase every coming year your new and innovative artifacts which improved my house condition and my family personal life a lot,I am really feeling great to be part of your feng shui theories. Thank you for putting smile on faces through your brilliant remedies which we get from the website. Thanks. Stay well.
Jacqueline Pavlova
5 Jan 2021, Bulgaria
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Thank you for express shipping. Products are very beautiful and is great all come with certificate. I’m pleasantly surprised with the nice coins, ang pows and hardcopy of year horoscopes. Will definitely continue shopping. Thank you so much.
11 Jan 2019, Hong Kong
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Hi Steve, thank you so much for the gifts you sent, they are beautiful and I'm sure my mother will love them and the prayer wheel. I am a new customer and am very impressed with the quality of your products and also your excellent customer service. It is very clear that you put a lot of thought into your customers' orders - thank you! We will definitely use your website again and will highly recommend to our friends! Thanks again and good health and wealth to you all!
Colin Hugh Reynolds
18 Jun 2022, USA
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BTW, I almost forgot, while I LOVE everything I have ever purchased from you. I was blown away by your Superior Quality Table Top Prayer Wheel with 17 types of Mantras. Not only is it gorgeous, but the build quality is incredible. When I spin it, it spins forever, I was shocked at how long it keeps spinning, how well balanced, and what I great bearing must be in there. Plus, the energy feels amazing, I am drawn like a magnet to spin it whenever I am near. Bless you all for support, guidance, and such amazing enhancers and cures.
Amir Campbell
18 Apr 2022, USA
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Let me tell you how much my family has benefitted from your Feng shut tools! They have helped us during some tough times, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. We managed to thrive tremendously.
Bless Parco Rodriguez
12 May 2019, France
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I am very happy with my purchases, this is definitely an amulet and something that a king or queen would use. Could I make a testimonial vlog about it on my YouTube channel? I will rate this 200/10 DRAGONS!!!! 🙂
Fotini C
30 Jun 2020, Greece
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I know you're always trying to do your job in the best possible way, and after all the orders I have made I have only good words to say about your store and your client care.:)
22 Jul 2022, San DIego
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I am a grandmother of four. I bought each of them an amulet to enhance their career, love and education luck. All of them have experienced improvement. I have also bought a wealth item for my neighbour who is a single mother and she got herself a steady job after that.
Gloria Nguyen
21 Feb 2022, New York
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I am a stewardess living in a very old apartment. Most of us are crew. Many have succumbed to emotional issues and commited suicide over the years. I have depression too due to paranormal disturbances. But with faith in your items, i turned the place into a feng shui sanctuary filled with positivities and joy. Just a month ago, i put up the Chung Kwei Heart Sutra plate, and to my surprise i stopped hearing strange noises that had been bothering me for many years. There used to be activities all night long from the bathroom after midnight every day for 15 years. Now it is gone miraculously. I didn’t expect that at all, as i was putting it up for something else.
4 Jul 2022, Canada
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And thank you for maintaining the price of the same item for 9 years if i remember correctly. I will continue to support you. Happy with the results i got 9 years ago and wishing for the same again this time.
25 May 2022, Singapore
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I found the bigger hanging plaque version with heart sutra mantra and bought 3. One for my main door, another on my bedroom door and the last one in my office. Everything smoothens out pretty quickly and my forehead’s dark tone dissappeared miraculously. It is like a switch that turns off all the bad things immediately. I highly recommend this item to others who have similar hauntings as me. Thank you FSBB.
26 Apr 2022, Melbourne
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All the followings are attributed to the beautiful energy surrounding me after placement of feng shui items from your store. The money i spent came back triple. I have no worries and I am at complete peace. I am living my most fulfilled life at the age of 45. Thank you.
18 Mar 2022, Florida USA
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I am Jessica from Florida. My husband was out of job right before christmas. I found your page on google upon researching ways to help boost our luck. I used my savings chesty to put feng shui actions into place. I decided to get all the cures i need from your store after discussing with my family and friends to seek for the opinion of those who could have shopping experience with you. Your products didn’t disappoint me in their quality and effectiveness. After 2 months, Jack found a job at a more secured company as a system analyst. The atmosphere at home had also changed tremendously, we feel the energy becoming more delightful. Thanks and you guys are just great.
27 Feb 2022, Singapore
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Hello Mr Scholar. Greetings & once again thank you for your sound advice if you could remember that I was asking you about starting a family during 2020, which happened after I heed your advice of getting the turbo charging pagoda and other artifacts ! My boy is now coming 9 months old , very active , alert, healthy and hitting all development milestones. To also let you know , I think it has been more than 12 years that I had been reading , acquiring your artefacts, the quality has improved tremendously , keep up the great work!



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