About Us

Feng Shui Bestbuy was started by a group of young entrepreneurs who have passion for feng shui, who had turned a basic family business into a bigger ambition of serving worldwide customers. We have years of experience on importing, distributing and selling authentic and right feng shui items from our family business inherited from our ancestors. We have also initiated, designed and manufactured many feng shui merchandize to offer to thousands of feng shui enthusiasts worldwide. We are retailer, wholesaler and dealer for most of the chinese cultural products. Our market focus is worldwide and not confined to any single country. We provide fabulously low shipping rates worldwide. We have made it to become a brand very familiar among USA, Singapore, Japan, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Europe and many more countries.

2023 marks the twentieth year we go online. We have grown to be a well-known and established feng shui marketer worldwide with the many valued support we obtained from our valued customers. Today, we have also become a very important feng shui knowledge missioner and intends to continue embarking on feng shui research and spreading of its knowledge. We also have our in-house feng shui masters that provide feng shui consultations for free. They have also done a great job in spearheading many excellent feng shui concepts and articles published in this site, but on the bad side had invited too many dishonest competitors whom infringe our copyright. We will leave it to our legal to handle those issues. Looking forward, we will work further to establish ourself as a foundation that will help the world achieve good luck, good health and prosperity for as many people as possible.

Products from our store are specially selected and sourced from the finest quality at the most competitive prices you can find on line. More essentially, our products are fully cleansed with our own method so that they will reach you with good energy. This has been endorsed by countless “energy people” who had bought from us and could feel the strong good vibes in our products. Most of our products are also unique on its own as we also design and manufacture most of them ourselves as advised by our in-house feng shui masters. Our company focus on cost effectiveness and we vow to produce items at lowest prices so that feng shui enthusiasts can benefit from us.

We are located in Malaysia. We no longer provide showroom facilities as we are focusing on worldwide borderless internet marketing where customers conveniently shop with us by just clicking with their mouse pad in addition to saving time on travelling costs and shopping time. Our internet business has already matured and have gained customer acceptance and confidence in the quality of our products and services.

Contact Us

For general enquiries, please contact us via email at sales@fengshuibestbuy.com for a 72-hour reply

For urgent enquiries regarding a PAID ORDER, please contact us via email at order@fengshuibestbuy.com

The most preferred method for one to contact us is through email at “sales@fengshuibestbuy.com” on the following matters:
1. Sales matters
2. Shipping costs
3. Wholesale enquiries
4. Product enquiries
5. Clarification questions
6. Seeking feng shui advices or consultation questions
7. How to make payment etc.

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