Our Shipping Policy​

Announcing our new shipping algorithm with new rates

We subsidize all shipping from our own pocket. We have shifted from “item based shipping cost” to “actual weight shipping cost”. This method of calculation provides an instant 3-5 times reduction in shipping charge when we shove multiple small merchandizes together into one shipment. “Actual weight shipping cost” really shines when you have more than 1 merchandize in one shipment. The shipping charge is based on the total DIMENSIONAL WEIGHT of packed items including packaging materials. The DIMENSIONAL WEIGHT calculates not only the actual weight but also the volume of the package. The shipping charge includes actual item/s weight and all packaging materials involved (for example packaging box, damping materials, envelope, label, pouch, airway bill, commercial invoice etc). When you check out your order, our shopping cart system will automatically add up the weight of all items together with packaging materials in one shipment.

You can easily find out your total shipping charge by using our “shipping estimator” when you add the desired items and your country of destiny into our shopping cart system.

The total shipping charge is calculated on the first 0.5kg and subsequent 0.5kg as per standard courier charges. For example, if you purchase 1 item and the dimensional weight is 0.1kg, you will be charged based on a shipping rate of 0.5kg. And if you purchase 2 items adding to a dimensional weight of 0.4kg, you will also be charged based on a shipping rate of 0.5kg. If you continue to add on the third item with combined dimensional weight of all items (including packaging material) up to 0.6kg, you will be charged based on a shipping rate of 1kg.

The total shipping charge is based on our own rates. Our rates are competitive and made more affordable because they are partially subsidized by us. The actual rates provided by the couriers are more expensive.

All products in one order will be shipped in ONE shipment.

For those who wish for your shipping to be charged directly to your own corporate account (if you have your own account with FEDEX or other couriers), you can work offline with our order department by sending an email to order [at] fengshuibestbuy.com before your order is made.

Refund for out-of-stock item

Under normal circumstances, our shopping cart system will capture “out of stock items” at zero cost. In the case where your payment was received and an item becomes out of stock after that, we will refund you the merchandize cost accordingly. We will also consider to refund you the shipping charge according to the difference between your original shipping charge with the item compared to the new shipping charge without the item. This can be done by referring to our “shipping estimator” from our shopping cart system on the rest of the items entered into the cart.

Do we provide zero shipping charge or further discount on shipping?

We are afraid we DO NOT earn anything from the shipping charges. Therefore, we are UNABLE to provide further discounts on shipping charges.

How do we ship?

We ship by air from Malaysia via reliable international courier services such as DHL, UPS and FEDEX.

Our affordable and reliable shipping policy

Using an international courier service to ship provides a more HASSLE FREE experience. It ensures items get to our valued customers as fast as possible reliably. Normally packages get delivered within 8 days. All packages can be tracked on-line. You will receive via an automated email a tracking number once the parcel is released from our warehouse.

Where can we ship to?

FENG SHUI BESTBUY is a global store that ships products to almost any registered address in the world. Our courier provides worldwide shipping except to a few isolated places. To ensure that the items reach you, the parcel will be delivered to your door-front and an adult signature is required. However, there is no shipping and delivery services to “PO Box addresses” or “Military Base addresses” in USA.

ODA - Out of Delivery Surcharge

“Out of delivery” (ODA) areas refer to areas that are either out of the city or areas not normally served by the courier. Our shopping cart system is unable to detect whether the shipping address you enter is “out-of-delivery” at the point of purchase. We will only be prompted by the courier about ODA when we release the shipment from our warehouse and hand over to the courier. Therefore, in the event that your address is “out-of-delivery”, we can only inform you manually after you have completed your initial payment and when we are about to ship later. In the case if your delivery location is classified as ODA, an additional surcharge will apply and we will email you to request the payment. In the event that you do not reply to us when we try to reach you regarding the payment by email, we will cancel your order and make a full refund without shipping your order.

How many days do you expect to receive your ordered items?

Feng Shui Bestbuy strive for excellence in services. We will process your order immediately upon receiving them. In the event that the item you ordered is not in stock, we will inform you via email about the delay.

Shipping time would normally carry between 2-8 working days depending on your region in the world. Since we specialize in US and Asia Pacific shipment, these regions enjoy faster delivery. As for our warehouse order process time, we normally process order within 72 hours, but again it depends on the queue.

Average Total Delivery Time = Order Processing Time (0-3 business days) + Shipping Time (2-8 days)

You are responsible to prepare proper means to receive your goods. It is best that you provide your day time telephone numbers when you check out from our shopping cart, so that our international courier service provider can contact you. In the event that no one is around when the merchandize is delivered, a postcard will be dropped for your to collect the parcel from a nearby office of our international courier service provider within 2 working days. We have agreed with our international courier service provider that they have no obligation to hold any parcel for more than 2 working days and any parcel left unclaimed for 2 working days is to be destroyed and disposed off.

We DO NOT provide any guarantee in “timeliness” of delivery for your purchase. In the event that you consider needing the products urgently but they arrived too late for them to be useful later, we do not hold any responsibility to your personal expectations. They are non returnable nor rejectable.

We DO NOT provide Money Back Guarantee

Our account agreement with the courier service provider does not provide money back guarantee on shipment. For example, if your shipment does not arrive timely, there is NO money back guarantee. You are required to follow our shipment policy instead of the ones provided by the courier because you are not paying a full fee directly with them for your shipment. In the event that you like to follow the courier’s policy and pay a full fee by yourself, please sign up an account with the courier and we can have your shipping costs directly charged to your account.

Custom Duties and Taxes

Custom duties, taxes, storage fees, special clearance fees and any other additional charges are NOT part of SHIPPING COST paid to us. They are separately imposed during custom clearance at destination. Custom policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact your local customs office for further information. Under normal circumstances, shipments for items meant for “personal use” to USA and Singapore may not be imposed with custom duties for certain amounts. But there is no guarantee to this claim because it is subjected to your custom’s discretion and policy which is out of our control. We have received feedback from our customers that they were dutied and taxed in destinations like United Kingdom and Europe after deminis value were removed in 2021. Different countries have varied customs policies, therefore you may be subjected to shipment delays once your package is witheld for customs check. Your purchase will consider you as the importer of the item into your country and any form of import duties and taxes will be paid by customer. Please comply with all regulations of the country in which you receive your goods.

There will be brokers to clear custom taxes and import duties on your behalf, and it is therefore your responsibility to complete payment to our international courier service provider when you are being approached. At certain destinations, the clock starts to click on storage fees once the shipment arrives at custom office. Therefore any delay in custom clearance will subject you to more payment.

Also please be informed that declaring a parcel as “gift” does not prevent custom officers from imposing the duty. Therefore, for those who intend to have the parcel directly shipped to a friend or relative as a gift, it is your own responsibility to obtain agreement from the consignee to pay the duties. Please do not give them surprises!

For instances whereby a shipment has been made and duties already being imposed at destination, you CANNOT reject and return the parcel back to Feng Shui Bestbuy. Such instructions will not mean you do not have to pay for the duties and taxes. Our company is not responsible to bear any cost involved for returning the parcel nor any taxes by destination customs that had already incurred. You will still be charged accordingly in the event that such acts are unreasonably triggered and instructed by consignee.

Change in Addresses

It is your responsibility to provide the correct address to ensure no delay to the shipment. A wrong address provided can result in delivery delay and possible re-routing fee and extra handling charges. This include the postal code, the unit number, street number, city, state and country. It can also result in the items being destroyed or disposed off if the parcel is left unclaimed because it is our agreement with our international courier service provider that they are not required to hold any parcel for more than 2 working days. You will bear all losses due to any wrong address provided. Please write to order@fengshuibestbuy.com if you intend to make any changes to your delivery address. There will be no charges if your items have not been shipped yet. However, once your parcel has been dispatched from the warehouse, please prepare to pay a standard fee of USD10 per airway bill for change to any part of the address. In the event that you change your mind on the delivery address after the item has been shipped out, you have to contact us at order@fengshuibestbuy.com. All instructions will need to come from origin to protect against wrong delivery.

Proof of Delivery and PO Box/Military Camp Addresses

We require a proof of delivery for all deliveries from the courier service. After the pandemic, the courier service no longer asks for signature to release your package. They will instead take a photo upon delivery as the proof of delivery.  It is therefore the responsibility of the consignee to provide proper means of receiving the parcel during work hours on work days (Monday to Friday) at the shipping address provided. For those who prefer for the courier service to obtain signature for release, you will bear all extra charges incurred. You can contact us upfront for the signature service request during checkout under “remark” and we shall reach out to you for payment. Please be informed that insurance for lost and damage is automatically void if you do not provide a proper means for delivery of your package. 

We regret that “no” PO Box and Military Camp address is acceptable in USA. But in countries such as Canada and UAE etc, PO Box address is acceptable as long as you provide a day time contact number where the couriers are able to reach you regarding delivery release of your shipment. 

Missing Item

It will be an awful experience if an item is missing when a shipment is received. We understand how frustrating it is when this happens. To prevent a human error, our processing team allocates a 3-persons buddy system to pack an order at a packing station. This equals to high accuracy with “zero missing occurrence” where items packed into a shipment will be triple checking. If a customer claims for a missing item, we have a preemptive fool proof system to revisit back on the items at the point of packing. There are four video cameras installed at the packing station to capture and archive everything that was packed into a shipment. Therefore, for genuine cases of missing item, there will be no need for war of words between buyer’s words vs seller’s words. We have all the facts ready. The customer need not worry that we will not be accountable. We can check back easily on our side to uncover the truth.

If the outer part of the box has been tampered with, we will need an official letter from the customs office or proof of loss in weight from the courier service in order to file for insurance claim.

Buyer fraud – is becoming a growing concern among online sellers. Buyer fraud is a term used to describe the unethical actions of consumers upon or after making a purchase. One of the most common tricks used in buyer fraud is to contact a marketplace or seller, and claim that an item was never delivered after it was has been received. After making a claim, bad buyers are awarded a refund or a replacement by sellers who are not well equipped. Effectively gaining a free product or two items for the price of one. To combat, video recordings and images are great way to know what is inside a shipment and best proof for payment gateway and credit card issuing bank. We take preemptive steps to cover ourselves in case we come across a bad buyer. We reserve the right to ban a bad buyer with such distasteful habit from shopping with us in the future.

Wrong Item

The customer need not worry that we will not be accountable. We can check back easily on our side to uncover the truth.

Lost Shipment

You are responsible to track the flow of your package via a tracking number sent to you via email after your parcel is being released from our warehouse. However, under unforeseen circumstances, if your shipment go missing and you have not received your order after 10 days, you may contact our Customer Service Department via email at order@fengshuibestbuy.com and we will take appropriate action. However, please take no more than 14 days from the day you order to inform about you not receiving your parcel. We have all packages fully insured with a reputable insurance company. Over the past 10 years, there was only one lost shipment. Therefore, customers do not need to worry because the chances of a lost shipment is almost equal to zero when we ship with reputable couriers with strong tracking information available.

Our Packaging

Almost all our customers claimed we packed their orders very well. We pack every item to proper shipping specifications with proper damping material and packaging box. This is to prevent any possibility of damage during shipping.

Damaged Goods and Other Complaints

We perform 100% Quality Assurance Check with a buddy system (each order is packed by one personnel and double-checked by another) and ensure all items are packed in accurate quantity and good condition. Our computerized inventory system will also be able to track the quantity of items sold and match them with our current inventory. All items are packed very strongly and firmly. Our packaging had undergone drop test experiment and assured to be secured. Damage caused by shipment are usually unlikely but in the event that you found your items broken or damaged upon delivery, please inform by e-mailing us at order@fengshuibestbuy.com immediately. All items are fully insured with a reputable insurance company. Our customers are advised to perform inspection upon arrival. Damage claims or related complaints after 48 hours from delivery date will not be accepted. It is your responsibility to ensure you are available to receive the packages when delivered and check them immediately. Please contact us immediately via email at order@fengshuibestbuy.com for discrepancies. Our representatives will help resolve the problems for you and your replacement will be shipped free of charge after the investigation is completed. On refund request, we will refund the FULL AMOUNT on the merchandize once the damage is confirmed due to shipping mishandling. However the SHIPPING COST CANNOT be refunded, because shipping charge is based on combined shipping. Shipping cost will be considered charged and not refundable at the moment items are shipped out by us. The refund will be credited back to your credit card only. We cannot refund via money order, check or wire transfer.

Note: Please be very HONEST when reporting a damage to prevent embarassment. The courier and ourselves are able to differentiate between shipping induced failures and customer induced/self inflicted failures, eg. customer accidentally dropping an item on the floor due to a slip of hands causing a damage. Self inflicted failures are not claimable. From Feng Shui perspective, it is also advisable not to cheat even though it is covered by shipping insurance because feng shui cures and enhancers are items to improve luck, and if the intention is not right, it cannot bring any positive effects. One must not cheat to get feng shui items, but rather buy the item generously to make them work positively. Please practise feng shui with a pure heart and good intention.

Cancellation Policy

We offer money back guarantee for order cancellation if the order has NOT yet been dispatched from our warehouse to the international courier service provider. Cancellations are best made within 1 hour of your order time. All items are normally shipped very fast. Shipped items will be too late for cancellation. Once shipped, items are considered sold. However, in the event that your cancellation takes place before your items are shipped, a fee will also be imposed on any handling and airport pull back charges imposed by the courier. The minimum fee that will be charged depends on how much packaging and handling is done. Please contact us quick by emailing to order@fengshuibestbuy.com. However, kindly be understood that the sending of your emails to us does not guarantee that the emails have been received or being read by us because we do not provide 24 hours human generated email service. Therefore we do not hold responsibility on the cancellation if an order has been shipped, even though your email had been sent out earlier. We will do our best to assist you as fast as possible once we read your email.

Return Policy

Feng shui involves manipulating chi (energy). Therefore, it is our duty to ensure that feng shui items purchased by our customers are brand new with new chi and never being used before. Used items may accumulate unwanted chi from the previous owners which could affect the effectiveness of the feng shui enhancers or cure. In order to ensure that our customers rightfully benefit from our products and their interests protected, all sales are FINAL and NON-returnable in the event that you change your mind or under any other circumstances.

Refund Policy

For damaged goods during shipment, loss shipment and order cancellation, we can provide a refund for the goods. No refund will be made for shipping cost that has been used.

Disclaimer: Our shipping policy is generic and may change anytime. None of the content on this page is a representation of our international courier service provider’s or any other companies’ detailed policies.
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