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Feng Shui Bestbuy is a world class feng shui merchandizer and manufacturer located in Malaysia. Throughout the years, we have developed to become a worldwide and borderless feng shui shop for high quality feng shui products. For consumers, it is important to consider getting products from a mechant that protects the stability of product quality. Also DO NOT let time and travel costs eating away what your money is worth. We are a place where smart buyers find feng shui products. It is definitely more hassle free to purchase with just a click of your mouse from the comfort of your home. In today’s business environment, we are already at internet speed. We are no longer interested in table negotiations, face-to-face bargains and unnecessary showroom facility spending that will be eventually charged on the buyer. We will continue to strive on automation to increase business competitiveness in serving the worldwide market. We welcome you to contact us if you need any assistance pertaining to our products, their usage and feedback. Besides we’re also doing wholesale and dealership for most of our cultural products. If you have intention to involve in similar business, you can order directly from us in bulk and we can ship anywhere. You are guaranteed to get a proper quotation which will enable you to develop your business. For non-urgent general enquiries, please email to us at sales@fengshuibestbuy.com


For “non urgent” general enquiries, please contact us via email at sales@fengshuibestbuy.com for a 72-hour reply. All emails sent to this email is considered as non-urgent or not time sensitive.

For “urgent enquiries” regarding a PAID ORDER, please contact us via email at order@fengshuibestbuy.com for faster response.

To ensure delivery of our emails to your inbox, please add our email address “sales@fengshuibestbuy.com” and “order@fengshuibestbuy.com” to your Address Book. The emails sent by our automated system can occasionally be blocked by Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL or similar services, and redirected to the Junk mail folder of your mailbox.

Please email at “sales@fengshuibestbuy.com” on the following matters:
1. Sales matters
2. Shipping costs
3. Wholesale enquiries
4. Product enquiries
5. Clarification questions
6. Seeking feng shui advices or consultation questions
7. How to make payment

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