Your Home’s Natal Flying Star

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Importance of Natal Flying Star Charts

Flying Stars belongs to the more advance compass school of feng shui which considers the TIME DIMENSION incorporated into the formula. This school basically formulates a 9 palace chart with numbers 1 to 9 and determines the quality of energy (“chi”) in the nine different sectors based on these numbers. Generally, most feng shui masters would use flying star formula to determine:

  1. The natal flying star chart of a house or premises based on the period of birth and facing direction of a specific building. This chart will not change unless the building is being given birth through rebuild or major renovation.
  2. The annual flying star chart based on the reigning annual star in the center to determine the distribution of good and bad directions for the entire year. This chart changes every year.
  3. The monthly flying star chart based on the combination of the annual flying star chart and the movement of the monthly reigning number in the center. This chart changes every month and explains why luck changes every month in the same area. Most practitioners who are not so particular tend to ignore this, but there are still some who would be alertful of it.

For those who practices “compass school” of feng shui, the following alignment sets the level of importance:

  1. Natal flying star chart – this is the most primary because it formulates a permanent chi distribution in a building that determines the luck in the long term (20 year period at least).
  2. Annual flying star chart – this is secondary but still is very important and definitely cannot be ignored because a annual chi movement could benefit or ruin the permanent chi distribution of a natal chart.
  3. Each individual will have his or her own auspicious directions based on the personal Kua Number formulated by 8 Mansions theory. This is not derived from Flying Stars but is derived from another compass school that does not incorporate time dimension into it. 

If we translate the 3 levels of importance from the above paragraph into practical use in feng shui,
Example 1: Natal chart determines that the primary wealth corner where water star#8 is, the annual chart determines the secondary wealth corner where annual star#8 is and ones kua number determines the tertiary wealth corner where the “Sheng Chi” direction is.
Example 2: Natal chart determines that the primary education corner where Wen Chang star#4 is, the annual chart determines the secondary education corner where annual Wen Chang star#4 is and ones kua number determines the tertiary education corner where the “Fu Wei” direction is.

In summary, this shows how important the natal flying star chart is in feng shui.

Time Dimension in Flying Star

Flying Star uses the solar calendar (according to movement of earth around the sun) known as the Hsia calendar. It uses 4 February as the start of every year which coincides with start of spring and four seasons. Once cycle of time lasts for 180 years. And altogether there are 9 periods in one cycle of time, which means each period takes 20 years and is ruled by 1 to 9. For example one cycle which we are in can be summarized as below:

Period 1: Feb 4 1864 – Feb 4 1884
Period 2: Fed 4 1884 – Feb 5 1904
Period 3: Feb 5 1904 – Feb 5 1924
Period 4: Feb 5 1924 – Feb 5 1944
Period 5: Feb 5 1944 – Feb 5 1964
Period 6: Feb 5 1964 – Feb 4 1984
Period 7: Feb 4 1984 – Feb 4 2004
Period 8: Feb 4 2004 – Feb 4 2024
Period 9: Feb 4 2024 – Feb 4 2044

What the Nine Numbers Mean?

The luck of the nine numbers changes with period. In some periods for example in period 7 (1984 to 2004), number 7 star was very auspicious and could bring wealth energy. But in period 8, number 7 star had become inauspicious and could bring violent energy. Since we are now living in Period 8 (2004-2024), to cut short and simplify things, we only need to know the following luck of different stars during this period:

  1. 1 White – Future Prosperity Star which brings career success, academic success and good relationship. It is also the star that blesses one with good reputation, fame, well being of politicians and upgrading of official rank.
  2. 2 Black – Illness Star which brings long term incurable diseases and sicknesses. At a milder level, it normally gives gynaecology problems, intestinal inflammation, private part and armpit diseases.
  3. 3 Red – Quarrelsome Star which brings gossips, disputes, chaos, havoc and quarrelsome energy. It normally makes people absent minded leading them to doing wrong things, making a people mean in their body language and making people unfavourable to their spouses.
  4. 4 Green – This star has the positive and negative aspects in Period 8. On the good side, this Romance and Academic Star brings new romances and education excellence. It enhances wisdom and favorable for those involved in cultural arts and school examinations. It strengthens fast thinking and result in tremendous progress in studies. But because of its instability in this period, its weakness side could result in wine and sex, courting disasters, sexual scandals, suicide and liver problems.
  5. 5 Yellow – Fatality and Bankruptcy Star which is will bring the worst luck compared to all other stars and it is deadly. This fierce evil star will bring calamity, work obstructions, family damage, injuries, incurable diseases, death and including evil possession. It is the number one evil star.
  6. 6 White – Heaven Luck Star which brings potential windfall, wealth and good blessings, but this star is a bit weak in Period 8. This star is especially helpful for people who wish to migrate to other places or working overseas. It will bring nobleman’s luck and benefactors so that work could be carried out smoothly.
  7. 7 Red – Violent Star that brings injuries, burgalary, fire and lawsuits. This star brings financial losses due to vile characters and a lot of disputes in every aspect of life, either at home or at work. It could also cause surgery due to repiratory and lung infections.
  8. 8 White – Wealth and Prosperity Star which is the luckiest of all stars. It brings fortune, nobility, favorable promotion, salary increment, smooth wealth luck, good health and career success.
  9. 9 Purple – Magnifying Star which magnify the effects of other stars be it good or bad. This is also our secondary wealth star because next period is Period 9 and this made it a Future Wealth Star and Happiness Star. It brings joyous occasions such as child birth, promotion, marriage luck, favorable investment yields, good support from benefactors and property revenues.

There are 24 compass directions

There are altogether 24 directions in flying star feng shui. This is because each direction is further subdivided into subdirections. For example, North is divided into North 1, North 2 and North 3.

South 1 – 157.5 to 172.5 degrees
South 2 – 172.5 to 187.5 degrees
South 3 – 187.5 to 202.5 degrees
Southwest 1 – 202.5 to 217.5 degrees
Southwest 2 – 217.5 to 232.5 degrees
Southwest 3 – 232.5 to 247.5 degrees
West 1 – 247.5 to 262.5 degrees
West 2 – 262.5 to 277.5 degrees
West 3- 277.5 to 292.5 degrees
Northwest 1 – 292.5 to 307.5 degrees
Northwest 2 – 307.5 to 322.5 degrees
Northwest 3 – 322.5 to 337.5 degrees
North 1 – 337.5 to 352.5 degrees
North 2 – 352.5 to 007.5 degrees
North 3 – 007.5 to 022.5 degrees
Northeast 1 – 022.5 to 037.5 degrees
Northeast 2 – 037.5 to 052.5 degrees
Northeast 3 – 052.5 to 067.5 degrees
East 1 – 067.5 to 082.5 degrees
East 2 – 082.5 to 097.5 degrees
East 3 – 097.5 to 112.5 degrees
Southeast 1 – 112.5 to 127.5 degrees
Southeast 2- 127.5 to 142.5 degrees
Southeast 3- 142.5 to 157.5 degrees

One can use the 24 Mountain Compass to determine the direction.

Factors Considered in Determining Natal Flying Star Chart

The two factors to determine a natal chart of a house or building are:

  1. Period of birth of a building or house. This is determined by when the house had its roof closed, door completed installation and floor tiles completed before one moves in to stay. A house newly built easily determines the birth period of a house. But a house that is newly renovated could also be considered the rebirth of a house. But the renovation must be significant enough to change the energy distribution or natal chart of a house. And the three minimum factors determining the rebirth of a house are renovation of: 1. New roof tiles, 2. New door and 3. New flooring or floor tiles. For example even if a house is built in 1986 (period 7) but if it is fully renovated in 2005 (period 8) on the three minimum factors it could be changed into a Period 8 house.

  2. The facing direction of a house: There are altogether 24 subdirections (each subdirection takes 15 degrees) which is considered in arranging Flying Star map of houses, therefore resulting in 24 types of houses. To determine your home’s facing direction, you must first find the sitting direction. The sitting direction is the direction your house or apartment unit lean against. It is usually the side corresponding to the backyard or alley for a house, or rather the yin part of your house. Once you have located the sitting or backside of your house, the facing direction is magnetically opposite. One mistake most people make is to use the position of the front door and that could cloud your judgement. In Classical Feng Shui, the front door plays no role in determining the sitting and facing sides of the building or unit in question. The maindoor facing direction is not used in determining flying star feng shui, although it is used widely in Eight Mansions Theory when we want to synchronize with our good directions. For apartments, most master practitioners now believe that the facing direction of the apartment unit is similar to facing direction of the whole apartment for ground floor to the 9th floor. And for 10th floor and above, the facing direction of the apartment unit will be based on the opening such as the balcony where there is the brightest view to the outside, or simply known as “yang energy entry point”, for example facing the busiest street or the sea etc .

Flying Star Charts of Homes in All Nine Periods

Based on the two determining factors mentioned above, it means there will be 24 types of charts in each Period. All the charts have been formulated by us and can be found in the following links if you click on them. By having these charts all readily available, you can skip the tedious lessons of how to formulate those charts, but instead you can focus on reading and interpreting those charts:

Period 1 Charts: Feb 4 1864 – Feb 4 1884
Period 2 Charts: Fed 4 1884 – Feb 5 1904
Period 3 Charts: Feb 5 1904 – Feb 5 1924
Period 4 Charts: Feb 5 1924 – Feb 5 1944
Period 5 Charts: Feb 5 1944 – Feb 5 1964
Period 6 Charts: Feb 5 1964 – Feb 4 1984
Period 7 Charts: Feb 4 1984 – Feb 4 2004
Period 8 Charts: Feb 4 2004 – Feb 4 2024
Period 9 Charts: Feb 4 2024 – Feb 4 2044

Reading Water Star and Mountain Star in a Chart

Every flying star chart is divided into 9 grids coinciding with each direction. Each grid contains three numbers. The top left hand corner is called the “mountain star”. The top right hand corner is called the “water star”. And the number in the center is called the “period star”. The period star in the center grid will tell us the birth period of a house. For example, the chart below that has Period Star number 8 in the center grid shows that the house is built in period 8.

Example of a "natal chart" of a Period 8 House that is facing SW1

Water Star is associated to money luck, wealth, career and material success. Which means if the water star of a grid has got a good number such as 1, 6, 8 or 9, that grid has got good luck associated to money. On the contrary, if the water star in a particular grid has a bad number such as 2, 3, 5 and 7, it represents money luck is at risk which is aligned to the behaviour of the star. For example, if water star in a space has the fatal #5 Yellow Star and that particular grid is used for conducting business, then one could be facing bankruptcy unless it is properly cured.

Mountain Star on the other hand is associated to relationship and health. Which means if the mountain star of a grid has got a good number such as 1, 6, 8 or 9, that grid has got good luck associated to relationship and health. On the contrary, if the mountain star in a particular grid has a bad number such as 2, 3, 5 and 7, it represents relationship and health are at risk which is aligned to the behaviour of the star. For example if you are looking for a romance location to activate, then you choose a mountain star that has romance green star #4 to activate. And if mountain star has illness black star #2, then those staying in a bedroom that falls into this grid will suffer from long term illnesses.

To make things simple for feng shui practitioners, we just need to understand the interpretation based on individual mountain and water stars in a grid. This is already sufficient in feng shui practice. However for more advance practitioners, they may study the meanings of combined mountain and water stars together. That may not be necessary for normal practitioners. However, you got to take note of a few important combinations that will bring very damaging feng shui and worst luck of all. They are:

  1. Combination of 2-5 and 5-2, both will bring disasters, illnesses, fatality and poverty.
  2. Combination of 2-3 and 3-2, both will bring extreme quarrelsome energy that will fail a relationship, lead to divorce and destruct ones wealth luck.
  3. Combination of the double bad stars, such as 2-2, 3-3, 5-5 and 7-7. This will manifest the highest effects of those stars’ behaviour.
  4. Combination of a bad star with magnifying star #9, such as 9-2, 9-3, 9-5, 9-7, 2-9, 3-9, 5-9 and 7-9. The magnifying star #9 will amplify the bad behaviour of the bad star and result in more serious effects.
  5. Combination of 3-5 and 5-3, both bring injuries, losses and death due to anger and quarrelsome energy.

Four Major Categories of Houses: Understanding the General Luck of Different Types of Houses

There are four general categories of houses in derived from each Period as follows:

  1. Lucky Mountain Lucky Water (Wang San Wang Shui) – This is the best of all types of houses in a certain period whereby lucky mountain star of that period is at the sitting position and lucky water star of that period is at the facing position. A good example of such type of chart is shown in the above chart. This kind of house will develop good money luck, good health and good relationship.
  2. Reversed Mountain Reversed Water – Very unfortunately this kind of house bring bad luck in money, health and relationship. Finances are hard to grow and one may suffer from all kinds of sickness and relationship problems.
  3. Double Period Lucky Star in Facing Location – For example both mountain star#8 and water star#8 are in front of a house. This kinds of house bring excellent financial gains but poor health and relationship.
  4. Double Period Lucky Star in the Sitting Location – For example both mountain star#8 and water star#8 are at the sitting direction of a house. This kind of house will bring excellent relation and health luck, but poor financial luck.

During this period 8, there are 2 kinds of “specials” known as the “sum-of-ten” house or a “parent string” house. Because Period 8 belongs to earth element, if along the center axis from front to back of a house, if you have the combination of earth element star 2, 5 and 8, it will bring in special chi during this period. Houses with sum-of-ten combination built in period 8 are facing SW1 and NE1. Sum-of-ten houses are feng shui class one type of houses. Houses with parent string combination built in period 8 are facing SW2, SW3, NE2 and NE3. Parent string houses are considered auspicious also, but is a class two type of houses.

We are currently living in Period 8 (2004-2024). Please take note that houses that are “built in other period” (meaning prior to 4 February 2004) have had their feng shui already lapsed. None of those types of houses can be categorized as “class one” houses, and they cannot bring much fortunate energy. And worst still is that some houses, especially almost all those that were built in Period 2, 3, 5 and 7 have turned into very bad luck.

Curing Bad Luck Due to Undesired Flying Stars

After understanding the different luck from different categories of houses in the above paragraph, we should now know that the number one best house that has excellent and most desired flying star will be a house that is built in period 8 and facing either SW1 or NE1. The rest of the houses built in Period 8 are average or undesired. And almost all the other houses built in Period 1 to Period 7 are undesired.

We do agree that not everyone is fortunate enough to own a house built in Period 8 and facing SW1 or NE1. Majority of the houses available today will be either built in other periods or simply not good enough even they are built in Period 8. We do understand also the contraint of modifying or renovating ones house to be facing SW1 and NE1 in Period 8. But not to worry, because there is cure for this situation.

The number one cure recommended to overcome the effect of undesired flying stars is the Chilin with a Ho-t’u pattern. The powerful Ho-t’u is a special pattern from river Ho discovered by Fu Hsi. This pattern was inscribed on a unicorn that rose from the depths of Yellow River to reveal itself to Fu Hsi according to an ancient book where all the feng shui knowledge was derived. The Ho-t’u actually describes the underlying secrets of universe, humanity and nature of all things. And the presence of this pattern have protective capabilities to overcome bad flying stars of any situation, turning bad luck into good luck for a house inflicted with undesired combination of flying stars. This is because Ho-T’u patterns defines the time dimension. This ultimate cure and also enhancer serves to generate good energy, subdue bad energy and nourish/improve the feng shui of a space so that good fortune continues to grow esponentially. It is also a potent cure for extremely bad situation where other feng shui cures are considered not strong enough to counter a problem from bad flying stars.

To summarize, in short houses that are recommended to cure with Unicorn with Ho-t’u Pattern are:

  1. Houses not built in Period 8
  2. Houses built in Period 8 that are not facing SW1 or NE1.

Feng Shui Master's Guide in Remedying Star#2, #3, #5 and #7 Stars

This article uncovers the powerful methods practiced from Classical Feng Shui Masters. In any feng shui audits performed by Classical Feng Shui Masters, besides analysing your maindoor and taking the facing direction of your building, they would primarily determine the locations where the hazardous afflictions of Stars#2, #3, #5 and #7 are and cure them. After that, they would find out the location of Star#8 to activate them to bring your the fastest and best results in gaining good fortune and good luck.

Because Period 8 belongs to the earth element, star #2, star #5 and star#8 will become stronger in nature. Out of the three, only star #8 is auspicious. The other two earth element stars, namely star #2 brings illnesses and deadly diseases, while star #5 is the fatality star, and their effects are stronger in Period 8. It is therefore important to be aware of their presence in the flying star map of your house and remedy them permanently with the Five Element Pagoda, 6-Emperor Coins Golden Wulou and 6-rods windchime. It is imperative to note that in every Flying Star chart’s grid, you will find water star and mountain star in each grid. The water star brings wealth, while the mountain star brings health and good relationship (love and fame). Water star#5 brings bankruptcy while mountain star#5 brings fatality. On the other hand, water star#2 brings financial losses, while mountain star#2 brings long-term illnesses that would lead to death eventually. Therefore, it is most fundamental that a Feng Shui Master would remedy these two hazardous stars in every home when they come for an audit.

Both water and mountain stars #5 are best remedied with the 5 Element Pagoda. And the ones that are gold plated will have added advantage compared to the ones without. The reason is the actual pure metal element in 5 Elements is “gold”. Therefore 24k gold (which refers to pure gold) plating will enhance the strength of the metal energy from the pagoda further. Therefore most authentic masters would insist on the 24K gold plated pagoda. There are a few special scenarios that one has to take note of also:

  1. For maindoors or any door of a living room or bedroom or any room that has either water star #5 or mountain star #5, you have to additionally hang on the door knob the Gold 6-Emperor Thick Coins. The reason is because doors will have the most activities where people open or close them everyday when entering and exiting. And such activities energizes the #5 star and its fatal effects could only be prevented with the 6 Emperor Coins.
  2. And the worst situation is when ones kitchen has either water star #5 or mountain star #5. This is because kitchen has strong fire energy that produce more earth energy of the #5 star according to Five Element Theory. For such situation, besides having a 5 Element Pagoda in the kitchen, you will have to specifically place a specially dimensioned Chien-Hotu Plate under the stove or at the vicinity close to the stove.
  3. If any of the water star #5 or mountain star #5 is found in the matriarch’s corner (southwest of every house) and partriarch’s corner (northwest of every house), then you have to additionally place the Double Wulou to ensure longevity is secured for the affected party.

Secondly, curing water star #2 and mountain star #2 could be done most effectively with the 6-hollow rods all metal bagua windchime. It is important to take note that the 6 Emperors’ Coins Wulou must indicate the coins from six successive powerful reigns of the earlier period of Ching Dynasty. Beware of some retailers who simply use any type of coins tied together without understanding this simple basic. And the wulou must bare the shape of a “Dui Trigram” to represent heavenly doctor to cure the illness star #2.
1. For houses with water star #2 or mountain star #2 that is found in bedrooms, you have to additionally place the Double Wulou by your bedside on each side to bless you with longevity and good health. Because 1/3 of our hours are spent sleeping and it is during sleep that energy is absorbed into our body for rejuvanation. We definitely do not want to absorb in bad energy.
2. For maindoors or any door of a living room or bedroom or any room that has either water star #2 or mountain star #2, you have to additionally hang on the door knob the Gold 6-Emperor Thick Coins. The reason is because doors will have the most activities where people open or close them everyday when entering and exiting. And such activities energizes the #2 star and its ill effects could only be prevented with this cure.
3. And if ones kitchen has either water star #2 or mountain star #2, besides having the 6 White Jade Discs Natural Wulou in the kitchen, one will have to place the Double Wulou in the dining hall and living hall as well to bless the household with good health and prevent long term illnesses leading to death not at a ripe age. This is because kitchen has strong fire energy that produce more earth energy of the #2 star according to Five Element Theory.

Next, another hazardous star is Violent Metal Star #7. This star used to be very auspicious and was a wealth star during Period 7 (1984-2004). But in Period 8, its good attributes are gone and have turned into an evil star that brings nothing good but injuries, burgalary, troubles, chaos, fightings, bad luck, law cases and lawsuits. Because during Period 6 and Period 7, which is the past 40 years, this star used to be advantageous, feng shui masters had not emphasized much on finding a good cure for this star. Its effects becomes worst when combined with bad stars such as #2, #3, #5 or magnifying star #9. After much research and upon consolidation of inputs given by authentic feng shui masters, we have made available the number one most powerful cure for Violent Star #7 that is in perfect alignment with feng shui dimension. It is an ornament of Nine Lions Enforcers with Secret Water. When the magnitude of influence from Violent Star #7 becomes overly amplified, you need a substantial amount of power to counter such undesirable energy. This ornament is especially beneficial for Period 7 houses where in most cases one will find double water and mountain star #7 in front or at the back.

Last but not least, another star that brings headache to ones life is the Quarrelsome Wood Star #3. This star is terribly disturbing to ones emotion that it aggravates ones quarrelsome energy unnecessarily. This star spoils good relationship between spouses, between employer and employee, between parents and children, between supplier and customer, among relatives, friends and business counterparts. Basically this nasty star brings separation and divorce in people. If ones living room is afflicted with either water or mountain star #3, the whole family tend to have many enemies out of the house. If ones dining room is afflicted with either water or mountain star #3, the family frequently quarrel among themselves. Next, if ones bedroom is afflicted with either water and mountain star #3, he or she tend to be extremely quarrelsome in nature and will not be very popular at work or in social life. It is even worse if star #3 combines with star #2, then the quarrelsome energy is amplified to the maximum. 2-3 and 3-2 combination are the most unfavorable quarrelsome energy of all and will definitely lead to terrible scandals. The best cure for this quarrelsome energy would be 3 Triangular Prisms with Li’ Hexagram. This ornament is the number one cure against #3 because there is a special hexagram inscribed in the center, where only very few grandmasters with experience in I-Ching know how the hexagram is being interpreted.

Feng Shui Master's Guide in Enhancing Star#1, #4, #6, #8 and #9 Stars

After protecting from bad feng shui, we will need to activate the good water and mountain stars. The most auspicious stars that cannot be ignored at all are the water star #8 and mountain star #8 to enhance ones good fortune, prosperity, health, longevity, good relationship and get quick results in reaching our wealth goals.

Water Star #8 could be activated with the powerful Crystal Lotus Rolling Ball Water Feature as recommended by almost all existing feng shui masters. However, if one thinks deeply, in ancient times electricity was non-existent and having a water feature was simply impossible. So what do the ancient people use? Most authentic grandmasters revealed that in the past 8 white pieces of auspicious stones were placed to activate white star #8. Therefore, after working out closely with many famous feng shui masters, we had developed the powerful “Wealth Turbocharging Pagoda”.This enhancer over rides everything else when it comes to activating the Wealth Star #8. You are advised to twirl it from time to time so that the universe will move events, people and circumstances to fulfill your wealth desires. It is the most powerful wealth enhancer that has the ability to turbocharge your wealth luck to the maximum. This ornament therefore brings you maximum wealth luck in Period 8. This is especially useful if your water star #8 falls in your bedroom or kitchen or places where water features are not suitable. And for places where you can place water, you got nothing to lose to make sure that both the Crystal Lotus Rolling Ball Water feature and the “Wealth Turbocharging Pagoda” are placed together to ensure the most complete harnessing of energy in water star #8.

Meanwhile, the Mountain Star #8 can be activated with the Five Element Gold Mountains as the most complete enhancer. Most feng shui masters tend to focus on only Water Star #8 and neglect Mountain Star #8. This is not very wise because one can leap so many good benefits from Mountain Star #8 to complete his or her life, in areas such as relationship, health, networking, social, marriage and descendants luck.

On top of those enhancers in the two paragraphs above, we also recommend that you incorporate the most powerful heavenly creature of wealth in feng shui studies, which is known as the “Nine Dragons Plaque” into the areas of where water and mountain stars #8 are activated. According to authentic feng shui masters, in places where you find dragons, you find long term prosperity and breakthrough riches. And to add to that, do remember two things:

  1. Dragons comes to live and becomes extremely powerful in its wealth blessing when they are close to water.
  2. Dragons can represent mountain in feng shui studies and could completely activate mountain star on its own.

Next in line is about activating the secondary wealth star which is the Purple Star #9 of fire element. When successfully activated, this advancement Star #9 Purple brings joyful events. It is also our future wealth star, thus is very auspicious as a secondary star to bring wealth, prosperity, longevity, fame and abundance to residents. This star is especially important for people in the business sector seeking for advancement and flourish of businesses. Activating this star activates long term prosperity and fortune. It is also important for every family to build a long lasting wealth vase made from strong brass material known as the Treasure Vase Legend and station it in the locations where either water star #9 or mountain star #9 is. It represents accumulation of wealth that lasts for generations.