Ho Tu Chilin Amulet


Ho Tu Chilin Amulet – Magnificent Flying Star Neutralizer – Energy Infused
Material: Brass
Color: 24K Gold Plated
Dimension(in):2×0.7×1.8 in chilin; 1x1in hotu plate
Weight: 50g
ID: KR11730

The Ho Tu Chilin amulet is extremely important to cure the following situations:

  1. When one is affected by bad flying star combinations due to the ‘natal chart’ or the ‘annual chart’ or the ‘monthly chart’ either at home or at the work area. Sometimes even if the natal chart or the annual chart is perfect for the year, but the monthly chart can ruin your good luck before you are aware of it because of your busy schedule. Therefore, this amulet will safeguard you from such problems at all times.
  2. Also worth taking note that this is also a traditional cure used by olden days feng shui master to promote fortune and lucky energy for those whose astrological sign is affected by astrological enemies. For example if you are a rat and your astrological enemy is the horse, but you have children, siblings, lover, parents or other important persons born under this sign, you can carry along this amulet to resolve the problem. If you have co-workers, business associates or bosses whose signs are your astrological enemies, you can also carry along this powerful amulet to resolve the problem.
  3. There are certain unlucky stars that visit the 12 earthly branches affecting the 12 zodiacs luck every year. Examples of these stars are White Tiger, Tian Xing, Lu Kong, Xun Kong, Tian Lao etc. Each of these stars are capable of ruining ones life altogether, leaving one miserable. To lessen the problems associated to them, one can carry along this amulet to prevent them from disturbing you. Carrying this along with you will safeguard you from such problems in case you are not aware of them.

Are you frustrated with your home’s or premises’ flying star chart? Worry no more now! Not everyone can enjoy perfect natal flying star chart according to their desire and also there are bound to be some sectors out of the 9 grids of their charts that seems to be imperfect. Now, there is no need for you to worry anymore. The using of Ho Tu is in accordance to the research work of the ancient Classical Feng Shui text that is recognized by all Flying Star Feng Shui Masters, to remedy ALL flying star problems you are facing and promote only fortunate and lucky energy. The Chilin was recorded seen by Fu Hsi and was the only key to unlock many of the secrets of Flying Star feng shui when correctly combined with the powerful magical Ho Tu pattern.

Note: This amulet is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

What the Chi Lin symbolizes?
The Chi Lin (close to a Unicorn and Dragon Horse of the western world) is a fabulous heavenly creature of good omen, and the symbol of grandeur, felicity, wise administration, longevity and illustrious offspring. It had attained the age of 1000 years old and said to be the noblest form of animal, emblem of perfect good incarnated essence of Five Elements. The predominant characteristics of the unicorn is its perfect goodwill, gentleness, and benevolence to all living creatures. It possessed all the good qualities found in all animals and has the head of a dragon, scales of the carp and body of a horse. Its voice is like the sound of bells and other musical instruments. It carefully avoids treading upon any living insect, or destroying the grass under its feet, and its gait is regulated according to propriety.

It is reputed to be able to walk on water as well as on land and last appeared before the birth and death of Confucious. Confucious was often associated to Chi Lin because he was born a sage after his mother stepped on the footsteps of the Chi Lin and got pregnant. The Chi Lin is regarded by Buddhists to carry the civilizing Book of Law on its back. In ancient feng shui studies, the Chi Lin was described as coming out of Yellow River and appeared to Fu Hsi, the first legendary Emperor, bearing on its back a mystic Ho Tu map from which the Flying Stars formulas is said to have evolved. It is always seen as solitary, and appears to mankind only when a king of the highest benevolence sits upon the throne, or when a sage is about to be born. It had appeared during the halcyon days of the Emperors Yao and Shun and when Confucius was living, but so degenerated have mankind since become that it has never since shown itself to us again.

The Chi Lin with Ho Tu pattern is said to be the number cure for undesired flying stars. The types of flying star charts that can consider this cure for all types of situations include, the natal flying star chart, the annual flying star chart and the monthly flying star chart. When you cannot find any other cure for a bad flying star situation, this remedy will come in as the best and most authentic one. Curing flying star problems will lead to a life filled with success, abundance, wealth, fulfillment, happiness, harmony, good financial status, excellent reputation, great education for children, love and romance, health and longevity. It will subdue danger and negativities due to bad flying star.

Natal Flying Star Chart Problems
For those who had studied Flying Stars, you will know that there are different luck according to different categories of houses. If you would have mastered this school, you will notice that the number one best house that has excellent and most desired flying star will be a house that is built in period 8 and facing either SW1 or NE1. The rest of the houses built in Period 8 are average or undesired. And almost all the other houses built in Period 1 to Period 7 are undesired.

We do agree that not everyone is fortunate enough to own a house built in Period 8 and facing SW1 or NE1. Majority of the houses available today will be either built in other periods or simply not good enough even they are built in Period 8. We do understand also the contraint of modifying or renovating ones house to be facing SW1 and NE1 in Period 8.

The number one cure recommended to overcome the effect of undesired flying stars is the Chilin with a Ho-t’u pattern. The powerful Ho-t’u is a special pattern from river Ho discovered by Fu Hsi. This pattern was inscribed on a unicorn that rose from the depths of Yellow River to reveal itself to Fu Hsi according to an ancient book where all the feng shui knowledge was derived. The Ho-t’u actually describes the underlying secrets of universe, humanity and nature of all things. And the presence of this pattern have protective capabilities to overcome bad flying stars of any situation, turning bad luck into good luck for a house inflicted with undesired combination of flying stars. This is because Ho-T’u patterns defines the time dimension.

To summarize, in short houses that are not enjoying perfect flying star combinations are:

  1. Houses not built in Period 8.
  2. Houses built in Period 8 that are not facing SW1 or NE1.

Annual and Monthly Flying Star Chart Problems
Because there is an important consideration of time dimension in feng shui, every house will have to go through equivalent cycles of good and bad luck from one year to another and to more detail one month to another. Two common scenarios of consideration:

  1. Do remember that when a bad star arrives either at the sitting position, center or front position along the center axis, it jerks the stabilization of the energy of the whole house.
  2. When a bad star arrives in a specific bedroom or work desk or important rooms such as business rooms where money transactions are involved one will experience drainage of money during that particular period.

Zodiac Compatibility Problem

One can check the chart above for zodiac compatibility with your business partners, peers, colleagues, subordinates, bosses, lover, children, siblings, parents and other important persons who deal closely with you. If anyone of them who are important to you but is astrologically not compatible, you can cure the problem by carrying along this amulet to enjoy good bondage with them and prevent future obstacles/disagreements.

Weight 220 g


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