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Auspicious symbols in Feng Shui when infused with energy invoke universal power. This product has been infused with up to ten nano-tech bonded volcanic minerals developed from Advanced Japanese Mineral Science Technology. It is capable of emitting powerful Scalar Energy, Far Infrared Ray and Negative Ions. The natural minerals’ molecules are formulated, fused and structurally bonded with a high temperature using high end technology from Japan and Germany.

We guarantee that our product consistently emits the strongest energy in its entire life and does not diminish because of the existence of tourmaline in the content of our products. It also exudes never-ending transferrable “healing chi” (favorable negative ions) through solid bodies, surrounding spaces and even on the person who is in direct contact with it. This Feng Shui product is enhanced and energized by the energy field thus making them more powerful and effective.

The energy emitted from this product will benefit you in three major aspects:

  1. Metaphysical
  2. Health
  3. Electromagnetic Wave Shielding
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Feng Shui forces include electromagnetic fluctuations, radioactive radiation, infra sound, positive and negative ions and other frequencies. These physical forces are produced and influenced by geographical and astronomical factors.

As we all know, good Feng Shui is obtained by harnessing good ‘chi’ (qi) in a space. The major component of good ‘chi’ is negative ions which are produced naturally from the evaporation of water from green plants and sunlight. Negative ions are good for our well being and health.

On the contrary, positive ions, ‘shar chi’ are detrimental to human. Bad ‘chi’ is produced by electromagnetic and radioactive radiations which are released everywhere by our everyday household products like the television, microwave oven and mobile phones. These harmful radiations come in the form of positive ions and may cause health problems and discomfort. Fortunately for us, positive ions can be neutralized by negative ions.

We have specially infused this product with a high level of negative ions up to 1000pcs/cc. Masses of negative ions that are released from this product to promote positive flow of energy, healthy ventilation of the air; maintain energy balance and most importantly driving away bad ‘chi’ (positive ions) effectively in our environment. Negative ions emit specific vibrations which can help to heal and balance the energy field patterns in our body, chakras and aura. Those who are in direct contact with negative ions like wearing it can invigorate and even cleanse the aura by removing negativity and bad luck.

Another component of the great ‘Chi’ is the Far Infrared Ray (F.I.R.). F.I.R. is first discovered in the 1800’s through spectroscopes by German scientists. Since then, many researchers from Italy, United States of America and Germany have learnt of its profound health and well-being benefits. F.I.R acts as a catalyst to enhance the resonance absorption of our body driving all the good energy penetrating down through our own cells.

F.I.R radiation is made popular recently in the East as well. Japan and Korea published numerous research papers on clinical experimentation and application of the F.I.R. The Japanese expert has shown that the ‘Chi’ from F.I.R is equivalent to the average ‘Chi’ (8 micron) wavelength produced when performing “qi gong” therapy which is a 3000 year old ancient Chinese martial art therapy for mental, health and self-enlightenment.

The physical characteristics of F.I.R are intangible. It has the ability to penetrate, refract, radiate, reflect and absorbed by any kind of matters. The F.I.R is at its best when simulated by the presence of sun energy. Even though F.I.R cannot be seen, touch, taste, smell or heard but it gives out powerful good energy to us and magnifies “Yang” energy in our space; that is something you can definitely feel!

Lastly, one of the latest discoveries by physicists is the Scalar Energy. It is much similar to magnetic energy but instead of its waves going along a focused path, it runs with the 4th dimensional standing waves which are spread out in modulating directions.

Scalar Energy is so powerful that it has the ability to pass through solid objects and transfer its energy to the object without losing its intensity. It provides vibrations to the surrounding and it is laboratory proven to be measurable. The best thing is Scalar Energy does not diminish through time; it actually regenerates and repairs itself indefinitely.

We have embedded Scalar Energy into the auspicious Feng Shui symbols in our products. When using our Scalar Energy embedded products, you can experience the best of both compelling energies of Feng Shui and Scalar Energy.


Scalar energy regulates homeostasis of the body. ‘Homeostasis’ is the condition of equilibrium, the ‘dynamic range or balance’ where your body’s multiple systems operate together and resonate at their optimum.

The transfer of energy produces vibrations that make the body cell membranes super active. This helps cells to absorb nutrients and detoxifies wastes with much higher efficiency. The body energy receives a boost when each of the trillions of cells in our body gets energized. The chemical composition of DNA cells is enhanced by scalar energy thereby making them more resilient.

Scalar Energy can transform bio-energy into our body to promote molecular activities of water molecules in body organs. As we all know, our body is made up of about 78% of water thus the quality of water present in our body is very important to our health. Good quality water gives good health, bad quality water gives bad health! The water in the body will be nano-clustered, making it energized and bio-active. The water now is able to penetrate our cells hydrating and detoxifying them.

When worn or placed close to the body, the scalar energy can provide the following scientifically proven health benefits:

  1. Enhances body’s bio field
  2. Increases strength
  3. Reduces inflammation
  4. Minimizes hair loss
  5. Enhances blood circulation and regulates blood pressure
  6. Reduces stress
  7. Detoxifies the body
  8. Boosts immune systems
  9. Terminates viruses and bacteria
  10. Restores, stabilizes and increases energy flow
  11. Combats tiredness
  12. Protects DNA from being damaged
  13. Retards ageing process
  14. Fights cancer cells
  15. Cures migraine, body aches and joints pain
  16. Promotes molecular activities of water in organs
  17. Declusters blood cells
  18. Treats HIV positive patients
  19. Improves recovery of stroke patients
  20. Reduces cataract


Scalar Energy eliminates and nullifies harmful effects of electromagnetic waves from devices such as computer, mobile phone, television, microwave oven and other electrical appliances. It removes risks of tumors and illnesses associated to electromagnetic waves.


We guarantee this product is 100% genuinely embedded with permanent energy with a Certificate of Authenticity. As of this moment, there is no Feng Shui product by others where the energy is measurable in the laboratory. We are the pioneer in this field for Feng Shui products and we wanted something that quantitatively invokes power of the universe to bring more prosperity, luck and happiness to our valued customers.

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