Chilin of Three Lights


Chilin of Three Lights – Energy Infused
Material: Brass
Color: Gold
Dimension(in): 2.1×1.6×2.2 in
Weight: 300g
ID: SL11898

This exquisite one-horned chilin shines elegantly in three kinds of natural lights (“san kwang”), the sparkling star, the bright sun and the radiating moon. To the unknowing eye, one will not notice this is actually a one-horned chilin. Perched gracefully on its glowing scales is the fortune bat, a strong symbol of good fortune. Supporting the chilin on its back is a stunningly designed 3-legged money frog with gleaming eyes. This breathtaking combination will cast positive influence on your luck to build a vibrant and awesome path forward for you. Hidden within the fat stomach of the frog is a secret compartment where you can open and fill it with fortune bringing six emperor coins of windfall. Inspired by the need to activate its true potential and power, a shy energy infused tag is hidden under the combination.

Departing from the regular two-horned chilin, the one-horned chilin is said to possess supernatural powers and capability to draw quick cashflow when needed. Favored by lineage practitioners and old timers, the one-horned chilin overides the piyao in financial stimulation because this celestial animal was documented in the I-Ching. Remember that it is from the chilin that all formulas of luck and fortune were derived. It blesses one with windfall luck, quick money in times of financial depression and rapid replacement of what has been lost.

Radiating with three kinds of natural lights, the star, the sun and the moon can actually invoke the powerful energy dimension that is not visible to the eye to synchronize time, space and divine and cosmic realm to make you pulsate with pure energy, happiness and excellent luck. This will transform your life, bringing real meaning, wealth, stability and forward success.

For quick results, it is best to display this powerful enhancer in the location where Heaven Star #6 is.

Note: This item is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

This chilin has the following special characteristics:

  1. The head of the chilin turns backward to replicate exactly the same chilin that was found in the I-Ching. A backward looking chilin signifies “magically gaining back whatever that has been lost”. The chilin has the time dimension capability in moving things backward and forward.
  2. It has only one horn with a head closely associated to that of a piyao. Therefore, it has all the characteristics of a piyao in wealth attraction. The one-horned chilin is said to be the chilin in its youth stages and this signifies unlimited growth potential.
  3. It is fat in appearance and has two fortune bats clinging on the body on both the left and right. Chilin are normally slim in appearance like a giraffe. Only a fat looking chilin is a chilin that generates wealth. The fortune bats symbolically enable one to achieve success in financial mileage.

This chilin will help to revive suffering businesses, to regain wealth that has been lost, to increase cashflow and financial luck quickly for the family, to assist in clearing off debts quickly and to provide a smooth wealth recovery. Once financial flow is stable, it will help improve luck in your investment thus making you rich and wealthy in the long run. Display it in prime area of the home such as the living room with the head of the chilin looking outwards to the maindoor.

What the Chi Lin symbolizes and how to place the object?
The Unicorn, Dragon Horse or Chi Lin is a fabulous heavenly creature of good omen, and the symbol of grandeur, felicity, wise administration, longevity and illustrious offspring. It had attained the age of 1000 years old and said to be the noblest form of animal, emblem of perfect good incarnated essence of Five Elements. The predominant characteristics of the unicorn is its perfect goodwill, gentleness, and benevolence to all living creatures. It possessed all the good qualities found in all animals and has the head of a dragon, scales of the carp and body of a horse. Some believed that the Chi Lin was actually a giraffe. If one were to observe carefully, it could be a fact! Its voice is like the sound of bells and other musical instruments. It carefully avoids treading upon any living insect, or destroying the grass under its feet, and its gait is regulated according to propriety.

It is reputed to be able to walk on water as well as on land and last appeared before the birth and death of Confucious. Confucious was often associated to Chi Lin because he was born a sage after his mother stepped on the footsteps of the Chi Lin and got pregnant. The Chi Lin is regarded by Buddhists to carry the civilizing Book of Law on its back. In ancient feng shui studies, the Chi Lin was described as coming out of Yellow River and appeared to Fu Hsi, the first legendary Emperor, bearing on its back a mystic Ho Tu map from which the Flying Stars formulas is said to have evolved. It is always seen as solitary, and appears to mankind only when a king of the highest benevolence sits upon the throne, or when a sage is about to be born. It had appeared during the halcyon days of the Emperors Yao and Shun and when Confucius was living, but so degenerated have mankind since become that it has never since shown itself to us again.

Since Chi Lin is a wonderful combination of a dragon’s head and a horse’s body, it produces a harmonized mixture of excellent qualities between the two auspicious animals. It has a more royal status compared to the other guardians and is simply adorable. Chi Lin blows “sheng chi” because of its Dragon head to benefit surrounding. Unlike lions and other fierce creatures, the Chi Lin representing a “new born baby” by ancient chinese is very loyal to its owner and easier to tame, like a lovely horse. Its energy represent vitality, strength, ambition, good competing spirits, great health, perseverance and fame. Besides, it also has the scales of a carp which ushers in wealth, prosperity and abundance. The patterns on its back were used to derive the earlier heaven bagua, an ultimate symbol in the study of Feng Shui.

This powerful symbol is an excellent support for important people. Chinese emperors have Chi Lin objects on their tables next to their important seals. And many architectural motives will use the symbol of Chi Lin to manifest blessings and good fortune. Large Chi Lins are also used to protect huge businesses like hotel industry, ministers’ homes, banks, antique shops etc. Chi Lin being an extremely lucky symbol of fortune is usually depicted standing or sitting on a bed of wealth like coins and gold ingots to represent increasingly steady income luck and unlimited windfalls. One will enjoy wonderful prosperity by owning the auspicious Chi Lin.

On the other hand, the Money Frog (also called Three Legged Toad or Frog) is the divine version of frog, in which it has three legs only. It is considered as the most significant emblem of prosperity, wealth and money blessings in Feng Shui. It was said to have lived in the moon and its power became very pronounced during eclipse. Chinese legends had said the Money Frog was originally the wife of a legendary figure who obtained the Elixir of Immortality from Goddess of the West (Hsi Wang Mu). The naturally greedy her stole the elixir of immortality. She was punished by other deities of the heaven and transformed her into a three legged frog and sent to stay in the moon. Since then wherever people see the Money Frog, there is a bed of money surrounding it because being naturally greedy she craves for money. For generations, this mythical Money Frog became the holy creature that protects against misfortune and promised to bring to any household bigger enrichment in wealth. We’re talking about creating abundance in wealth for serious Feng Shui practitioners.

Chi Lin produces wonderful results to enhance family prosperity, career luck, longevity and excellent health health, wealth luck and family luck:

  1. Place it in your living room to ensure success in all areas of your life, leading to fulfillment and abundance. The will help you in your endeavours, help your children in their studies and generate family harmony.
  2. For businessmen, place it on a table or cabinet behind you or on your desk to ensure quick success in business pursuits and smooth ride in business transactions. It will invite more business luck to you.
  3. Place it in your sheng chi sector to help smoothen all your pursuits in life and increase your money luck, health luck and love luck.
  4. Placed it in the east sector and its head facing maindoor, it can also protect family members from harm and danger when they are outdoor. Chi Lin brings you many happy blessings to your family.
  5. The chilin when placed in the southeast of your living room or dining and your business premise, you will enjoy tremendous wealth luck constantly coming your way.
  6. You may also place it on your workdesk facing out to bring good luck and ward off harmful people and politics. You may also place it near your reception and important areas of your shop, facing out.
Weight 500 g
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