Pair of Brass Bamboo Flutes (Bronze)


Pair of Brass Bamboo Flutes (Bronze) – Energy Infused
Material: Brass
Color: Bronze
Dimension(in): Length of flute 10 in each; 0.6 in diameter
Weight: 466g
ID: SL15079

A departure from the usual pieces, this magnificent pair of “bamboo flutes” in solid brass is for discerning practitioners who pays as much attention to dressing up yourself as to doing up the home sanctuary. Stunning in appearance, it is decorated with the emblem of good fortune mystic knot and its tassel. Inscribed on the flute is a powerful taoist talisman that can fix 100 types of “shar chi” (poison arrows) coming from structures, odd shapes, misfortune stars and evil energies. It is rather rare to find any other Feng Shui cure that can replace the flute for the so many positive benefits and unique functions it gives. Known to be one of the Eight Taoist Magical symbols, the bamboo flute is an implement used to cast magic by Han Hsiang Tzu (one of the Eight Immortals). Ancient records have also mentioned that Hsiao Shih accompanied by his wife Lung Yu (during 6th century BC) once performed soothing sounds with the bamboo flutes and drawn phoenixes from the skies. Taoist employed the bamboo flutes as a means of showing strength in weakness. Bamboo is also rich in symbolism and serves as a metaphor for youth and suppleness, strength and endurance, as well as humility and pure heart. Feng Shui practitioners can employ these flutes:

  1. As a strengthener for your life aspirations. They can be hung in certain angles according to the bagua aspirations to enhance your aspirations.
  2. To nourish “chi”, ward off evil spirits/ghost and harmful people from entering a door.
  3. To cure all problems associated with poison arrows (“shar chi”) coming from the ceiling.

Note: This item is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

Strengthening your aspirations using bamboo flute that is angled according to angles of 8-aspiration bagua

Figure 1

Angled correctly, the flute can enhance your life according to the aspirations you desire according to 8 Aspirations Theory. The angles are placed in such a way that they represent the “sides” of the Bagua 8-Aspirations. Figure 1 shows how you can hang the flute in the correct orientations to strengthen your aspirations according to the bagua theory.

Figure 2

There are so many ways you can use the bamboo flutes to correct or enhance your Feng Shui:
1. To blow off harmful chi exerted downward from beams on the ceiling, hang a pair of flutes 45 degrees each at both edges of the beam (such arrangement also represent the “top half of a bagua shape”). This is especially important if your bed or sitting area is under a beam. Beams will cause much harm to you if not remedied, including fatality. See figure 2.

Figure 3

2. For an unleveled ceiling which creates oppressing energy at the lower end of the ceiling you can hang two flutes 45 degrees each (such arrangement also represent the “top half of the bagua”) on the wall directly below the edges of the ceiling. This is shown in figures 3 and 4.

Figure 4

3. Hang a flute next to the cash register at a 45 degrees angle with right side higher and left side lower (mouthpiece always lower) to simulate the bagua wealth corner. Refer to figure 1 for “wealth luck”. This will ensure that your business will boom within a short period of time.

Figure 5

4. To ensure that “chi” coming through any of your door is nourishing, hang a flute horizontally on top of your door (inside the room). This is especially useful if your garage directly links to your living room or kitchen. The bad chi from your car engine can be detrimental to the “chi” that directly enters the door to your living room or kitchen. It will also provide protection against harmful forces of evil. See figure 5.

Weight 750 g
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