The BIG Doorbell and Coins Set


The BIG Doorbell and Coins Set
Material: Brass, Bronze and Hematite Beads
Color: Gold and Bronze
Dimension(in): 2x2x1.9in Bell; 1.75in Coin
Weight: 150g
ID: SL12072

Arising from the need to have them look more pronounce for bigger doors or bigger homes, this large heavy brass Bell and gigantic bronze Three Emperor Coins are made to announce the arrival of good fortune and the rolling-in of big money. They are exclusively made from thick heavy brass and bronze for longer durability against extreme weather conditions. To add to its shine, the brass bell is gold plated and further lacquered for protection against snow, rain and sun. Bells tied with mystic knot have sacred meanings in Feng Shui. To add flavour to them, beads of genuine hematite were added to them. They produce metal tones which can bring wealth, prosperity and abundance. The metal melody also wards off evil spirits and harmful forces. Bells bring good luck to homes as well as businesses

What fortune bell and 3-coins symbolizes and how to place the object?
Hanging the bells tied with mystic knot at the door knobs outside your door will announce prosperity and rolling in of good news each time you open your main door. This will ensure good chi enters your house and bad chi being dissolved at the main chi entry point. Bells are best hung with red mystic knot, as they represent empowerment of the bells with energy.

Three Generation Coins from the best reigns Kang Si, Yong Cheng and Chien Lung tied together in mystic knot makes it a specially powerful emblem or fortune magnet for prosperity. The coins must be made of fine metal such as brass or bronze, which are strong in nature. Some versions are made of resin and brittle in nature, try not to get those version because they lack in metal energy.

3 coins with red thread are so powerful that it can be considered to be equivalent to the presence of the Wealth God. Hang three coins on the inside door-knob (inside your building when door is closed) of your shop’s or home’s main door. This symbolizes that prosperity has already entered your premises or home. On the outside doorknob of your shop’s main door, hang the bell; this attracts good fortune chi to enter your office. The sound of the bell symbolically ‘announces’ prosperity and good news. This ‘coins and bell’ set is particularly effective for those wishing to increase sales and prosperity luck.

Note: Feng Shui Bestbuy offers coins from the finest quality that is made from fine brass and bronze and is really strong in nature. Try not to get those coins that are made from resin and is very brittle. It is better to refresh these coins each year on the first day of the Lunar New Year. It is best to get new ones, or you can cleanse them using incense or singing bowl.


Weight 400 g
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