Fortune Bringing Door Chime


Fortune Bringing Door Chime
Material: Metal
Color: Copper
Dimension(in): 2.5× in wall piece and 3x3x6.5 chime
Weight: 200g each
ID: SL11491

Availability: Only 1 left in stock

This fabulous 3-bells door chime has the auspicious money bag motif and the “fuk” character. The door chime plays an important role to purify chi at your main door. The maindoor or main entrance into the house is considered as the mouth and therefore is the most important part of a house. A household can be suffering from prolong bad luck if the chi is stagnant at the entrance. A door chime, considered to be a wealth and good news bringer, can instantly revitalize the chi to transform better luck for the household. Feng Shui practitioners in Hong Kong love to install such chime at their entrances. Its metal melody tends to ward off bad chi, negative spell and evil influences as well. Sounds of metal can even further reduce the effects of Five Yellow, Three Killings and Illness energies. This chime can be directly fixed onto the door or on the wall close to the entrance. If installed onto the door, the ringing of the bells produces fortune bringing chi everytime you open the door. Bells bring good luck to homes as well as businesses. On the other hand, the auspicious “fuk” character is excellent at announcing good fortune at the entrance.

What fortune bell symbolizes?
Bells will announce prosperity and rolling in of good news each time you open your main door. This would ensure good chi enters your house and bad chi being dissolved at the main chi entry point.

These bells can be installed directly at your main door (outside the house). Another alternative is to have it installed near to the entrance outside the maindoor so that when wind blows, the bells will chime.


Weight 450 g
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