“Big Money” Bell


“Big Money” Bell – Energy Infused
Material: Metal
Color: 18K Gold Plated, Rose Gold Plated, Multicolored
Dimension(in): 2.7×2.7×6.7in Bell; 3.5×3.5×0.2in Base
Weight: 328g
ID: 23-AF-02

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The “Big Wealth” bell embodies 3 important symbols translating into 3 steps for harnessing substantial wealth that lasts a lifetime. It features:

  1. The Money Tree that “generates” wealth.
  2. The Fu Lin Lion that “protects” against wealth loss.
  3. The Infinity Dragons that “grows” your wealth into a big wealth.

Consecrating the bell is the Yellow Jhambala Mantra. Each time you ring the bell that contains the mantra, you are practising his mantra and invoking divine help to create wealth. Also portrayed is a pair of carps, which is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols in Buddhism that denotes prosperity. There are also two twirling round discs. The first has the auspicious character “Chao Chai Jing Bao” which connotes attracting money and welcoming treasures. The other character “Huang Jing Wan Liang” expresses the sentiment “ten thousand tahil of pure gold”. In ancient times, only the royal families, officials and tycoons were able to possess this much of gold! Today, this is equivalent to millions or even billions. The second disc has the image of “Daheitian” Wealth God who blesses one in business success.  The other Wealth God is “Chai Shen Yeh” who takes care of distributing money from heaven to earth.

There is rarely any single wealth enhancer that can surpass the bell in terms of magnetizing money quickly. This being the reason why when an ice cream peddler rings his bell, it easily attracts attention from passers-by.  People would buy the ice cream even if there is no arising need to have one. In Taoist feng shui practice, ringing the bell actually calls upon divine help. Powerful divine help enables you to anticipate new financial territories and opportunities that can fuel your finances for a more optimistic wealth outlook. Each time you feel your finances are stagnant or down, ring this bell to bring in streams of new income. It will carry you to greater heights and allow you to step into the truely fortunate path for maximum wealth success. With the ability to accelerate financial growth, the type of wealth here refers to both mainstream income and irregular income. It is the best enhancer for #8 White Star (annual star #8, water star #8 or mountain star#8).

The item comes with a Tai Chi Double Lotus Plate.

Note: This item is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Tai Chi Double Lotus Plate

A catalyst for activation, the plate boosts the energy of any feng shui artifact placed on top of it. It enables the artifact to interact well and form a balance with its surrounding. According to the theory of “Yin Yang”, the manifestation of Tai Chi generates “balance”. When balance is attained, negativities diminish to give way to positivities! The lotuses on the other hand is essentially used to signify joy, harmony, peace, purity and sincerity. The plate is consecrated with the mantra of Amitayus. Having great control over the cosmic world, this mantra increases one’s lifespan, acquires good fortune and wisdom, avoids untimely or accidental death, removes all negative karma, and accomplishes non-death or is reborn the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. The plate is also empowered with two taoist magic incantations, one to fix 100 types of poison arrows (protection against all negativity) and the other is to enable wishes to be materialized.

Money Tree

“Yao Qian Shu” (literally means “shaking money tree”) is a money tree laden with coins that grows in the heaven. The Money Tree is the gathering place of money dragons. It is from this tree that the Jade Emperor and Five Gods of Wealth will distribute the wealth to mankind. Therefore the Money Tree actually resembles the “ultimate source” of all big wealth. The Money Tree is a universal motif of a great “world tree” ascending from earth to heaven and found in the paradise gardens of the heaven. This form of heavenly tree is laden with beautiful blossoms and unending money motifs, radiating divine light and appear to be as brilliant as precious jewels. It is the most fundamental divine pillar of wealth in feng shui. It implies financial strength and not just money earned randomly. Earning/winning money randomly does not imply financial strength. Financial strength enables one to be able to retire luxuriously and resist any forms of instability in the long term. The tree generates financial success, enable you to earn higher incomes and build greater fortunes. It showers you with money, bountiful amounts of money, multiplying, duplicating, replenishing itself, infinite money, recreating money effortlessly where money rush to you. It opens up endless possibilities, superlative success, overflowing abundance and initiate the journey to riches. Infinite money awaits you each day and endless opportunities and blessings will come your way. Money accelerates to you explosively and rapidly.

Fu Lin Lion

Buddha’s tame lion would “follow his heels like a faithful dog”, according to the legend. According to an oft-repeated legend, this is no ordinary lion. Long ago a lion fell in love with a marmoset. The disparity in their sizes made this an impossible love, so the heart-sore lion asked Ah Chu, the protector of animals, to shrink him down to the size of a marmoset so that the two animals could marry. Only his heart remained its original size. From this union, the Lion Dog (Fu Lin) was born. With the spread of Buddhism to China, the status of Fu Dog were elevated during the reign of Emperor Zhangdi of the Eastern Han Dynasty due to the religion’s high regard for them. Therefore, you will find the fu dog statues abundantly available in the chinese palace and the emperors consider breeding pekingese dogs as the real form of fu dogs. With the power to drive away evil, Fu Dogs are popularly known as the defender of law and protector of homes. Fu Dogs provide ultimate protection from theft and robbery, wards of evil spirits and harmful people, nourishes chi that enters homes, bring in happy blessings and dissolves bad chi from neighbourly formations. It is seen as the symbol of power and strength because of its ability to eat up the tiger and leopard besides having the ability to suppress and expel evil forces.

Infinity Dragons

The “Power of Infinite 8” is related to a few possible positive meanings. It could mean “without end”, “the largest possible number”, “furthest possible distance” or “bigger than the biggest that you can think of”. It simply links to “unboundedness” or “no limit”. In philosophy, infinity can be attributed to space and time which is very much attached to Feng Shui philosophy as well. Often philosophers link the symbol to “ultimate”, “absolute” or even “God”. It usually represents a sense of being without any constraint. Chinese have used this symbol abundantly for over 2000 years as in number “8” and it is probably the most wanted number of all. “8” means “fatt” (prosper) in Chinese.  Double Dragons are synonymous to attracting plenty of money into your life, as well as noble people you need to support you in sales and business. Doors will automatically open for you, and help will somehow find their way into your life. When Double Dragons are present, you will attain success in all goals you have set yourself upon. Nothing will be restrained and nothing will hold you back from moving forward. It is a symbol of ultimate blessings. Practitioners often use the double dragons as a metaphor of success to materialize success for new beginnings.

Yellow Jhambala Mantra

According to Buddhist mythology, he practiced Buddhism for a thousand years before Brahma made him immortal and have him guard treasures and distributing wealth to eliminate poverty and provide financial stability. It is said that riches attained from Jhambala comes with a wealth of spirituality. When one is rich, he frees himself from worrying about poverty and can exercise generosity with an unselfish attitude to help others.

Double Carps

Portraying perseverance and determination, the carp is a tough fish that could resist big currents in China’s ancient Yellow River. The carp is able to persistently resist hardship, swim upstream and rapidly jump above the tides to reach the heaven, denoting great achievement in ones pursuit or high ambition. Although the carp is often being associated to scholastic success and literary luck, it is also a potent emblem of happy outcome, joyful marriage, sufficient fortune and prosperity.


Daheitian is known as Mahakala in Tibet. He is believed to be Lord Siva in India. While in Japan, he is one of the seven wealthgods in Japan. Some Buddhists believe He is the the manifestation of Kwan Yin Pusa to bless wealth on earth. Daheitian normally wears a black head scarf. On one of his arm, he carries a wooden hammer. And on the other shoulder, there is a sack of wealth bag. Under His feet, there are two rice bags. Wealthgod Daheitian started to be worshipped about 1200 years ago by general laymen in Tibet after they found out the secret of survivability of 3000 monks in an ancient Monastery. The monks focused on attaining enlightenment and without having to worry about financial acquisition because the monastery was self sustainable with the blessings from the Daheitian.

Chai Shen Yeh

God of Wealth, also known as Chai Shen Yeh is widely believed to bestow on his devotees the riches carried about by his attendants. The Full Name for Main Chinese God of Wealth is Li Gui Zu. He is also known as Cai Bo Xing Jun, Zeng Fu Xiang Gong, Zeng Fu Cai Shen or Fu Shan Ping Shi Gong. Legend had it that he was a special envoy, Star Venus, of Great Jade Emperor being sent down to earth to help mankind. In heavenly realm, his responsibility is to take charge and control the wealth in Heaven and on also Human Realm. He takes care of distributing money from heaven to earth.

Who else other than ordinary people can use the “Big Money” Bell?

  1. If one suffers from ailing finances due to recession resulting in investment losses, declining assets, joblessness and deteriorating business progress. The bell will set your bearings right again so that you can regain your pre-recession values. Your financial difficulties will change back into positive cash flow.
  2. If you like to bolster any recent underperforming financial portfolios. The bell will create a thick layer to cushion any negative impact and put them back into the growth trajectory so that they will not be sluggish. You will emerge unscathed from the worst consequences. You will experience a rapid V-shaped recovery rather than a slower U-shape recovery.
  3. If you like to use this lull period to take advantage of the new wave. The bell will enable you to anticipate new financial territories and opportunities that could fuel your finances for a more optimistic wealth outlook. Your income will rally even under economically ravaged economy.

All in all, this bell is a fortune magnifier for laymen, investors, speculators, businessmen and career minded people.

Where to Display?

  1. Display it in your living room, family rooms, dining or bedroom of your home, business premises and offices, especially in southeast corner (universal wealth corner), your personal sheng chi direction or wealth star #8 location to activate and enhance your wealth luck.
  2. Display it in your office if you have one that you own by yourself and your shop to ring in more sales and achieve more monetary gains and successes.
  3. Display it in the Northwest sector to activate your financial support luck for the Patriarch or man of the family for money finding opportunities.
  4. To increase ones personal wealth luck, one can display it in your personal zodiac direction:
    Rat – North
    Ox – NE
    Tiger – NE
    Rabbit – East
    Dragon – SE
    Snake – SE
    Horse – South
    Sheep – SW
    Monkey – SW
    Rooster – West
    Dog – NW
    Pig – NW
  5. Activate Water Star #8 and Mountain Star #8 which are both Flying White Star #8 in ones natal chart, irrespective of the period the house is built. Activating Water Star #8 and Mountain Star #8 is the best method to activate ones MAXIMUM feng shui luck to bring in prosperity, wealth, harmony, good health, longevity and happiness. The bell must be placed permanently according to ones natal flying star chart.
  6. Activate Annual Flying Star #8 to bring in annual wealth luck for that particular year. Since the annual wealth star #8 move from one location to another every year, the emblem will have to be moved annually in this case. 


Weight 900 g
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