Nine Dragons Globe


Nine Dragons Globe – Energy Infused
Material: Glaze
Color: Blue Sapphire; Yellow Citrine
Dimension(in): 1.8in globe; 1.9×1.9×1.6in cylinder; 1×2.5×2.5in base stand
Weight: 500g all
ID: SL11688

This ornament unites the nine dragons and the globe to harvest auspicious blessing from both motifs. When nine dragons come together, they form the most powerful assembly to fuel success. When there are nine dragons coming together, it connotes the power of success in finances and the unsinkable. One will bounce back quickly even when life knocks us down with the nine dragons coming to rescue. According to many masters, the nine dragons are the best combinations and will attract potent energy into offices and homes. This is the secret of Kowloon in Hong Kong. Kowloon (cantonese) means nine dragons. The territory was named after the nine dragons to amplify the economic power of Hong Kong. True enough, it has emerged to be one of the fastest growing cities in Asia and a tremendous financial hub.

On the other hand, the globe can bring you improved relationships to enhance your career, energize your benefactor’s luck, improve business luck, achieve globalization, expand your important network, develop better literary luck and invite recognition luck. For those who desire to be very successful, to be granted with power, to attain tactical and strategic thinking capabilities, to excel in examinations, to leap frog in the career, to multiply financial victory, to achieve economic freedom and to become a business tycoon, you ought to possess this Globe in prominent areas of your home or office. The blue sapphire glaze globe:

  1. Extends yourself to a leap frogging career.
  2. Symbolizes water element, therefore beneficial in situations that lacks water element.
  3. Can be displayed at the southeast, east and north.
  4. Is suitable for everyone, particularly benefitting zodiacs rabbit, dragon, snake and rat if displayed at their own zodiac wheel direction. This is highly recommended for engineers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, executives, bosses and leaders who are seeking for more success and authority in an organization.

Note: The ornament is energy infused. Item also comes with a free base stand.

Significance of Nine Dragons
The number nine was considered a perfect number by chinese and closely associated to heaven, “evoking infinity”, partly because it was the product of three times three, the most basic unit of three being heaven, earth and mankind. Nine also signifies “forever”. In ancient times, the emperor’s status as the Son of Heaven was respresented by the number nine, which was why his robes were decorated with nine dragons.

Facing the Gate of Imperial Supremacy in the Hall of Jewellery is the famous “Nine Dragon Screen”, the best of its kind and the biggest in China. It was built from glaze in 1772 (year of dragon) during the reign of Emperor Chien Lung, it is 6 metres high and 31 metres long.

Remember, it was during the reign of Emperor Chien Lung (the most powerful emperor in China) that China as foreign trades at its peak. This period was the most prosperous period with remarkable successes and power of China. Emperor Chien Lung was a firm believer of feng shui, and he knew the nine dragon screen will elevate the country to greater height in success.

But not many people, other than high ranking figures and ministers, can sustain a large image of the nine dragons (more than half a meter). For normal people (in order not to evoke the heaven), a small one like this would be the most appropriate. Is this a myth spread by ancient emperors because they knew the amazing results the nine dragons can bring. Therefore, they may have spread lies to forbid laymen from using nine dragons. The item is suitable for living rooms, family rooms and director’s room. Upon clarification with many masters, when we talk about nine dragons, they must be nine dragons of the same size and shape and located in one single location. That means we do not consider mixing the dragons of different shapes and sizes that are bought over time and calling them the nine dragons. Dragon figurines of different designs, shapes and sizes and when displayed in different corners of the home can be considered as individual pieces of their own. That means you can have one set of nine dragons of same type and size at one corner, and in addition to that more individual dragon figurines in other corners of your home.

What Crystal Globe symbolizes?
Crystal globes are excellent energizers for academic pursuits and promoting interest in studies. Globes also resemble wisdom, intelligence, smoothness in endeavours and expanded network. Most tycoons, rich people, highly literate people, judges, lawyers and politicians would place a globe on their desks. Globes bring

  1. fame and recognition besides bringing in confidence in people.
  2. mentor luck for those in need of support and guidance.
  3. more sales going global for businessmen. Many logos of firms and successful company uses a globe to enhance their business luck.
  4. improved relationships to enhance your career and wonderful network enhancement. It empowers recognition.
  5. wealth and richness.

Options of placement

  1. For businessmen who want success in gaining businesses globally, display it at your cash registrars, shop reception, treasurer’s desk, safe and any part of the business premises which deals with money and customers. It will bring in multiplication of business branches after branches or doubling ones fortune successfully.
  2. For those who are hungry for achievement, knowledge, advancement, fame, authority, power and status, and expect quick and excellent results, display it at your personal “Sheng Chi” direction.
  3. Display it at your study desk to enhance literary pursuits. Similarly, it can also be placed at the northeast sector to tap the literary energy according to 8-Aspiration Theory. It will help your children win a scholarship and gain important places in universities.
  4. For writers, reporters, journalist and administrators, the crystal globe will enhance fame and recognition. Display it at your work desk.
  5. For career success, place this globe at your office desk directly in front of you for a fruitful career and optimized promotion opportunities. Their powerful combination will make you unbeatable in a competitive office environment.
    6. The nine dragons is also very suitable for those who want to activate the mountain star-8 in their homes. Most of the time it is impractical to build a mountain or high wall in the exact location where the star resides. Therefore, the nine dragons is the safest means to activate the mountain star-8 to really produce results.

Note: These globes are originated and custom made by Feng Shui Bestbuy.

Weight 850 g
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