Five Element Globes of Victory


Five Element Globes of Victory – Energy Infused
Material: Leaded Crystal Globes/ Exquisite Stand
Color: Multicolor
Dimension(in):8.8×2.4×1.9 in (27mm globes)
Weight: 350g
ID: SL11386



Highly exquisite in taste, this exclusive globes of 5 elements resemble the manifestation of uncompromising ambition in the ultimate endeavour of aspiration, regal luxury and prosperity. Made to be tasteful in esthetics, it will definitely spark up your space of a modern looking home. The globes are embossed in gold and come in glaze colors of red, yellow, white, blue and green to represent the the colors of five elements. They are:

  1. The finest in design
  2. Tasteful in quality
  3. An epitome of sheer perfection
  4. An expression of vision and realization 

This ultra powerful combination of 5 element globes bring about wonderful luck of benefactors, noblemen, help from powerful people and important network. Further, you can flexibly rearrange the globes towards five forms of advantageous adaptation to achieve five types of creative fortunes and aspirations.

Note: This ornament is energy infused.

What Crystal Globe symbolizes?
Crystal globes are excellent energizers for academic pursuits and promoting interest in studies. Globes also resemble wisdom, intelligence, smoothness in endeavours and expanded network. Most tycoons, rich people, highly literate people, judges, lawyers and politicians would place a globe on their desks. Globes bring:

  1. fame and recognition besides bringing in confidence in people.
  2. mentor luck for those in need of support and guidance.
  3. more sales going global for businessmen. Many logos of firms and successful company uses a globe to enhance their business luck.
  4. improved relationships to enhance your career and wonderful network enhancement. It empowers recognition.
  5. wealth and richness.
Overall Family LucK

This arrangement is excellent for enhancing descendant’s and partriarch’s luck. Besides it also increases the bread and butter of the family brought by the patriarch. It can also be used by couples who are hoping to be blessed with a child. It ensures you have successful descendants. It can be used to enhance metal and water sectors such as the west, northwest and north.

Wealth and Riches

This arrangement ensures solid wealth generation in Period 8. This arrangement will increase your income, speculative investments and wealth luck! Suitable to enhance directions such as southeast, northeast, northwest, southwest and all wealth corners.

Increased Social Status

This arrangement ensures quick generation of fame, popularity and enhancement of relationship. It will benefit those who want to stand out in a crowd and aiming to be famous, for example those who are book authors, business writers, showbiz entertainers, politicians and simply workers who desire to be seen for their good work! Excellent energizer at the south.

Literary and Personal Development

This arrangement creates good reasoning and wisdom. It also has the ability to tranquilize troubled/stressed minds and is associated to starting of a new life and personal development. Display this arrangement at your study desk if you desire outstanding results in your examinations. It can be used to enhance wood and fire sectors such as the east, the southeast and the south.

Outstanding Career Pursuits

This arrangement guarantees quick generation of new career opportunities, promotion in existing employment or enhancement of health. It symbolizes the realization of all opportunities in career and health. It is associated to career growth in the north and is also great to enhance the wood element in the health sector in the east.

More options of placement

  1. For businessmen who wanted success in gaining businesses globally, display at your cash registrars, shop reception, treasurer’s desk, safe and any part of the business premises which deals with money and customers.
  2. Display at your personal Sheng Chi direction to enhance your personal luck and amplify your own fortune in all aspects.
  3. Display in the bedroom or study desk to enhance the literary pursuits of your children. Similarly, it can also be placed in the northeast sector to tap the literary energy according to 8-Aspiration Theory. It will help your children win a scholarship and gain important places in universities.
  4. For writers, reporters, journalist and administrators, the crystal globes will enhance fame and recognition. Place them in the south sector to tap the fame energy.
  5. To gain support from important people and helpful people into your career, literary pursuit and business, be sure to have them in the northwest.

Note: These globes are originated and custom made by Feng Shui Bestbuy.




Weight 1000 g
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