Twirling Globe of Dragon Gate


Twirling Globe of Dragon Gate – Energy Infused
Material: Blue Crystal Glaze
Color: Blue and gold
Dimension(in): 45mm globe; 1.75×1.75×3.5in all
Weight: 320g
ID: SL12012

Illuminate your life with benefactors luck, noblemen luck, help from powerful people, rapid business linkages and the power of networking. These aspects of luck are known as the mentor luck, whereby when career life knocks you down you will quickly bounce back and become unsinkable because important people lend their hands to pick you up. This sparkling blue globe which twirls on a “bearing mechanism” features the elegance of sapphire hue which dazzles and shines when brilliantly reflected by lights. Made to be tasteful in esthetics, it will definitely spark up your space of a modern looking home with the universal symbol of recognition, literary excellence, intelligence, wisdom and mental development. Empowering the globe is the mantra of Manjusri providing a special channel to the cosmic realm to invoke divine vibes of wisdom. It is further consecrated with the Taoist Incantation of Confucius, which is also known as the Wenchang Talisman. The primary symbols that create an inexhaustible amount of good fortune include:

  1. Dragon Gate – The old tale of the carp jumping and crossing over “Dragon Gate” to transform into the dragon reminds us of the ability to resist hurdles and achieving success. Portraying perseverance and determination, the carp is able to persistently resist hardship, swim upstream and rapidly turning into a dragon. This connotes an ultimate achievement of high ambition in ones undertaking which brings about a lifetime of ease. Although the carp is often being associated to scholastic success and literary luck, but it is also an emblem of happy outcome, joyful marriage, sufficient fortune and prosperity.
  2. Four Literary Objects – They consist of Gu Cheng (ancient chinese musical instrument), chinese chess, book and scroll art. In ancient times, mastering in these four areas is considered as crucial for scholars and talented high achievers.
  3. Chilin of Excellence – The chilin stepping on brush and scroll is an emblem of wisdom. The chilin had enabled benevolent kings and wise sages (including the Confucius) in ancient times. In modern times, this resembles high positions and status in the corporate and society.
  4. Inserted into the stomach of the ornament is the powerful script of “Heart Sutras” engraved amazingly in the size of microns onto a tiny cylinder made of stainless steel, thus providing consecration to the ornament.

This mental sharpening globe assists those who are seeking office or testing the abilities in the public examination. It will help those in corporate life facing the meritocratic review who need to compete with other peers. It is also especially useful to draw strategy and clever tactics for those who are running a competitive business. Besides, it also blesses one in passing examinations with distinction. One would attain academic excellence and win a place in the university.Those wishing to increase their self-development, further their education level or improve on writing skills will also benefit from this globe. Teachers, authors, lecturers, newspaper reporters etc are recommended to keep this globe.

Note: This item is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

This powerful globe can be displayed in several places to raise the bar in your pursuits:

  1. Display it around the home to attain greater heights in material success and power. It can also be displayed in your personal Sheng Chi direction to ensure very fortunate returns.
  2. For those who want to attract academic excellence, display it at your study desk. You may also display it in the northeast direction (according to 8 Aspirations Theory) to absorb academic luck.
  3. Display the globe to decorate the important areas of your living rooms, family rooms, reception, dining, cashier’s counter or even bedrooms to increase your wealth luck for the entire family.
  4. Display it in your sheng chi location to tap maximum wealth luck in enhancing your career, windfall luck and more sources of income coming your way.
  5. For bosses, managers and employees, if you are looking for more personal growth and money opportunities, it is recommended that you display the globe in the north location of your work desk. The globe will create a difference between you and your peers to enable yourself to stay more competitive.
  6. Display the globe in the sector where annual Green Wen Chang Star #4 flies to according to the Annual Flying Star Chart. For example in 2014, this star flies to the center.
  7. Display this all blue globe (water element) in the sector where annual Achievement Star #1 flies to according to the Annual Flying Star Chart.

Weight 550 g
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