24K Gold Plated Abacus Keychain for Business Luck


24K Gold Plated Abacus Keychain for Business Luck
Material: Gold Brass
Color: 24k Gold Plated
Dimension(in): 1.7x1x0.25 in
Weight: 50g
ID: HH37011

An abacus symbolizes mainstream income luck as it is traditionally used in computing for income and expenditures. In the long scroll Along the River During the Qingming Festival painted by Zhang Zeduan during the Song dynasty (960–1297), an abacus is clearly visible beside an account book and doctor’s prescriptions on the counter of an apothecary’s (Feibao). Used by merchants and traders to keep track of daily sales, it is thus associated with healthy income streams and managing savings. The abacus connotes having so much sales in your business that you would require its assistance to total up the sum instead of doing the summation mentally. For doctors, the abacus help them in their prescriptions of herbs. On the other hand the brush connotes wisdom and literacy. Made from 24K gold plated high quality brass, the beads can produce metal tones when you shake the abacus. Each time you shake it, it will bring you incredible business opportunities and income stream. Therefore, carry it along with you when you do your sales. Start off your day with good business by shaking it hard!!! The item comes with a beautiful giftbox.

What Abacus symbolizes and how to place this object?
The abacus is an ancient chinese calculator used for many centuries in China. Thinking of ringing in more sales? Yes, the abacus is the answer, as this auspicious symbol is used by tycoons, businessmen, shop owners and financial planners to signify too many numbers to calculate for their income. The abacus placed on your desk or cashiers will multiply your sales profits and boost your business dwellings. For those who are seeking to increase your skillset in summation such as in the fields of mathematics, accountancy, science and engineering, placing an abacus in the study table can enhance your competency.

Where to place your abacus?

  1. For retailers, make sure you must have a brass abacus at your cashier’s or reception. You will have to shake the abacus to produce the loud sound emitted from the brass beads to ring in more sales everytime you start your business for the day.
  2. Display in the northwest to attract solid financial support from important people who would help in your business. Northwest represents the mentor luck corner according to the Life Aspiration Theory.
  3. Place the abacus in northeast (education corner according to Life Aspiration Theory) to enhance academic luck associated to calculation such as mathematics, accountancy and engineering.
  4. Place the abacus in your Sheng Chi location according to your kua number (8 Mansions) in your bedroom or family rooms to activate your wealth luck and invite more income.
  5. Simply carry an abacus with you all the time so that you will never be lack of money to calculate. It increases your business and wealth luck.

Note: A good abacus must be made of high quality brass.

Weight 220 g


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