How to Maximize Your Wealth and Windfall Luck in 2024

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As the world transitioned into Period 9, the world experienced new beginnings in multiple aspects. The wealth of some rich people had been wiped out over night. Lucky people turned unlucky. Some industries experienced reversal in fortunes. Businesses suffered a drop in sales. Some people lost their regular income. This is the result of a major shift in energies as the world moves from Period 8 to Period 9. Period 8 being the most prosperous period in 180 years is over. Losing constancy and stability from a grounding earth element, Period 9’s fire element will be volatile and full of uncertainties. It is therefore extremely important to make adjustments by getting fresh new wealth enhancers to accomodate the new energy. Those who aren’t proactively planning and accomodating could be in for a rough ride. Despite the somewhat dimmer general forecast for wealth in Period 9, there is still very much that bright spark of hope if you know how to strengthen your wealth luck using feng shui and luxuriate throughout Period 9.

This formula teaches you how to code in powerful wealth luck, so that you become unstoppable in making money. When you radiate with wealth luck, everything becomes possible. When you want to get rich, you need to ensure that you get really rich! Not just rich, but genuinely super rich in a lasting manner. You do not want wealth to only flow to you randomly, but to OVERFLOW to you un-endingly. It is therefore a good practice to look thoroughly at all the wealth sectors in 2024 so as to supercharge the good energies to the greatest extent. The formula to get rich is one that activates ALL prosperity stars. A good feng shui practitioner should also look into the finer details of all other wealth influences to capitalize on each sector for maximum output of the year. This chart applies to all houses irrespective of their facing direction. And people of all zodiacs can use this same chart to get rich!

There are altogether 5 sectors where we can tap to for strong wealth luck in 2024:

  1. Immediate Wealth and Zheng Chai – the “immediate wealth” location is the sector where the current period’s Wealth Star #9 flies to in 2024. To harness its luck, display the Thriving in Period 9 in the southwest. Besides, the influential Zheng Chai star brings wealth through hard work and good planning. This other star helps you accumulate wealth through savings and investments steadily. 
  2. Rich – the location where the future period’s wealth star #1 flies to. This is the primary and most promising wealth area that governs your financial fate in the long term. To activate #1, there is nothing better than displaying the Period 9 Authority Star in the east.
  3. Prosperity and Pian Chai – #8 is intrinsically a general Prosperity Star in all periods. Although its power is “amplified” in Period 8 and will go back to its original form in Period 9, it is still a benevolent star that gives positive effects in generating wealth. On the other hand, the Pian Chai star brings windfall where you can strike unanticipated fortune when you least expect. For effective activation of both these luck types, display the Period 9’s Inexhaustible Money Shower in the north.
  4. Savings – #2 turns into the future wealth star in Period 9. Although it is in general a sickness star which is still causing illnesses ferociously in Period 9,  some masters believe it has its positive attributes too as it governs your savings and long term prosperity. One needs to be extra careful when activating this star for wealth and the best is to use something that can subdue the bad side totally while enhancing the milder good side of it which is the Six Lo Shu Tortoises Lucky Array to be placed in the southeast.
  5. Windfall/Fast money – the location where windfall lucky star #6 flies to. This is the strongest windfall luck sector for unexpected surprises in 2024. Display the Period 9’s Magic Ho Tu in the northeast.

Important setting – Feng shui practitioners who have used Money Frogs in the past should know they have unsurpassed powers in bringing you immense wealth. To build your “power wealth pillar” in Period 9, it is therefore important to invite at least 3 new money frogs into your home and have them placed in any three of the wealth corners. We suggest you place the all new Chief Treasury in the north, southeast and southwest. Let your old money frogs that you got in period 8 retire as their benevolent energies had lapsed. 

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