Period 9’s Inexhaustible Money Shower


Period 9’s Inexhaustible Money Shower – Energy Infused
Material: Brass
Color: Genuine Gold Plated and Multicolored Enamel
Dimension(in): 2.25×0.1×2.25in Plaque 1; 2.4×0.1x3in Plaque 2; 2.1×0.1×2.1 Plaque 3; 2.4×0.1×1.8in Plaque 4; 1.1×0.1×1.1in Coin; 15.5in total length
Weight: 167g
ID: 24-AM-17

Availability: In stock

This astonishing wall hanging features FOUR main emblems that harness the fullest prosperity potential for Period 9, namely the “Jade Emperor”, the “Money Tree”, the “Red Dragon” and the Lock Coin of “10 Million Taels of Gold”. The Jade Emperor blesses you with divine help from the heaven. The Money Tree promises limitless financial blessings. The Red Dragon being a fire dragon activates the positive attibutes of Period 9. The Lock Coin builds savings in a big manner. All in all, it showers you with money, bountiful amounts of money, multiplying, duplicating, replenishing itself, infinite money, recreating money effortlessly where money rush to you. It opens up endless possibilities, superlative success, overflowing abundance and initiate the journey to riches. Infinite money awaits you each day and endless opportunities and blessings will come your way. Money accelerates to you explosively and rapidly. It is a fortune magnifier for laymen, investors, speculators, businessmen and career minded people. On the same note, it will turn one from poverty into self-sustainable, and from moderate to become well-to-do and from the above average to become ultra rich.

Featuring 4 plaques altogether, the salient features and the importance of the FOUR main emblems and other auspicious symbols can be explained and elaborated as follows:

1st Plaque

The Jade Emperor (Yu Huang or Yu Di), known informally as Heavenly Grandfather (Tian Gong) is the ruler of Heaven in Chinese mythology and is among the most important gods in the Daoist and folk pantheons. Accompanying the Jade Emperor’s image are chinese characters “Tian Kuan Chi Fu” which connotes blessing you with divine help from the heaven. Also featured are a pair of Fu Lin dogs which is another emblem of wealth and protection symbolizing that your “wealth is safe”.  In his capacity as celestial ruler, the Jade Emperor is thought to govern Heaven and Earth, and he holds the power to distribute wealth to mankind. He is in charge of blessing everyone with good fortune and happiness so that there will be less suffering. Furthermore, he showed respect and benevolence to both men and creatures with loving kindness, but possesses powerful capability to vanquish evil. Having the image of the Jade Emperor at home simulates him paying a welcome visit to your home, bringing good luck in the form of solid support from those with the power, influence and capability to help you. Helping those who feel you are bouncing from idea to idea getting nowhere, you will make progress in leaps and bounds. Those without a plan will find new opportunities to benefit from and enjoy a windfall of some kind.

On an equally good note, hidden behind the plaque of the Jade Emperor are the inscriptions of “100 Fu CHARACTERS”. The chinese character “fu” expresses the sentiment “luck”. Therefore, a hundred of them becomes an auspicious connotation that multiplies your good luck by 100 times more. It is actually a symbolic representation of the “God of Luck” (Fu Xing), whom originated as a lucky star and was believed to bring good fortune. The character symbolizes family happiness, fulfillment, good relationships and mutual love uninterrupted by illnesses, setbacks and sufferings. It also brings power, authority and wealth. In other words, the “100 Fu CHARACTERS” bring you complete good fortune, material luck, protection, peace, confidence and genuine happiness in your wealth accumulation.

2nd Plaque

Next, “Yao Qian Shu” (literally means “shaking money tree”) is a money tree laden with treasures that grows in the heaven. The Money Tree is the gathering place of money dragons (manifesting in the form of Red Dragons). It is from this tree that the Jade Emperor and other Gods of Wealth will distribute the wealth to mankind. Therefore the Money Tree actually resembles the “ultimate source” of all big wealth. The Money Tree is a universal motif of a great “world tree” ascending from earth to heaven and found in the paradise gardens of the heaven. This form of heavenly tree is laden with beautiful blossoms and unending money motifs, radiating divine light and appear to be as brilliant as precious jewels. It is the most fundamental divine pillar of wealth in feng shui. It implies financial strength and not just money earned randomly. Earning/winning money randomly does not imply financial strength. Financial strength enables one to be able to retire luxuriously and resist any forms of instability in the long term. The tree generates financial success, enable you to earn higher incomes and build greater fortunes.

3rd Plaque

In addition, the Red Dragon emerging from mountain and sea is a symbol of permanence and immovability. It is the emblem of rising wealth, powerful support and protection from reversal of fortune. Regarded as the most powerful symbol on earth, the mountain with dragon played the same sort of role in Chinese Cosmology as the Emperor did in society; it ensured cosmic order and permanence. It is repository of great wealth for those who practise old school feng shui. Similar to the mountains on imperial motifs from ancient times, this mountain is designed together with border of wavy lines representing the ocean. This denotes the auspicious blessing “shou shan fu hai” which carries the meaning “longevity and good fortune as unlimited as that of the oceans and mountains”. Featured behind this plaque is the Wealth Increasing Mantra which has the effect of attracting multiple sources of solid income for you.

Furthermore, a coin hanging below the 3rd plaque brings victorious connotation. One side has the chinese characters “bai zhan bai sheng” which expresses the sentiment of “winning all 100 battles”. The other side has the Chinese Characters “da gong gao cheng” which means “succeed in all undertakings”.

4th Plaque

Inscribed with chinese characters that denote “10 Million Taels of Gold” and featured in a Lock Coin, it turns around the luck for those who are in a serious lack of wealth luck and safeguards one from easily losing money. This expresses the sentiment of “abundance in savings”. It features the Military God of Wealth on Tiger. General Zhao Kong Ming is one of the five Wealth Gods who gives powerful blessings of good fortune for the mainstream income. His looks are more confident, grandeur and victorious compared to other Wealth Gods. He sits on a ferocious tiger, thus making him having extremely powerful command over wealth. He carries a gold ingot and a multilevel military varja weapon. The magical varja weapon enables him to punish all evils and to destroy all ignorance that could lead to being cheated. The tiger swallows all devils lurking in the surroudings. Besides, there are two Secret Taoist Incantations that empower the entire wall hanging by providing a special channel to the cosmic realm to invoke their divine help. The talismans are from the powerful taoist lineage: “ming chai” (money earned from work) and “ngam chai” (windfall). They will bring better mainstream income as well as windfall luck in investment, speculative portfolios and gambling. They ensure that all your money desires are being fulfilled rapidly!

Note: This item is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

The benefits
This auspicious wall hanging will bless one with the following circumstances:

  1. To stimulate financial opportunities for those who have suffered from financial setbacks, cash degeneration and zero income.
  2. To put a full stop to continuous financial losses and selling of assets.
  3. To improve an extremely bad financial condition and eradicate poverty.
  4. To form a catalyst that could develop a turn around and overcome a stalemate financial situation.
  5. To move forward quickly in financial recovery, beyond what the other feng shui enhancers could do.
  6. To generate exponential financial growth and wealth at a speedy rate.
  7. To prevent reversal of fortune.
  8. To snowball wealth growth further.

Where to display this auspicious wall hanging?
This auspicious wall hanging is best used to activate #8 or #9. #8 is intrinsically a general Prosperity Star in all periods. Although its power is “amplified” in Period 8 and will go back to its original form in Period 9, it is still a benevolent star that gives positive effects in generating wealth. #9 will become the a prosperous Wealth Star in Period 9 as it is the chief star of the period. This wall hanging can therefore be used to activate either one or both:

  1. Activate Water Star #8/#9 and Mountain Star #8/#9 which are both Flying White Star #8 in ones natal chart, irrespective of the period the house is built in. Activating Water Star #8/#9 and Mountain Star #8/#9 is the best method to activate ones MAXIMUM feng shui luck to bring in prosperity, wealth, harmony, good health, longevity and happiness. The auspicious wall hanging must be displayed until the end of Period 9 according to your home’s natal flying star chart.
  2. Activate Annual Flying Star #8/#9 to bring in annual wealth luck for that particular year. For example, in 2024, it is best to display this in the north or southwest directions, be it in a house, bedroom or living room. 

On a similarly good note, other suggested areas to display this auspicious wall hanging are as follows::

  1. Display it in your living room, family rooms, dining or bedroom of your home, business premises and offices, especially in southeast corner (universal wealth corner) or your personal sheng chi direction to activate and enhance your wealth luck.
  2. Display it in your office if you have one that you own by yourself or your own shop to ring in more sales and achieve more monetary gains and successes.
  3. Display it in the Northwest sector to activate the financial luck for the Patriarch or the man of the family.
  4. To increase ones personal wealth luck, one can display it in your personal zodiac direction:
    Rat – North
    Ox – NE
    Tiger – NE
    Rabbit – East
    Dragon – SE
    Snake – SE
    Horse – South
    Sheep – SW
    Monkey – SW
    Rooster – West
    Dog – NW
    Pig – NW
Weight 350 g
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