Eagle On Mountain with Pine


Eagle On Mountain with Pine – Energy Infused
Material: Metal
Color: Gold Plated
Dimension(in): 5.2×1.5×3.6in
Weight: 240g
ID: SL20005


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Chinese named the eagle “ying”. It is used as a verbal pun to refer to “hero” (yingxiong) which has the same pronunciation. Considered as the chief of the skies because it flies higher than other birds, the eagle with its keen eyes symbolizes power, leadership, perspicacity, tenacity, courage, strength and speed. This eagle totem will inspire (push) you to reach higher and become more than you think you are capable of. It tells you to be courageous and really stretch your limits and see what you can do. It brings a sense of courage and a desire to explore and grow. With the ability to fly or perch high signifies good fortune or victory coming your way. Eagle images are also said to be good for career/business and act as a guardian of the premises. It protects you from harmful people. When you face struggles in your job or relationship, Eagle Spirit continues to gives you insight as well the ability to make sound choices. It clutches problems in its claws and take them away from your home as it flies away. It is in fact a lucky mascot of many successful people. Next, being the symbol of permanence and immovability, the “Golden Mountain” is the emblem of rising wealth, powerful support and protection from reversal of fortune. Last but not least, the pine is a very common symbol of evergreen because it can endure severe winters. To enliven the eagle, thus magnetize good fortune, you may fill the mini aquarium with filtered water. Water is the only powerful element that can stop and accumulate wealth chi.

Ask for eagle help when:

  1. The details of day-to-day living have you feeling weighed down and you have lost sight of the larger perspective.
  2. You are faced with a number of tough choices regarding work, relationships or life transitions.
  3. You’re not sure how to integrate recent spiritual insights and revelations into your day-to-day life.
  4. You feel you are expending way too much energy to get the job done.

The eagle totem is best displayed on your work desk or on a table facing the main door.

Note: This figurine is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity. The pillow below is also inserted with a talisman that incorporates five major taoist incantation. They signify 1. Safety (Ping An), 2. Wealth Flourishing, 3. Protection, 4. Harmony and Security and 5. Anti Disaster/Injury. A pipet will be provided to help you fill the aquarium with water.

What the Eagle symbolizes?
An eagle’s eyes are up to eight times sharper than that of humans and contain many more color-sensitive cones. Located on the side of the head, their eyes provide a wide field of view. Bald eagles have large wings compared to other birds, allowing them to soar and hunt vast areas with a minimum of effort. During migration they can travel 400 to 500 miles a day. Bald eagles have large, sharp talons and strong feet which they use to catch their prey. This is how the eagle spreads its powerful energy to symbolize victory luck.


Weight 500 g
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