Superlative Luck Multiplier by 100-Fold (Large)


Superlative Luck Multiplier by 100-Fold
Material: Exotic Material
Color: Yellow Citrine
Dimension(in): 6×3.5×4.5 in
Weight: 850g
ID: SL11617

Having a gigantic pillar of support is crucial when your personal luck suggests difficult times. When every aspect of your life comes to a showstopper, seeking divine help will get you out of trouble the quickest and multiply good luck by 100 times. This universal tortoise accumulate the virtues of the Seven Lucky Gods Shichifukujin and is best to revitalize ones all-rounder’s-luck. This “lucky star tortoise” of persistence will never give up to unblock every obstacle one by one and create every possible way out for you until success is achieved. Remember that the universal tortoise is the greatest sign of longevity, stability, steadiness, good fortune, support and protection:

  1. If you are depressed, someone will come to ease your heart to provide contentment.
  2. If there are illwinds, you will receive healing powers.
  3. If you have financial difficulty, you will find a way out.
  4. When you are about to get cheated by evil doers, you will see lights that prevent it from happening.
  5. If you are facing blockages in your career, they will be resolved immediately.
  6. If you are unable to close a business deal, your business associate will return to you.
  7. If you are facing legal problems, your opponent will drop charges on you.
  8. If you feel threatened, your enemy will backoff.

Seven Lucky Gods – Shichifukujin
The Shichifukujin consists of an eclectic group of deities from Japan, India, and China. One of them (Ebisu) originates from Japan’s Shinto tradition. Three are from the Hindu-Buddhist pantheon of India (Daikokuten, Bishamonten, & Benzaiten) and three from Chinese Taoist-Buddhist traditions (Hotei, Jurojin, & Fukurokuju). They represent seven important virtues: candor, fortune, amiability, magnanimity, popularity, longevity, and dignity. From the 15th century, the Shichifukujin gained in popularity, especially among urban merchants and artisans, as an auspicious omen and motif of good fortune and longevity.

  1. Ebisu – God of Fishermen, Good Forture, Commerce, and Honest Labor. Virtue is candor/fair dealing. Holds a fish which symbolizes luck and happy events; fishing rod in right hand; folding fan in other; grants success to people in their chosen occupations.
  2. Daikokuten – God of Earth, Agrculture, Farmers, Wealth, Prosperity, Flood Control, The Kitchen. Virtue is fortune. God of five cereals; rice bales; treasure sack (bag); magic mallet in right hand; sometimes wears hood; rat (found around food).
  3. Benzaiten – Goddess of Music, Fine Arts, Beauty, Eloquence, and Literature. Virtue is amiability. Japanese mandolin, lute, magic jewel, snake, sea dragon. Only female among the seven.
  4. Hotei – God of Contentment and Happiness. Virtue is magnanimity. Bag of food and treasure that never empties; oogi (fan), small children at his feet; known as the Laughing Buddha; rubbing his stomach is said to bring good luck.
  5. Fukurokuju – God of Wealth, Happiness, Longevity, Verility, and Fertility. Virtue is popularity. Huge elongated head; long white beard, cane with sutra scroll, crane, deer, stag, tortoise (symbols of longevity); scroll said to contain all the wisdom in the world; wields power to revive the dead.
  6. Jurojin – God of Wisdom & Longevity. Virtue is longevity. Long white beard, knobbly staff with scoll of life attached; tortoise, deer, stag, crane; scroll said to hold the secret to longevity; sometimes carries a drinking vessel, as he reportedly loves rice wine (sake).
  7. Bishamonten – God of Treasure, Bringer of Wealth, Defender of the Nation, Scourge of Evil Doers, Healer of Ilness. Virtue is dignity. Wears armor, carries spear and treasure pagoda; centipede is messenger.

What the Tortoise symbolizes
Tortoise in real life live for over 1000 years. Its body and shell has medicinal value and was used to make pills to treat diseases such as kidney problems. In the heavenly world, the Tortoise is one of the four celestial animals (Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger and Tortoise) in Feng Shui practice. It is the guardian of the north quadrant of the heaven and its element is water. Therefore, it is known as the black warrior of the north and seen as an important star constellation. The tortoise is as essential as the dragon. It is the greatest sign of longevity, stability, steadiness, good fortune, support and protection.

This special tortoise produces enormous good luck when displayed correctly in the following directions:

  1. Display at your personal Sheng Chi direction in the living room or dining room and business premises.
  2. Display at your work desk or behind your back at your work place.
  3. Display beside the bed or at the headboard in the bedroom.
  4. Display at your personal zodiac direction.

Tortoises can be placed at floor level.

Astrology Wheel: Each zodiac is associated to one subdirection.


Weight 1150 g
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