Secret Alliance Dog-Rabbit Ornament


Secret Alliance Dog-Rabbit Ornament – Energy Infused
Material: Immitation Liuli
Color: Multicolored
Dimension(in): 4.2×2.6x4in
Weight: 300g
ID: SL18006

The Secret Alliance Ornament for Dog and Rabbit incorporates special emblems to activate all that is lucky for both these zodiacs. It features a victorious dog and rabbit clinging on a wulou. According to Chinese mythology, after the first “Mother” and “Father” (Nuwa and Fuxi) created mankind, they created the dog before all other animals, which is the reason why the dog is so faithful as men’s all time favorite friend. The dog reinforces the idea of harmony, prosperity as well as procreativity. The dog is loyal and faithful. It wins many hearts because of its honesty and faithfulness. On the other hand, the rabbit motif plays an extremely crucial part in paving way for good fortune to manifest. The Rabbit is the “Secret Friend” of the Dog according to the theory of “Liu He” (Six Combinations) and it is the feng shui way of ensuring that the Dog is supportive of the rabbit and vice versa. Both these animals hold the key to success for one another. Last but not least, the wulou is excellent for ushering in health and longevity luck. All in all, this feng-shui-master’s ornament will bring success and new avenues for wealth for both dog and rabbit zodiacs.

Note: Each piece is unique in color. Colors may differ from piece to piece due to complications of color flow in the mold for figurines made from immitation liuli. This item is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The dog is one of the twelve signs of the chinese zodiac and is one of the oldest domesticated animals in china. There are several minority myths that involve a dog. One such example is the story of a dog spirit (Panhu), who was rewarded for his help in overcoming an enemy by being given the emperor’s daughter in marriage. The resultant offspring are said to be the ancestors of the Miao, Li, Yao and She ethnic groups. Interestingly, the name Panhu encompasses a character (hu) that contains as one of its components the symbol meaning “gourd”, as gourds are also strongly linked to ancient creation myths, their seeds often attributed to producing the first humans. Dogs are also credited in some of these ancient legends with “helping humans obtain the first precious grain seeds”.

They were bred in ancient palace to resemble the lions revered in Buddhism. Particularly the Buddhist Manchu, dozens of them were kept in the palace. Because some emperors, for example, the Emperor Daoguang (1821-50) and China’s last great Empress Dowager Cixi (1834-1908), were fond of dogs, dogs occassionally appear as an important motif during the late Ching Dynasty.

The rabbit has special importance as a Taoist symbol associated with immortality and hence longevity. According to Taoist legend, a “moon rabbit” lives on the moon together with teh Goddess of the Moon, Chang E, preparing an elixir of immortality from the bark of the cassia tree with a mortar and jade pestle. Buddhist legend also places the rabbit on the moon as a reward for offering itself as food to the Buddha. The rabbit carries the sentiment of the desire for longevity through many offspring.

The Wulou (bottle gourd) originates from a fruit. When dried, it is very durable and its shape render it useful as a receptacle for medicine. In olden days, the Wulou was often carried by aged people as a charm of longevity and a charm to dissipate or ward off pernicious influences. The Wulou, like baguas and windchimes, is one of the most significant tools to cure many bad situations and to enhance good luck in Feng Shui. It is a powerful symbol of health and longevity. Many deities like the Sau Sing Kung (in 3 Lucky Stars Fuk Luk Sau), Li Tieh Kuai (in 8 Immortals) and Mad Monk God (Chai Kung) carry the Wulou with them to resemble their ability to cure difficult ailments. Some said the shape of the Wulou is also a wonderful integration of heaven, earth and mankind. Feng Shui masters often regard the Wulou as the replica of the Dui Trigram which signifies heavenly doctor. In real life, taoist monks also use the Wulou to absorb and arrest bad evil spirits into it for imprisonment. Therefore Wulou has the potency to absorb bad chi and negative energy.

Weight 600 g
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