Divine Fire Celestial Guardians


Divine Fire Celestial Guardians – Energy Infused
Material: Earth Material and AA grade Leaded Crystal
Color: Gold and Red
Dimension(in): 5.5×1.5×1.25 in Thien Lung; 5.5×1.5x2in Di Hwor
Weight: 400g
ID: SL11570

The two energy infused celestial guardians namely Thien Lung (Heavenly Dragon) and Di Hwor (Earthly Fire Dragon) are the divine creatures of strong fire element. Fire element alone may not be strong enough to suppress the deadly combination. Therefore, divine help is required to counter such strong influences. Each of the creatures carries the fire triangle that is inscribed with “Li Hexagram” which represents the BIGGEST FIRE element. The color of gold of the inscription will bring about the presence of gold within fire. Though many feng shui masters know how to use trigrams, but there are only a limited few powerful masters who know the secret of this hexagram. The fundamental principles of fengshui involves the knowledge of 5 Elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal). And the theory of 5 Elements holds the key to remedying and enhancing energy (qi) in our space. Each element takes a shape, and fire element is being represented by a triangle. It effectively burns all forms of quarrelsome energy. Quarrelsome energy normally causes disputes between lovers, problems with office authorities, lawsuits and quarrelsome neighbours. This cure is best to reduce gossip, slander, office politics and help you avoid court cases.

What the fire energy is for and the recommended placement of the remedy?
Bad temper, quarrels and scolding are widely seen due to our hectic modern living because stress is part of our life where we need to cope with. Losing our temper and initiating quarrels are sometimes unavoidable due to the additional effects of the nasty Quarrelsome Wood Energy from a bad flying star #3. That is why sometimes we can end up in big trouble without us realizing the reason, which had been led by our quarrelsome attitude with our loved ones, our subordinates, our superiors, our friends, our parents, our relatives or even with strangers. Like it or not, quarrelsome energy in our lives brings us bad aura on our crown chakra and heart chakra which could bring extensive bad luck that could last for a long time forward. Therefore, it is very important that we must not lose our temper in order for us to enjoy good feng shui and good luck. Strong fire element is an excellent anecdote for quarrelsome energy by creating a broad red spectrum of triangular waves when lights go through it and get deflected. Once the quarrelsome energy is dissolved, it will help to create positive thinking, a better focused mind, confidence and innovativeness, progress and prosperity. This will reinforce our energy levels to benefit in every aspect of our lives.

We recommend a few places for displaying the remedy:

  1. Display them at your workdesk to burn off any quarrelsome energy caused by flying star #3 which could possibly be invading your space permanently, annually, monthly or even hourly based on time dimension of feng shui concept. Because most of you are too busy to find out when this bad star#3 will strike your space, it is best to place one there all the time to prevent such occurences so that you can experience harmony with your office colleagues and improve your relationship with people.
  2. Display them to cure the “annual” quarrelsome star #3. It is especially important to have if your maindoor is in this location or if your bedroom is located in this location. This enables you to build good relationship with your partner, family members and friends.
  3. Display it in locations of homes where the natal flying star map has the Quarrelsome Star #3 is, especially when #3 meets with #2. This is the best cure for such situation so that you are not going to be invaded by quarrelsome energy, lawsuits, arguments and disagreement with anyone.
Weight 800 g
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