Magic Lo Shu (ALL NEW)


Magic Lo Shu (ALL NEW) – Energy Infused
Material: Brass
Color: 18K Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold
Dimension(in): 2.5x2x0.2in Dragon Tortoise; 4x4x0.5in Plate; 3×2.8×0.1in C-Ring
Weight: 430g
ID: 21-AF-01

This is our ALL NEW fifth generation “Classical Magic Lo Shu” engineered with high precision and accuracy. It is immaculately plated in three types of gold namely white gold, rose gold and yellow gold to strengthen the presence of strong gold element which is very important in making this feng shui artifact more effective. An ancient-styled “Universal Tortoise” sitting on a “Bagua Horoscope Solid Core”. The core has multiple concentric rings: 12 earthly branches, 8 directions (in English), 8 trigrams and Lo Shu patterns. The salient features and the importance of the symbols can be explained and elaborated as follows:

  1. The 12 earthly branches protect all 12 horoscopes against all odds, mishaps, misfortune, accidents, sickness, devastation from unlucky stars and annual afflictions.
  2. The 8 directions with an 8-sided pool allows the Tortoise above to fit properly facing any of the 8 directions.
  3. The Lo Shu pattern that comprises “four yin” and “five yang” with no superiority among them, therefore the resultant can be a miracle.
  4. It also has a layer showing the productive 5 element cycles where “metal produces water”, “water produces wood”, “wood produces fire”, “fire produces earth” and “earth produces metal”. Any of these five “empowered element” can be flexibly selected by adjusting the “ring with a window” that sits on the core. This has two functions:
    (a) Address a missing or weak element and
    (b) Destroy an unwanted element.
  5. The 8 Immortal Implements on the ring catalyses the powers of the taoist 8 Immortals to help bless one with positive energy, bring good health, good fortune, wealth, fame luck, longevity and good descendants.
  6. Hidden under the ring is the Taoist Talisman of Anti-Mishap and Anti-Evil that consecrates and empowers the Magic Loshu.
  7. This ALL NEW version is different from the older generations because it is empowered with divine energy with four powerful Taoist Incantations (hidden under its base) that: (1) fixes any area with malevolent energies caused by 100 types of shar chi, (2) fixes health problems and ensure longevity, (3) grants you all your wishes and (4) transforms and overturns malevolent to benevolent energies.

The primary functions of the Magic Lo Shu are as follows:

  1. For classical masters who practise “8 Mansions Formula”, it remedies bad orientation and position of your maindoor, bed, work desk, stove etc that are not located or facing your ideal directions according to your “kua number”. The secret Luoshu pattern has the capability of neutralizing unwanted forces and correct harmful orientations according to your personal “kua number”.
  2. On the same note related to “8 Mansions Formula”, there are also 8 types of houses depending on the “facing direction” of the house (“house kua”). Each type of house will have 4 good sectors and 4 bad sectors. This refers to the “house kua”. The bad sectors can be remedied by the Magic Lo Shu. The symbolic cure becomes even more pronouned when combined with the theory of 5 Elements, which has been embedded into this cure.
    (a) Ho Hai (earth element) can be cured by boosted metal.
    (b) Wu Gwei (fire element) can be cured by boosted earth.
    (c) Liu Sha (water element) can be cured by boosted wood.
    (d) Chueh Ming (metal element) can be cured by boosted water.
  3. On the other hand, “Xuan Kong Flyings Star” masters consider the Magic Lo Shu as having the ability to uplift greatly ones fortune when using it to activate the Achievement Star #1. One can also associate the Magic Lo Shu as the Celestial Guardian of the North. And if placed in the North (universal career sector), it brings sustainable, favorable and successful employment.
  4. Classical masters of Flying Stars also consider the Magic Lo Shu as the remedy to rectify Five Yellow Killings, Tai Sui Killings and 3-Killings.

Note: This item comes with instructions. You are required to get a compass to align and place this item accurately. The item is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Lo Shu is the legacy of the most ancient Chinese Metaphysics
The Lo Shu pattern was said to have been discovered by a shaman king known as Yu when he successfully used his power to make flood water subside at River Lo. The Lo Shu pattern showing the magical orientation of stars were found on the shell of a tortoise and became the prototype of the later heaven bagua. It was used to predict phenomena of flux and change. The Lo Shu is part of the legacy of the most ancient Chinese metaphysics and divinatory (I-Ching) traditions, and is an important emblem in the art of geomancy concerned with the placement of objects in relation to the flow of natural energy (chi). The odd and even numbers alternate in the periphery of the Lo Shu pattern; the 4 even numbers are at the four corners, and the 5 odd numbers (outnumbering the even numbers by one) form a cross in the center of the square. The sums in each of the 3 rows, in each of the 3 columns, and in both diagonals, are all 15 (the number of days in each of the 24 cycles of the Chinese solar year). Since 5 is in the center cell, the sum of any two other cells that are directly through the 5 from each other is 10 (e.g., opposite corners add up to 10, the number of the Ho Tu). The Lo Shu is sometimes connected numerologically with the Bagua “8 trigrams”, which can be arranged in the 8 outer cells, reminiscent of circular trigram diagrams. The Lo Shu square, in conjunction with the 8 trigrams, is sometimes used as a mandalic representation important in geomancy.

What the Ancient Tortoise (Xuan Wu) symbolizes
The divine creature can live for more than 5000 years and imperishable without food and air. This creature was also said to be the attendant of Pan Ku, the one who chiselled out the world and created everything. It guards the northern quadrant of the heaven and is said to symbolize winter. Hindus and Buddhist believe it symbolizes the universe. Its markings on the shell uncover all the secrets of heaven and star constellations. This traditional symbol is placed in ancient palace to signify peace, steady rule of the country and longevity of the emperor and placed in homes to symbolize high status in life, long life and harmony. Water is equivalent to wealth in feng shui. Because it has power over water, it is considered as being able to draw wealth. The Tortoise body signifies excellent support from important people, good health and longevity and perseverance in homes.

8 Mansions Practice
Are you frustrated with bad orientation and position of your maindoor, bed position, work desk, stove facing direction etc not to your ideal directions according to your kua number? Worry no more now! The ultimate answer is the Magic Lo shu. This cure is recognized as the ultimate cure by Classical Masters who practice 8 Mansions Theory (Kua Number). This cure comes in two separate pieces, the universal tortoise and its core consisting of the Lo Shu pattern. You can accurately adjust and align the tortoise to face the correct bagua trigram and lo shu orientation. The alignment instructions will be revealed together with the purchase, in the form of paper instructions sent together with the merchandize and not on this webpage. This cure is best to remedy harmful feng shui due to wrong facing direction of your workdesk, maindoor, bed and stove positions of your home. It is also the best remedy for those who desire to use sectors that are not desirable according to ones kua number.

This Magic Lo Shu is best placed in vicinities where:

  1. The maindoor, stove, headboard of bed, cashiers, workdesk and important areas are not facing a favorable direction according to your kua number. For example if a person’s best direction is east, but his maindoor is facing west, then place this Magic Lo Shu in the vicinity of the door.
  2. The important areas which you desire to use regularly such as living room, dining room or bedroom but they are not desirable to your kua number. For example, if a person’s best direction is east, but he desires to use the living room regularly which is located in the west, he can continue to do so without bad luck by placing this Magic Lo Shu in that living room.

There are a few parts in a house that determines if the house has good or bad feng shui:

  1. Maindoor – The maindoor must be opened to face ones best direction, especially the breadwinners. This direction can be any of the four best directions according to ones kua number, but the best is if the maindoor is facing the “sheng chi” direction. The maindoor is the mouth of the house and should be related to wealth and overall luck. If it is a company’s maindoor, it must face the boss’ auspicious direction.
  2. Bedroom – The individual should select a room that is located in an auspicious sector in a house. For example if one is an east person, he should choose an east room. A good location for a bedroom is the “nien yen” location because bedroom is related to love and relationship.
  3. Bed – One should have his headboard pointing to his good directions. This means that when he is sleeping, his top of the head is pointing towards his good direction, and not his feet. A good direction to face is the “nien yen” direction which is associated to love and relationship.
  4. Stove – The stove facing direction (when one is cooking his back is known as the facing direction) is important because “fire mouth” determines ones wealth generation. This “fire mouth” must always face a good direction, especially the “sheng chi”.
  5. Work desk or Study table – The work desk should face ones good directions to obtain good energy at work and succeed. If one faces his bad directions, it is hard for him to succeed. The best being his “sheng chi” direction. For those who are studying, the best is to have one facing his “fu wei” direction for education luck.
  6. Dining – Always ensure one is always facing his “tien yi” direction when eating his meals. This is to ensure that he is always in good health and tip top condition.
  7. Cashier for business – The cashier must always be located in good flying star combination sector and facing ones best direction.

Empowers Flying Star #1 and the North
The Magic Lo Shu (in “metal” mode) is an excellent activator that empowers the:

  1. Annual Achievement Star #1 – the star that will bring sustainable and favorable employment. Those who are looking for new employment can also activate this star. Activating this star brings about good public relations, success, achievement and breakthrough in your career, promotion and long term flourish in their income. It will determine the present and future of your career if you activate it correctly. For eg., in 2021 the direction is SW.
  2. North – this is the cardinal direction guarded by the Ancient Tortoise (Xuan Wu) and the direction of water element. When activated, this universal career sector brings about excellent career luck.
Weight 500 g
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