BIG EARTH Kun Hexagram Amulet (Kitchen Cure for the Northwest)


BIG EARTH Kun Hexagram Amulet (Kitchen Cure for the Northwest) – Energy Infused
Material: Genuine Citrine Chips; Brass
Color: Yellow Citrine, Matt Gold and Auto Poly Black
Dimension(in): 2×0.6x2in Primary Piece; 2×0.6×6.5in Whole Item
Weight: 88g
ID: 17-SH-12

Finally, those who have kitchens or fire place in the Northwest of the house or have their stoves in the Northwest corner of their kitchen need not worry anymore! This antidote is the answer to curing the problem. Having the kitchen in the Northwest corner is the most primary rule to watch out for and one of the biggest taboos in feng shui because it signifies “Fire Burning the Heaven’s Gate”. No matter how brilliant the form feng shui or the flying stars combination are, a house with fire in the Northwest destroys it. This translates to extreme hardship befalling the partriarch of the family. That means any man living in this kind of house will have poor reputation, insufficient income, disastrous career and worrying health problems in the future. This authentic cure uses the classical 64 Hexagrams and 5-element methods to counter the fire clashing with the big metal element of the Northwest.

The K’un hexagram (pronounced as khwan) is the symbol of BIG EARTH and represents the Matriarcal Luck or female dominance. It is one of the two most important 64 hexagrams, whereby the other is the Chien Hexagram. This is a cure for the two most primary directions of the bagua, the NORTHWEST and the SOUTHWEST, known as the Chien-K’un. When either or both of these directions are afflicted, the feng shui becomes imperfect and fortune becomes affected. As mentioned above, if the northwest of the house is missing or afflicted with fire (such as having a kitchen), the patriarch of the family and all males in the household becomes unfortunate. Similarly, when the southwest of the house is missing or afflicted, the martriarch of the family and all females of the household becomes unfortunate too.

The power of this cure is further magnified with natural citrine chips filling it. Citrine is dug from earth and is yellow in color. Remember that the yellow color represents earth element. What is more, natural crystals dug from earth possess “earth energy”. A special “locket mechanism” will allow the precious stones to be inserted into the cure. Inscribed inside the locket is a powerful taoist incantation that can fix 100 types of “shar chi”. This auspicious inscription is what consecrates the antidote with divine energy.

In summary, this cure is best for those having situations below:

  1. When the kitchen or fire place is in the Northwest of the house or the stove is in the Northwest corner of a kitchen, this strong earth cure suppresses fire and produces metal to nourish the northwest.
  2. When the matriarch’s luck is low or down, this is the protection for her luck in the southwest corner of the house. This is especially useful if she is often being abused or bullied in the family by the patriarch or relatives.
  3. When the female is an important bread winner of the family, then it is important to protect the southwest corner with this cure.
  4. When love and family bond is degrading, then this cure can be used to boost the southwest corner.
  5. When the Southwest corner of a house is missing or occupied by a toilet, this cure displayed on the wall that is nearest to the vicinity of the Southwest direction will cure the problem.
  6. This is also the best cure to remedy Flying Stars #9-#7 or #7-#9 combinations. The disaster that comes forth is that you have to “return” all your wealth to others, ie your wealth will be depleted! Since this is a “fire poison”, you have to use earth element to suppress fire.
  7. This is also the most authentic cure for fire places and chimneys. Fire places and chimneys turn auspicious sectors to become inauspicious. All you need to do is to display the cure in the vicinity of the mouth of the fireplace or chimney.

Note: This cure is energy infused and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The “interlocking fastener”‘ allows the amulet to be opened and inspected on its contents by your goodself. Under static condition, there will be no problem with the tightness of the fastening. However, depending on usage conditions, the cap may get loosen with increased mobility, shaking, shock and vibe. If you wish to prevent the risk of losing the chips and the cap, you can apply adhesive to the inside perimeter of the cap to permanently seal it.

About Curing the Northwest with Suitable Element
The Northwest is the corner of the patriarch, where it should be taken with much care because it represents the father or man of the family. Feng Shui masters will often request home buyers to either reject homes that has the kitchen in the NW or relocate the kitchen to other sectors of the house. It is one of the hardest-to-cure afflictions. Some will cure the problem with a large jar of yin water. Unfortunately, water actually clashes with fire and will have a tough fight with it. At the same time, it will also corrode the metal element in the northwest. Therefore, the end results will not bring any good effects. Therefore the best option is to cure the kitchen in the northwest with Big Earth instead of with water. Big earth will shut off fire energies and at the same time produce or grow metal energy further in the NW to nourish the partriarch’s luck. Also the Kun Hexagram which is absolute female will marry the absolute Chien Trigram of the Northwest to create the matrimony of yin-yang perfectly. This will be excellent for feng shui! This cure can be displayed either in the vicinity of the stove at the northwest or anywhere in the kitchen at the northwest.


Weight 220 g
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