Peach Blossom Breaker


Peach Blossom Breaker – Energy Infused
Material: Brass and Swarovski Crystal
Color: 24K Gold Plated
Dimension(in): 1.8x3x2.9 in
ID: KR11727

This rooster has one claw stepping on peach blossom flower and another claw ready to pick up an axe to axe away peach blossom luck. Its gesture is firm, confident and fierce to prevent 3rd party intrusion of a relationship and ensures adherence to conjugal faithfulness and fidelity. This is not a love enhancer. It is a remedy to break up an existing 3rd party or any potential infidelity. You need to free up your partner and yourself from involving in unwanted love issues to ensure success in your career, business and happiness. When you are trapped in any form of unhappiness, your whole life can be ruined. You have no time to deal with unwanted third party affairs brought into your life by your partner. It will be unwise for you to take any chance. And it can happen anytime at anywhere. By the time you discover it will be way too late. The main focus in life should be in gathering of wealth instead. Therefore the married ones or those who are in confirmed stable relationship can choose to terminate the “tao hua” luck of their life time partner. “Tao Hua” includes unwanted third party relationship, infidelity, involvement with prostitutes, sex scandals, one night stand and unwanted internet romance. “Tao Hua” does not refer to a marriage or a stable relationship. To terminate “tao hua” luck, one can display the Peach Blossom Breaker in the southeast in 2013. It must also be displayed at your partner’s individual peach blossom direction according to his zodiac. This method will be a sure way to break up an existing third party relationship from your partner. Love is pure and sometimes needs to be selfish and love should be confined to only two persons anyway.

Note: This rooster is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

Ones personal “Peach Blossom” direction is determined by their own zodiac (can be found in table below according to their year of birth):

  • Rat, Dragon and Monkey – West
  • Ox, Rooster and Snake – South
  • Tiger, Horse and Dog – East
  • Rabbit, Sheep and Pig – North

Another powerful “Peach Blossom” location is determined by the Annual Romance Star #4 that could bring about infidelity as well.

This rooster can also be displayed in any other suitable love corners to prevent unwanted love affairs out of the wed lock.

Weight 400 g


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