Heavenly Kings Enhanced Jade Emperor Windchime


Heavenly Kings Enhanced Jade Emperor Windchime – Energy Infused
Material: Metal
Color: Powder Coated Brass Rods in Bronze Color, 18K Gold Plated Primary Piece; Multicolored
Dimension(in): 4×3.1×0.1in primary piece; 12in total length
Weight: 210g
ID: 23-AM-17

More favorable to feng shui masters and traditional purists, the windchime is known to be the easiest way to activate good star numbers in any living space. This is simply because the windchime is considered as a very “yang” object, only available for use in “yang feng shui” and never in “yin feng shui”.  Looking extremely splendid, its primary piece is adorned with sacred images of deities and auspicious symbols, which blissfully sends powerful energy of fortune and good luck to you instantly.

Featuring the emblem to harness the fullest prosperity potential, the “Jade Emperor” and chinese characters “Tian Kuan Ci Fu” blesses you with divine help from the heaven. He is in charge of blessing the people with good luck, success, longevity, happiness and prosperity where authority is gained and salary is adequate. Next, the Four Heavenly Kings are four Buddhist gods, each of whom is believed to watch over one cardinal direction of our home. Their presence powerfully kill negative chi, harmful evil spirits and bad influences. When invited to your home, all four direction north, south, east and west of your home will be locked and well guarded against bad spirits.  Empowering and consecrating the primary piece is the “Mantras of 4 Heavenly Kings”.

Featured together, the 8 Immortal Implements catalyze the powers of the Taoist 8 Immortals to help bless one with positive energy, bring good health, good fortune, wealth, fame luck, longevity and good descendants. Also featured are the 8 Auspicious Objects. The mystic knot magnifies fortune, the conch provides good networking luck, the canopy counter against bad energy, the vase is for abundance, the wheel represents success and improvement, the double fishes represents wealth and money, the lotus for peace and the victory banner symbolizes accumulation of successes.

Consisting of 8 mantra rods inscribed clearly with the all-time-favorite “Om Mani Padme Hum”, it provides a special channel to the cosmic realm to transform bad energies into good vibes. The eight rods denote PROSPERITY (fatt) and is suitable to activate good luck sectors for wealth. The 8-rods windchime is widely used throughout Period 8 and subsequently in Period 9.

Note: This item is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Jade Emperor
The Jade Emperor (Yu Huang or Yu Di), known informally as Heavenly Grandfather (Tian Gong) is the ruler of Heaven in Chinese mythology and is among the most important gods in the Daoist and folk pantheons. In his capacity as celestial ruler, the Jade Emperor is thought to govern Heaven and Earth, and he holds the power to distribute wealth to mankind. He is in charge of blessing everyone with good fortune and happiness so that there will be less suffering. Furthermore, he showed respect and benevolence to both men and creatures with loving kindness, but possesses powerful capability to vanquish evil. Having the image of the Jade Emperor at home simulates him paying a welcome visit to your home, bringing good luck in the form of solid support from those with the power, influence and capability to help you. Helping those who feel you are bouncing from idea to idea getting nowhere, you will make progress in leaps and bounds. Those without a plan will find new opportunities to benefit from and enjoy a windfall of some kind.

Four Heavenly Kings

The Four Heavenly Kings are four Buddhist gods, each of whom is believed to watch over one cardinal direction of our home. In Chinese mythology, they are known collectively as the “Feng Tiao Yu Shun” connoting “good climate or everything going smoothly” or “Sìda Tianwang” meaning “Four Heavenly Kings”. Currently live in the Caturmaharajika heaven, they are the protectors of the world and fighters of evil, each able to command a legion of supernatural creatures to protect us from dangers of all kinds. They are known as guardians against the wicked and evil. Their main duty is to protect the home from havoc. Their supernatural powers are being produced by their four powerful weapons which could change climates and trumble the earth. Known to be worldly deities with cosmic powers. they are spiritual and powerful protectors who are always watchful in warding off negative influences and protecting you from demons and ghost sprits. They also protect your body and mind from negative influences and bring victory and success. Having great control over the cosmic elements of each of the four directions North, South, East and West, the “Four Heavenly Kings” carrying their special implements which they wield their miraculous power, guard against loss of wealth, loss of popularity, loss of life and loss of health. Incredibly powerful, they ward off the terrible potential for reversal of fortunes.

North Heavenly King (Mo-Li Shou) guards the north. He who sees all. He carries along an evil eating creature and sometimes a snake to kill devils. He sometimes also carry a pearl on his hand. As the eye in the sky, he watches the bad people. His ancient name means “he who has broad objectives”. Associated with the color red. He also protects against nagas and other kinds of danger. He is also the best Protector to call upon to protect against black magic or dark spells of any kind.

East Heavenly King (Mo Li Ch’ing) guards the east. He who causes to grow. He carries a magic sword. He is able to produce black wind that produces tens of thousands of spears to turn evil spirits into dust. He is the ruler of the wind. His symbolic weapon is the sword which he carries in his right hand to protect the Dharma. Associated with the color blue. He protects your life force, keeps you safe from all forms of harm and ill health. He helps to boost up the luck of those who are always running into misfortunes and those who are sickly.

South Heavenly King (Mo-Li Hung) guards the south. He who hears everything. He holds a magical umbrella. This umbrella can produce thunderstorms and earthquakes during battle with demons. This is the chief of the four kings. He is the ruler of rain. Wearing heavy armor and carrying the umbrella in his right hand, he is often associated with the ancient Indian god of wealth, Kubera. Associated with the color yellow or green. This Heavenly King boosts wealth luck, profits and abundance in your life.

West Heavenly King (Mo-Li Hai) guards the west. He who upholds the realm. He carries a chinese magical “pi-pah” (musical instrument like a guitar) where the sounds of it could put evil spirits and harmful forces to rest. God of music. He is harmonious and compassionate and protects all beings. Associated with the color white. He protects your spirit essence and boosts the luck of those with low levels of Spirit Essence. He is also known as “The Luck Transformer” because he has the ability to transform one’s luck, transforming bad luck into good luck. Those who need cosmic help to overturn an injustice should invoke the blessings of this Heavenly King.


A first century BC Chinese scientific experiment used tubes of different lengths (derived from the pentatonic musical scale) filled with ash to measure the changing chi of the seasons. As each type of seasonal chi reached maturity, during the course of the year, so the ash was expelled by it from one of the pipes. Hence tubes (of specific lengths) have been known to conduct chi for some considerable time, and so it is no surprise that they are used as remedies. The most commonly used tubular feng shui remedy is the windchime. These have the same qualities as the flute, but since they are made of multiple tubes, they are more effective. Windchimes are often used to regulate and slow down chi in positions like hallways. In more poetic feng shui texts, chi is personified as it it is seduced into stopping long enough to play with the windchimes before passing on its way, rather than rushing straight through. Either way, windchimes slow down chi. On the question of whether the tubes of the windchime should be solid or hollow, our advice is to use hollow windchimes, as they are more effective at producing metal chi than solid windchimes.

Windchime like bagua has been a fundamental countermeasure used in authentic Feng Shui for a long time. The advantage of a windchime is that it can be used internally to dissolve “shar chi”. It is unquestionably the most powerful enhancer and cure in many Feng Shui situations. It is potent enough to maneuver and enhance “chi” wherever it is placed. The reason is that passing breezes will stir the metal windchimes, thus keeping the metal activated from the passage of the chi through the tubes. It is significantly advantageous especially to those who do not want to spend too much money to modify your homes when encountering certain problematic feng shui situations. Properly designed windchimes by incorporating mantras and sacred symbols do not invite ghost, but instead they will chase away evil spirits.

Where to Display?

  1. Display it in the SOUTH to usher in good vibes of Period 9 energy.
  2. Display it at “chi” entry points such as the main door to magnetize prosperity.
  3. Display it in the west to activate descendants luck and keep all children safe.
  4. Display it in the northwest to increase the patriarch’s luck.
  5. Display it in the north to activate your career luck.
  6. Display it in natal or annual flying stars #1, #6 , #8  and #9 sectors to activate them for immediate success, windfall, prosperity and abundance.
  7. Displaying the windchime can counter malevolent energies of the month either caused by flying stars or one’s personal horoscope. Display it where malevolent energy exists as a result of bad flying stars, even the most complicated combinations where other cures are insufficient.
  8. Display it at intended areas to counter any “shar chi” due to rushing energy. Examples of rushing energy situations are such as the stairs facing or too close to your main door, long pathway leading to a door, two doors facing each other (or doors are aligned in one straight line), main door opens to a garage, a window facing a door etc. It will slow down rushing “chi”. 
  9. Display it at chi entry points such as doors and windows to ward off evil spirits and bad external forces pointing at you and killing breathe. It transforms bad energies in positive energies.
  10. Display in location where killing forces are found, display it facing the killing forces such as straight narrow path directly coming towards you, bad energy coming from construction sites, graveyard etc.
Hang the windchime with Eight Auspicious Symbols as antidote for (1) doors facing each other in a straight line, (2) at the end of staircases near the maindoor, or at the frame of the maindoor (3) above the maindoor facing shar chi or where bad flying stars resides (4) above the window frame facing a shar chi. It is also hung at chi entry points (doors and windows) to welcome in positive energy.

Note: This windchime can be hung directly from the ceiling or hung on a wall with the Jade Emperor facing out and the 4 Heavenly Kings touching the wall. Please do not hang a windchime directly above where you sleep, sit, eat, work or stand. Your energy will be suppressed. In the event that there is space constraint, you may hang the windchime lower than waist level.


Weight 400 g


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