7 Gods of Fortune Treasure Ship (Prosperity and Windfall)


7 Gods of Fortune Treasure Ship (Prosperity and Windfall) – Energy Infused
Material: Brass
Color: Gold Plated and Multicolored
Dimension(in): 3×1.3x3in primary piece; 4x4in Pillow
Weight: 225g
ID: 18-AF-07

This splendid Treasure Ship features the Seven Lucky Deities who have their origins in ancient gods of fortune: from the Hinduism practiced in Nepal and India (Benzaiten, Bishamonten, Daikokuten); and from the Chinese Taoism and Buddhism (Fukurokuju, Hotei, Jurojin), except for one (Ebisu) who has a Japanese ancestry. These gods have been recognized as such for over a thousand years ago by a large number of tycoons in Asia. In the beginning, these gods were worshiped by royals as the first two of them (Ebisu and Daikokuten) were gods of business and trade. They are a favorite among many successful money masters and tycoons in asia for the last two centuries. It is said that they become the vortex of powerful energy vibes that remind them all the time of money seeking opportunities. They are often depicted all together on a ship called Takarabune (“Treasure Ship”), which, according to tradition, they ride to arrive in every town to distribute gifts to those who are worthy. Each one being associated with some special abilities, attributes and/or guarding sphere(s) of people’s every day life:

  1. Benzaiten, goddess of knowledge, art and beauty, especially music;
  2. Bishamonten, god of warriors;
  3. Daikokuten, god of wealth, commerce and trade;
  4. Ebisu, god of fishers and merchants;
  5. Fukurokuju, god of happiness, wealth and longevity;
  6. Hotei, god of abundance and good health;
  7. Jurojin, god of long life.

The ship has a very powerful chinese character on its sail that has hidden meanings of a special 4-worded sentence. It reads “wong karm man liong” in one breathe which means “ten thousand tahil of pure gold”. In ancient times, only the royal families, officials and tycoons were able to possess this much of gold! Today, this is equivalent to billions.

This will be the answer to gaining the unfair advantage of getting rich easily. Divine help will enable you to anticipate new financial territories and opportunities that can fuel your finances for a more optimistic wealth outlook. Each time you feel your finances are stagnant or down, divine help will lend its hand to bring in streams of new income. The fortune deities will carry you to greater heights and allow you to step into the truely fortunate path for maximum wealth success. The fortune deities will enable infinite money earned, saved, invested, exponentially multiplied without being lost. The types of wealth luck enhanced refer to both mainstream income (your business/career), side income (investments/real estate) and windfall. This means it will also magnify speculative affairs such as lotteries, 4-digits, football bets, horse racing and the stock market. It brings you bountiful amount of prosperity and health, promises you the millionaire temptation, generates financial success, enables you to earn higher incomes and builds greater fortunes. It is recommended to activate the Annual Wealth Star #8 for rapid attraction of wealth luck. Eg. in 2018, display this ship in the SE.

This Treasure Ship is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

7 Gods of Fortune

  1. Benzaiten – Her origin is found in Hinduism, as she comes from the Hindu goddess Saraswati. While being the only female Fukujin in the modern grouping of seven Fukujin, she is named in various ways: Benzaiten, Benten, Bentensama, or Benzaitennyo. When she was adapted from Buddhism, she was given the attributes of talent, beauty and music among others. In many occasions her figure appears in the “Torii” (entrance of the temples).She is represented as a smart, beautiful woman with all the aforementioned attributes. She is the patron of artists, writers and dancers.
  2. Bishamonten – His origins can be traced back to Hinduism. He comes from the Hindu god “Kubera” and is also known by the name “Vaisravana” from Hindu culture. He is the god of fortune in war and battles, also associated with authority and dignity. He is the protector of those who follow the rules and behave appropriately. As the patron of fighters, he is represented dressed in armour and a helmet, carrying a pagoda in his left hand. He also acts as protector of holy sites and important places and holds a spear in his right hand to fight against the evil spirits. He is usually depicted in illustrations with a hoop of fire.
  3. Daikokuten – He is the god of commerce and prosperity. There are other characteristics which have also been attributed to him, such as being the patron of cooks, farmers, bankers, and protector of crops. Curiously, he is also considered a demon hunter – legend says that the god Daikokuten hung a sacred talisman on the branch of a tree in his garden and, by using this as a trap, he was able to catch a demon. This god is characterized by his smile, having short legs and wearing a hat on his head. He is usually depicted with a bag full of valuable objects.
  4. Ebisu – He is the only one whose origins are purely Japanese. He is the god of prosperity and wealth in business, and of abundance in crops, cereals and food in general. He is the patron of fishermen and therefore is represented with fishermen’s costumes such as a typical hat, a fishing rod in his right hand and a fish that can be either a carp, a hake, a codfish or a sea bass, or any large fish, in general, that symbolize abundance in meals. It is now common to see his figure in restaurants where fish is served in great quantities or in household kitchens.
  5. Fukurokuju – He has his origins in China. It is believed that he used to be a hermit during the Chinese Song dynasty, distinguished for being a reincarnation of the Taoist god Hsuan-wu. He is the god of wisdom, luck, longevity, wealth and happiness. This god receives certain credits, such as being one of the Chinese philosophers who could live without eating. Moreover, he is the only god who was said to have the ability to resurrect the dead. Fukurokuju is characterized by the size of his head, being almost as large as the size of his whole body, and is represented wearing traditional Chinese costumes. He normally carries a cane in one hand and in the other a scroll with writings about the world.
  6. Hotei – God of fortune, guardian of the children, patron of diviners and barmen, and also the god of popularity. He is depicted as a fat, smiling, bald man with a curly moustache. He always appears half naked, as his clothes are not wide enough to cover his enormous belly. He did grace to the Chinese, and therefore they nicknamed him “Cho-Tei-Shi” or “Ho-Tei-Shi,” which means ‘bag of old clothes’. Hotei was a Zen priest, but his appearance and some of his actions were against their moral condition. He carries a bag on his shoulders which is, according to the beliefs, loaded with fortunes for those who believe in his virtues.
  7. Jurojin – Considered the incarnation of the southern polestar, Juroujin is the god of the elderly and longevity. It is said that the legendary Juroujin is based on a real person who lived in ancient times. He was approximately 1.82 meters tall with a very long head. Besides his distinctive skull, he is represented with a long white beard, riding a deer and is often also accompanied by a 1500 years old crane and a tortoise, as symbols of his affinity with long lives. In addition, he is usually represented under a peach tree, as the fruit of this tree is considered, by Chinese Taoism and corroborated by scientists, able to prolong life as it has antioxidant properties. In his hand he holds a cane and a book or a scroll. The wisdom of the world remains written in its pages.

Placement Suggestions
The Treasure Ship is not only capable of creating abundance in wealth, but also protect your existing wealth from being lost. The followings are the recommended areas to display the ship:

  1. Display the ship in your living or family rooms, business premises and offices, especially in southeast corner (universal wealth corner) to activate and enhance your wealth luck. If one suffers from ailing finances due to recession resulting in investment losses, declining assets, joblessness and deteriorating business progress, the ship will set your bearings right again so that you can regain your pre-recession values. Your financial difficulties will change back into positive cash flow.
  2. Display the ship coming in from an entrance to invite wealth and roll in money into your house. The ship will generate exponential financial growth and wealth at a speedy rate.
  3. Display the ship at your cashier or treasurer’s office to ring in more sales and achieve more monetary gains and successes.
  4. Display the ship in the Annual Wealth Star #8 direction to activate immediate wealth luck that paves way for rapid money making opportunities. If you have any recent underperforming financial portfolios, the ship will create a thick layer to cushion any negative impact and put them back into the growth trajectory so that they will not be sluggish. You will emerge unscathed from the worst consequences.
  5. Display the ship in the Water Star #8 direction of your home’s Natal Chart to materialize long term financial success.

Note: Do not place the ship on the floor, in the toilet, in the store room and in the kitchen.

Weight 500 g
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