Power in Period Nine


3 Emperors and 9 Phoenixes – Energy Infused
Material: Brass
Color: 18K Gold Plated and Multicolored
Dimension(in): 4.1×3.7×0.1in Plaque; 1.2×1.2×0.1in each Mantra Ring; Total 4.1×0.1×11.8in
Weight: 141g
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Stunningly magnificent, this powerful hanging plaque captures the powerful bond among the 3 Generation Emperors (Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong), Pegasus, 9 Phoenixes and Qing Mother Empress. This high combination possesses almighty power to unlock TOTAL SUCCESS potential throughout Period 9. With the ability to unlock a new dawn to a very bright future, 3 Emperors from the most powerful reigns are symbolic of 3 generations of great success, harmonious relations, longevity, good health, filial children and magnified wealth. Next, the pegasus means good tidings and joyous occasions are arriving soon. Embodying meaningful achievement to the highest point, it can transform your lives in magical ways. On the other hand, the 9 Phoenixes is the most potent magnifier for Joyful Star #9, be it from the period chart, natal chart, annual chart or monthly chart of flying stars. Symbolizing new prospects and new fortunes manifestation, the 9 Phoenixes enable you to break into new territory, new beginnings, broaden horizons, new profession and entry into a new industry by activating Star #9. The Mother Empress is said to be the supreme superior of the 9 Phoenixes and she can summon them whenever she is present. Lastly, the 3 mantra rings decorating below the primary plaque consist of Mantra for Increasing Wealth and Power Mantra. When displayed together the above symbols manifest all the positive attributes of the Joyful Star #9, a flying star whose power cannot be underestimated. As we get closer to the Period 9, its auspiciousness can be said to rival, if not over take that of the reigning Wealth Star #8. Activating the Joyful Star #9 attracts all kinds of good fortune luck into your life and ensures a smooth sailing transition from Period 8 into Period 9.

Note: This item is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

Three Emperors

Kangxi was the 2nd emperor of the Qing Dynasty who ruled between 1661-1722. When he passed away at a ripe age, he passed on his throne to Yongzheng who ruled between 1723-1735. Then Qianlong who was Yongzheng’s 4th son became the emperor between 1736-1796. They are popularly known to be the three of the most outstanding generations of longer term wealth success.

Kangxi was the emperor who wisely strengthen his control of all the territories in the large piece of China land. He began by strengthening his army and fought off all the rebels. His strength was his ability to get all high ranking officials worked faithfully under him. He cleverly gather great support from important network and officials in ruling the country.

Yongzheng, on the other hand was an emperor who was very hard working. He was the emperor who brought many fine tuning and changes to the policies and rules of the country. He was the first to imposed some smart rules to increase efficiencies and to remove bureaucracy. Historians had found many wealthvases hidden above the roofs of the palace all belonged to emperor Yongzheng.

When Qianlong took over the throne from his father as a young emperor, he further improved the country’s economy. During his reign, he opened China for international trading. He then became the richest emperor ever lived in China. At the same time, he invested in scientific research to build his weapons and army that made him undefeatable. He was very capable in his fighting skills, well educated, artistic and powerful. He had a full grip and control of the country. Jade and ceramic arts were his favorite, he had turned the whole palace into housing extensive collection of symbolic feng shui. All the fine symbols which could only be used by emperors those days were crafted from bronze, jade, gold and ceramics. Probably with his strong practice of feng shui that made him so rich, powerful and long life. He was also the first emperor who retired, passed on the throne to his son and became the grand emperor during his old age.

Feng Shui Masters from all over the world therefore believe that symbols, figurines, portrait and even coins that are associated to them are extremely precious to build good feng shui luck. Borrowing luck from these three emperors is believed to bring long term riches. The blessings from the three most powerful emperors will ensure authority, good progress, stability, wealth, success, smoothrides in all undertakings and most importantly is the ability to build a dynastic family. Their presence bestows one with better income and benefits as one leap frog to greater heights in their endeavours in the upcoming future. It signifies as one progresses, things become better and better that last for at least nine generations.


The phoenix lives in the Chinese Parasol Tree. The parasol tree is the king of all trees and is known for its sturdiness. Once upon a time, the phoenix was only a normal looking bird. Being extremely diligent and conscientious, it possessed the good habit of gathering and accumulating fruits that were thrown away by other birds. The fruits were stored safely in its own nest. One bad season, the bird kingdom was truck by a drought and this had caused shortage of food. The phoenix offered its storage and as a gesture of gratitude, every bird plucked a feather to be presented to the phoenix. This being the reason why the phoenix has the most beautiful feathers compared to any other bird and is revered as the king of all birds. On the phoenix’s birthday, birds will flock to congratulate the phoenix, which expresses the sentiment “birds adoring the phoenix”.

The phoenix is the goddess of all the winged creatures. This heavenly bird will harvest opportunity luck, magnifies chances of success in all endeavours and prosperity. The Phoenix surprises people by turning bad luck into good luck. It will mysteriously create avenues of opportunities to your business, work, career or all other pursuits in your life. Since it is associated to the south corner, its presence brings you fame and popularity. It will bring out the excellent side of the female. It can also remove quarrelsome energy and rekindle poor relationship with fiery energy from the Phoenix.

Joyful Purple Star #9

The auspicious Purple Star #9 is a luck magnifying star associated with “completeness” and “fullness”.  It brings joyful events. It is a long term prosperity star and will also bring about joyous occasions such as marriage, newborn, increase in power/status and promotion. Hong Kong feng shui masters oftenly refer this star as the strongest love star that create romance. Therefore those seeking for love and marriage will benefit from it. It is also the star that will shine wealth energy to us and will be the most prosperous star because it is the  Period 9’s wealth star, thus is very auspicious as a star to bring wealth, prosperity and abundance. This star is especially important for people in the business sector seeking for advancement and flourish in businesses.

Where to Display?

  1. Display it in the south to activate for fame, recognition and popularity luck as the south is a universal fame corner according to the theory of 8 Aspirations.
  2. Display it in the sector where Water Star #9 is in your Natal Flying Star chart to activate your long term wealth and prosperity that can last in future.
  3. Display it in the sector where Annual Purple Advancement Star #9 is to be able to accumulate and snowball your wealth in a particular year.
  4. If one is looking for strong and long lasting good fortune where he/she can build a dynastic family, display it in important family sectors such as in the living room, dining room or east area of the house.
  5. If one is seeking to be a rich and successful patriarch, you can display it in the Northwest corner prominently.  
  6. If one is seeking for prosperity and good harvest in a business, display it in a prominent area of your shop or office so that it attracts good chi into your office.
  7. One can also display it at the southeast corner, personal sheng chi direction and other wealth corners of your living room to activate wealth luck. Having the images of 3 Emperors is more powerful than having 3 Emperor coins. 
  8. If one is seeking to be successful in politics or to polish up your public image, display it in the south corner.
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