Bao Qingtian Amulet


Bao Qingtian Amulet – Energy Infused
Material: Metal
Color: 18K Gold Plated and Multicolored
Dimension(in):1.5×0.1×2.7in primary piece; 0.7×0.1×1.1in secondary piece; 9.6in length total
Weight: 46g
ID: 23-AM-04

Often portrayed wearing a judge miter hat and a crescent moon on his forehead, this ancient court judge is Bao Qingtian (包青天), popularly known as the metaphor for justice. Respected for his sense of justice and uprightness, his amulet ensures you get fair treatment and the opponent subjected to proper punishment in all forms of dispute. It can be a contention with the authority, enforcer, neighbour, tax department, partner, spouse, manager, police, merchant, service provider, consultant, housing developer etc. The contention can mean something as small as a verbal fight, written complaint and mental war, or something more serious such as a legal action and court case. If you are the subject of unfair treatment, the amulet ensures you gain clever defense, enable you to counter powerful suppression, make you undefeatable and paving towards sensible conclusion that is favorable to you. If you are suing in court, the amulet gives you the power to win the court case with justified punishment imposed on the opponent, a trial that is conducted fairly, justly, and with procedural regularity by an impartial judge. If you are a defendant, you will gain the advantage to rebut the opposition’s evidence and the presence of an impartial jury, and the judge’s freedom from bias. It ensures that all problems associated your litigation will be removed. Also functioning as an anti-lawsuit amulet, if you have a difficult or prolonging lawsuit going on, and cannot afford to lose the trial, your opponent will be compelled to scale back or drop charges against you.

On the other side of the amulet, the Chilin, Pi Yao and Fu Dog counter the effects of Triple Conflicts and the Three Killings when they attack ones zodiac constellation. These divine creatures can wield their miraculous powers to dispel the “three robbers” (3-Killings). The 3-Killings imply loss of good name, loss of wealth and loss of health/life. Other salient features can be explained as follows:

  1. Taoist Talisman of “Winning Court Cases” – Assists anyone who is facing a legal problem thrive in the case or attain a favorable settlement.
  2. Manjushri Mantra – Promotes peace of mind and invoke the ability to counter conflicts with wisdom.
  3. Hotu Pattern – Is used to remedy ALL flying star problems you are facing and in turn promote only fortunate and lucky energy. It was recorded seen by Fu Hsi and was the only key to unlock many of the secrets of Flying Star feng shui.

The shape of the amulet is in the form of a vase. The vase is a powerful symbol of peace and mercy. It signifies a life free of hostility and quarrels. Meanwhile the petite lion head cymbal protects you from being harmed. The chinese characters Shang Fang Bao Jian (尚方宝剑) and Xian Zhan Hou Zou (先斩后奏) connotes “unstoppable justice is served”.

Note: This item is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Bao Qingtian

Bao Zheng (包拯; 5 March 999 – 3 July 1062), commonly known as Bao Gong (包公; ‘Lord Bao’), was a Chinese politician during the reign of Emperor Renzong in China’s Song Dynasty. Bao Zheng was known to have initiated many legal reforms to better hear the grievances of the people. He also unhesitantly sentenced tens of corrupted officers. Bao Zheng’s name and titles are synonymous with criminal justice and upright governance. Pure, orthodox and incorruptible, Judge Bao has been serving as the preeminent embodiment of justice for almost a thousand years. Tackling abuse of power and corruption as endemic in the courts and bureaucratic service, Judge Bao imposed the rule of law even on the emperor.

During his twenty-five years in civil service, Bao consistently demonstrated extreme honesty and uprightness, with actions such as sentencing his own uncle, impeaching an uncle of Emperor Renzong’s favourite concubine and punishing powerful but corrupt aristocratic families. His appointment from 1057 to 1058 as the prefect of Song’s capital Kaifeng, where he initiated a number of changes to better hear the grievances of the people, made him a legendary figure. During his years in office, he gained the honorific title Justice Bao Qingtian (包青天) due to his ability to help peasants overcome corruption.

Bao Zheng was born into a scholar family in Shenxian, Hefei, Luzhou (present day Feidong County near Hefei, Anhui). As Bao grew up among low working class, he well understood people’s hardships, hated corruption and strongly desired for justice. At the age of 29, Bao passed the highest-level imperial examination and became qualified as a Jinshi. Bao was appointed as magistrate of Jianchang County, but he deferred embarking on his official career for a decade in order to care for his elderly parents and faithfully observe proper mourning rites after their deaths.

After the passing of his parents, Bao Zheng, then 39, was appointed magistrate of Tianchang County not far from his hometown. It was here that Bao first established his reputation as an astute judge. According to an anecdote, a man once reported that his ox’s tongue had been sliced out. Bao told him to return and slaughter the ox for sale. Soon another man arrived in court and accused the first man of privately slaughtering a “beast of burden”, an offense punishable by a year of penal servitude. Bao bellowed: “Why did you cut his ox’s tongue and then accuse him?” In shock, the culprit had to confess.

Chi Lin, Pi Yao and Fu Dog

The Chi Lin is a fabulous heavenly creature of good omen, and the symbol of grandeur, felicity, wise administration, longevity and illustrious offspring. It had attained the age of 1000 years old and said to be the noblest form of animal, emblem of perfect good incarnated essence of Five Elements. The predominant characteristics of the unicorn is its perfect goodwill, gentleness, and benevolence to all living creatures. It possessed all the good qualities found in all animals and has the head of a dragon, scales of the carp and body of a horse. Some believed that the Chi Lin was actually a giraffe. If one were to observe carefull, it could be the fact! Its voice is like the sound of bells and other musical instruments. It carefully avoids treading upon any living insect, or destroying the grass under its feet, and its gait is regulated according to propriety.

The Pi Yao is the ninth son of the Heavenly Dragon and has different names depending on where it is being sighted. The Pi Yao lives in the heaven, Pi Xiu lives on earth and Pi Kan lives in the sea. All of them brings the same blessings and possess the same properties. Pi Yao is a protective heavenly creature that has one horn, lion-dog face, hoofs and little wings and a tail. Many people prefer using Pi Yao over Chi Lin because Pi Yao does not have an anus and only eats but does not dispose. It has a big and infinite appetite. For the naturally greedy businessmen and merchants or housewives out there, if you intend to only have lots of money luck coming in and ensure the money never be spent, the Pi Yao is what you are looking for. The Pi Yao is also known to be very obedient to their owners as they are loyal in nature.

The Fu Dog is actually a lion, popularly known as defender of law and protector of buildings. The Fu Dog provides ultimate protection, wards of evil spirits and harmful people, nourishes chi that enters homes, brings in happy blessings and dissolves bad chi from neighbourly formations when placed in front of your main door at either sides or raised high up on both sides of your main gate. Besides being an important protector, the lion is also a generator of good fortune because it has the strength of being able to swallow any tough animal in the rough jungle.

Three Killings

The 3-Killings is referring to the invisible forces of 3 Robbers in the mountain. San He School masters consider this affliction to be the worst among the three shar, the 5-Yellow, Tai Sui and 3-Killings. 3-Killings bring robbery, lawsuits, quarrels, enemies, potential injuries and death. The 3-Killings bring three types of misfortune related to loss or reversal of good fortune. The affliction causes loss of wealth, loss of loved ones and loss of good name. The best method to counter 3-Killings is to use three protective guardians according to San He system of Feng Shui.

Traditionally, the 3 Celestial Creatures have been used as a strong antidote on the following situations:

  1. It is the cure against the 3-Killings energy so that one can be saved from legal issues, violence, robbery and fatality. Those who are afflicted are those who have their bedroom, maindoor and home facing the direction of the 3-Killings or in the sector of the 3-Killings.
  2. The horse, rooster, rabbit and rat directions are the four cardinal directions that take turns to be afflicted by 3-Killings from year to year. Therefore, these zodiacs in specific are more prone to legal issues, violence, robbery, fatality and unstable career. In 2023, the WEST is “sitting” on the 3-Killings. Those who are born under the zodiac ROOSTER will potentially have to face legal battles. The nearby signs of MONKEY and DOG will also be experiencing the same impact.
  3. The direct opposite direction of “sitting” is the “facing” direction. Although facing the 3-Killings may not result in severe misfortune, but they should be overcome as well to totally eliminate the negative impact. In 2023, the EAST is the facing direction. Therefore, the RABBIT sign will need to overcome the wrath of the 3-Killings as well.

Equally Good Whether Carrying or Displaying the Amulet

It is best to carry along this amulet tagged on your bag. If this is not feasible, you can also display this amulet in the following sectors for protection:

  1. You can display by the bed of the person who is to be protected.
  2. You can display it in the living room or center of the house facing the main door.
  3. You can display it facing the afflicted energies that cause legal problems and troublemakers. For example, in 2023 the WEST will give such energies.
Weight 280 g


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