Unicorn – Energy Infused
Material: Metal, Swarovski Crystals
Color: 24K Gold Plated; White
Dimension(in): 2.7×0.8×2.9in Unicorn; 3.5×3.5×0.2in Base
Weight: 300g
ID: 23-AG-14

Availability: In stock

Unicorn becomes a very important symbol in period 9 due to its fire element. The unicorn is a legendary creature that has been described since antiquity as a beast with a single large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead. This spellbinding unicorn in premium finishing is attributed to purity, freedom, health, magic, innocence, and mysticism. Worn around its neck is the abacus which symbolizes income streams. Belonging to the horse family, the unicorn embodies magic and is actually a horse living in higher realm, stands as a symbol of joyous occasions arriving soon, good tidings, love, good fortune, good reputation, power, success and healthy life. It embodies meaningful achievement to the highest point. Because it has the ability to grow your faith and increase your inner strength, it is beneficial as a symbol of good career too. The unicorn is also believed to represent transformation. This results from their power to pass between the world and transcend boundaries. The unicorn’s horn and hair are unique. It has just one straight horn like the narwhal. Legend has it that this horn possesses spiritual and healing power. Several stories suggest that touching a unicorn’s horn will bring healing to all ailments.  Its horn was described as having the power to render poisoned water potable and to heal sickness.  Hence, rich people strife to get the horn to get protection from bad luck and extend their lifespan. The unicorn also symbolizes masculinity and male power. Since the unicorn is a horse of higher consciousness, remember that the horse is fire element and therefore can activate your fame luck in the fame corner or joyous and prosperity luck in a sector that hosts Purple Advancement Star #9. Because of its horn, Feng Shui masters also recommend the unicorn as a countermeasure against poison arrows in the interior, such as from sharp objects, furnitures, features and structures inside the house. This stunning figurine also constitutes a meaningful and prestigious gift to wish one bountiful success. There are three rollings of mantras that are kept inside the unicorn: 1. Wishfulfilling Mantra (joy fulfilling), 2. King Gesar Mantra (career enhancement) and 3. Yellow Jhambala (prosperity and wealth). The unicorn comes with a Tai Chi Double Lotus Plate.

Note: This item is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Tai Chi Double Lotus Plate

A catalyst for activation, the plate boosts the energy of any feng shui artifact placed on top of it. It enables the artifact to interact well and form a balance with its surrounding. According to the theory of “Yin Yang”, the manifestation of Tai Chi generates “balance”. When balance is attained, negativities diminish to give way to positivities! The lotuses on the other hand is essentially used to signify joy, harmony, peace, purity and sincerity. The plate is consecrated with the mantra of Amitayus. Having great control over the cosmic world, this mantra increases one’s lifespan, acquires good fortune and wisdom, avoids untimely or accidental death, removes all negative karma, and accomplishes non-death or is reborn the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. The plate is also empowered with two taoist magic incantations, one to fix 100 types of poison arrows (protection against all negativity) and the other is to enable wishes to be materialized.

What the horse symbolizes and placement of the figurine?
The Horse (also a zodiac sign in chinese astrology) is an all time popular feng shui enhancer to activate fame, popularity and recognition in all aspects of your life. Fame luck is an important aspiration of life as it is indirectly related to high income luck in your career. Businessmen, social media influencers, internet marketing people and Hollywood artistes are the ones most likely to crave a lot for fame luck. When their fame luck grows, it ensures that their fortune continues to grow exponentially. When there is fame luck, their status and popularity becomes unchallengeable especially in a highly competitive environment. This animal exerts very “yang” energy to signify success, victory, strength, power, perseverance, speed and elegance. The horse is men’s best friend besides the dog and is extremely loyal. The horse is of fire element and its direction is in the south.

  1. Display it coming into your home, office or important rooms to signify triumph over your opponents and to enable you to stay at a more competitive advantage.
  2. Display it at your desk to ensure that your work is always recognized by your boss and your goals are always met. It will also help you create a significant differentiation between you and your peers in the hearts of your management. It ensures that your talents and hard work is acknowledged by the right people.
  3. For public faces, you can gain more fame luck by displaying it in the south sector of your living room or family area. It will bring upward mobility in all aspects of your life.
  4. To magnify new wealth opportunities, display it at your “sheng chi” direction, southeast universal wealth corner or Purple Star #9 sector.
  5. To activate Romance Luck for those born with “Yang Wood” or “Yin Wood” element in your day pillar according to the bazi chart.
  6. To activate Tao Hua Love Luck for those born under zodiacs ox, rooster and snake according to the lunar calendar.
  7. To activate career luck for those born under zodiacs dog and tiger. The Horse is the ally of those whose zodiacs are Dog and Tiger. It will therefore help you achieve maximum results in your undertakings and career.
  8. To help the Sheep. The Horse is the secret friend of zodiac Sheep. It will help you through challenges, protect you against harm and provide you with great strength for persistency. It brings you good luck and promises a smoothriding path ahead.
  9. The Horse’s position is in the S2 (172.5-187.5 degrees). The Horse will also be able to patch up a missing corner in the S2 (172.5-187.5 degrees). If ones home, premises or office has a missing corner there, you can display the figurine of the Horse anywhere close to the vicinity of the missing corner there.
  10. To counter any interior “shar chi” (poison arrow), display the unicorn with its horn pointing at the poison arrow feature aiming at it.
Weight 650 g
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