How to keep Romance Luck going forever using Bazi?

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Romance luck has always played a vital role as the primary kind of luck acquired in the studies of chinese metaphysics. In recent years, more people are placing stronger emphasis on romance luck compared to other kinds of luck. Other than health, wealth and prosperity, this is the most critical kind of luck that one desires in order to create happiness, joy and satisfaction in life. One can be fit and rich, but without romance his or her life will only be filled with loneliness and restricted joy.

Many formulas are available, but recommendation is using a more customized one to make it more effective

Many have always wanted to find out more about romance luck, aka ‘tao hua’ in Chinese. Many formulas are available to activate the romance luck but most of them are generic and not personalized to be specifically targeting an individual. In order to obtain better accuracy, we need to go deeper by checking into a more customized analysis based on the individual’s Ba Zi.

When the romance luck is properly activated, the individual will become very attractive and popular, and this will lead to many dating activities, the jazzing up of more friendship opportunities and the inviting of desired proposals. However, it has to be warned that this formula should not be abused by those who are already married. If this formula is abused by married couples, it can attract third parties and ruin family harmony. Unless, you want to rekindle your marriage life that has been broken or is strong-minded that you will not be lured by 3rd parties that you are advised to use this formula.

This formula is best applied for:

  1. Singles looking for love, friendship and proposals.
  2. Those who are attached and are waiting for marriage proposal.
  3. Those who are detached and are seeking for new love and relationship.
  4. Those who are seeking to select from more options before marriage.
  5. Singles who simply want to create popularity, attractiveness and fame.
  6. Married couples seeking for a long lasting romance life with their existing ones.

Find out your Romance Animal based on your Day Pillar in your Bazi

To understand your personal “romance animal”, you will first need to check the day pillar that you were born, not the year but the day. This formula is different from the more generic Peach Blossom Luck method that uses the year pillar (zodiac) to determine the peach blossom animal.

It is very simple to determine that your personal “romance animal”. For that you can use any Ba Zi calculator on the Internet (for example you may enter your date and time of birth by clicking here). First, enter an accurate birth time, day, month and year into the calculator. You may use your western birthddate as most calculators are able to pre-calculate your western birth date into the lunar birth date behind the scene automatically. Once the chart is ready, check the top row of the second column from the left. This is your “day pillar”. Find out its element and whether it is of “yin” or “yang” nature by reading the chinese character and using the table below to determine it. From the table, you will be able to find your romance animal and the direction where your romance animal should be displayed to activate your romance luck so that its luck keeps going forever.

Romance Animals and their directions

When determining the location to display your romance animal, the big tai chi and small tai chi should again be applied. The big tai chi refers to the whole house or whole building, while the small tai chi refers to individual rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms. You may use any of the two at your own convenience to produce similarly effective results.


Say you were born on 8th Aug 1988 at 8am in early morning, you will be able to tabulate the following Bazi chart. Then look at the day pillar’s upper row which says “Yi Wood”. Then check the table above for “Yi Wood” which translates into Yin Wood. Your romance luck can be activated by placing a Horse at the south. If you are using big tai chi method, then it will be the south location of your whole house. If you are using the small tai chi method, it will be the south sector of your bedroom.

Bazi chart for a specific example of date of birth
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