Yellow Jasper Monkey


Yellow Jasper Monkey
Material: Yellow Jasper
Color: Yellow
Dimension(in): 1×1.1×2.5in
Weight: 70g
ID: SL11952

This sweet figurine in yellow jasper is always on the lookout for romance, love and good fortune. Radiant and graceful, it has its own stylish way to bring luck, romance and radiance on stage. Yellow jasper (yellow) represents the earth element and is therefore best to synchronize with the monkey’s earth element. The monkey is usually very smart, have a lot of network, proactive and enthusiastic. It is associated to strong leadership, risk taking and flamboyance. Its place is best in the southwest. It is especially recommended:

  1. To activate the Romance Luck for those born with “Yin Water” element in their day pillar according to the bazi chart.
  2. To activate career luck for those born under zodiacs Dragon and Rat. The Monkey is the allies of those whose zodiacs are Dragon and Rat. It will therefore help them achieve maximum results in their undertakings and career.
  3. To help the Snake. The Monkey is the secret friend of zodiac Snake. It will help you through challenges, protect you against harm and provide you with great strength for persistency. It brings you good luck and promises a smoothriding path ahead.
  4. To increase travelling opportunities. The Monkey is the luck of mobility animal for those whose zodiacs are either tiger, horse and dog. It will enable one travel to a foreign workplace, move to a new house, move to another state, migrate to a foreign country, move to a new place and move to a new job.

The Monkey will also be able to patch up a missing corner in the SW3 (232.5-247.5 degrees). If ones home, premises or office has a missing corner there, they can display the figurine of Monkey anywhere close to the vicinity of the missing corner.

The monkey’s position is in the SW3 (232.5-247.5 degrees).

Note: The Crystals offered by Feng Shui Bestbuy is cleansed by the singing bowl prior to customer shipment, to ensure refreshment of good chi when they reach you. Also note that natural crystals from earth may have uneven textures and colors, natural inclusions or original internal lines/cracks in them which may extend to the surface. These are by no means flaws or damages. They are absolutely fine from a feng shui perspective and will not make natural crystals less perfect compared to manmade items.

Weight 400 g
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