Safeguard & Pacifying All Negativities Amulet


Safeguard and Pacifiying All Negativities – Energy Infused
Material: Brass
Color: Genuine 18K Gold Plated and Multicolored Enamel
Dimension(in):1.8×0.1x3in primary piece; Total length of amulet 8.2in
Weight: 46g
ID: 22-AM-16

Stunning in esthetics, this amulet featuring Empress of Heaven (Mazu) constitutes a meaningful gift for yourself, your parents, the elderly, your loved ones and your children for protection, safeguarding and pacification of negativities. Known for her ability to exorcize demons, to heal the sick, to avert disasters, to diminish accidents, to be ones guardian angel against the unseen, to protect women during childbirth/assisting with conception, to enable longevity and to protect one from dangerous weathers, Mazu Goddess answers quickly to prayers when her name is called upon for help. Mazu pacifies all negativities, removes all obstacles along your way and helps you cope with difficulties you may encounter in everyday life. She was also said to be a rainmaker during times of drought. She was a guardian to sea village folks when they suffered drought, flood, epidemic, piracy or brigandage. Mazu charms are carried in cars to prevent accidents and carried by the most vulnerable to safeguard against premature deaths or to be offered protection against all forces that threaten your safety. The amulet ensures that you are not caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. This safety amulet provides protection against injuries, bloodsheds, mishaps, dangers and accidents caused by underlying supernatural realms. Next, the beautiful dove is endowed with many mythical attributes and is the symbol of peace, safety, happiness and longevity. These six elegant birds reflects their dignified status as the noble birds most worthy of serving as messengers to the heaven. Inscribed behind the amulet are 5 powerful Taoist Incantations that consecrates it with power: 1. “Preventing Incurable Diseases”; 2. “Boy Protection”; 3. “Girl Protection”; 4. “Man Protection” and “Woman Protection”. It wards off all odds, terrorism, misfortune, devastation from unlucky stars and annual afflictions.

This amulet is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

Mazu (Empress of Heaven)
Mazu is a Chinese sea goddess also known by several other names and titles. She is the deified form of the legendary figure Lin Mo or Lin Moniang, a Fukianese shamaness whose life span is traditionally dated from 960 to 987. She was thought to roam the seas, protecting her believers through miraculous interventions. She is now generally regarded by her believers as a powerful and benevolent Queen of Heaven. Although many of Mazu’s temples honor her titles Tianhou and Tianfei, it became customary to never pray to her under those names during an emergency since it was believed that, hearing one of her formal titles, Mazu might feel obligated to groom and dress herself as properly befitting her station before receiving the petition. Prayers invoking her as Mazu were thought to be answered more quickly. Her mother dreamt of Guanyin giving her a magical pill to induce pregnancy and woke to find the pill still in her hand rather than being born in the conventional way, Mazu shot from her mother at birth in the form of a fragrant flash of red light.

She is now often said to have studied religious literature, mastering Confucius by 8 and the principal Buddhist sutras by 11. While still a girl, she was visited by a Taoist master named Xuantong who recognized her Buddha nature. By 13, she had mastered the book of lore he had left her (Xuanwei Bìfa) and gained the abilities to see the future and visit places in spirit without travel. She was able to manifest herself at a distance as well and used this power to visit gardens in the surrounding countryside, although she asked owners’ permission before gathering any flowers to take home. Although she only started swimming at the relatively late age of 15, she soon excelled at it. She was said to have stood on the shore in red garments to guide fishing boats home, regardless of harsh or dangerous weather. She met a Taoist immortal at a fountain at sixteen and received an amulet or two bronze tablets which she translated or used to exorcize demons, to heal the sick, and to avert disasters. She was also said to be a rainmaker during times of drought. By the 12th century, she had already become a guardian to the people of Qiaodou when they suffered drought, flood, epidemic, piracy, or brigandage. She protected women during childbirth and assisted with conception. In late imperial China, sailors often carried effigies of Mazu to ensure safe crossings. Some boats still carry small shrines on their bows. Mazu charms are also used as medicine, including as salves for blistered feet.

Today, Mazuism is practiced in about 1500 temples in 26 countries around the world, mostly in the Sinosphere or the overseas Chinese communities. Of these temples, almost 1000 are on Taiwan, representing a doubling of the 509 temples recorded in 1980 and more than a dozen times the number recorded before 1911. These temples are generally registered as Taoist, although some are considered Buddhist. There are more than 90 Mazu Temples in Hong Kong. The A-Ma Temple on Macao Island is the probable source of its name in Portuguese and English; the historic and protected Tin Hau Temple, Causeway Bay in Hong Kong is the source of the Tin Hau area’s name from the Cantonese pronunciation of one of Mazu’s titles, “Empress of Heaven”. The Mazu temple in Melbourne is the largest Chinese temple in Australia.

Where to display this amulet
It is best to carry along this amulet with you or display it near you for maximum benefit. You can optionally display the amulet in the following areas:

  1. Display it in the bedroom to generate good health, to heal ailments/sickness and to rejuvanate the energy of sick people.
  2. Display it in the East sector of your living room, family room and dining room for the benefit of the entire family.
  3. Carry it in your car or vehicle.
  4. Display it at your work desk
  5. Display in your personal zodiac direction:
    Rat – North
    Ox – NE
    Tiger – NE
    Rabbit – East
    Dragon – SE
    Snake – SE
    Horse – South
    Sheep – SW
    Monkey – SW
    Rooster – West
    Dog – NW
    Pig – NW
Weight 220 g


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