The Supernatural Powers of Nine Dragons

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Ming Dynasty records mentioned that the nine sons of the dragon had different capabilities, each having one extraordinary skills and help one fulfill significant achievements. In the olden days, the 9 dragon images were only reserved for selfish emperors because they give so much luck and power that the emperor is worried laymen will benefit from their presence. The Emperor Chien Lung had during his era commissioned for the 9 Dragons Screen to be built in his palace and ever since his reign enjoyed the most power, success and riches. Because of their ability to create dynastic achievements for kingdoms, the Nine Dragons is highly recommended for ambitious people, business people, politicians, managers and executives looking for solid success.

Nine Dragon Sons

According to records from Ming Dynasty, the Dragon had altogether nine sons, and each had an extraordinary personality. The chinese dragon comes in many different forms. Others said there were nine generations instead of nine sons. There is no general agreement as to what the Dragon sons are being called because there are so many names associated to each son.

Dragon Son-1: Bixi

“Bixi” is one of the sons that looks like a tortoise. Bixi is tough and able to withstand extreme weight. Because of its toughness, Bixi is a loyal slave that help its owner carry all the problems faced by its owner. When one touches the Bixi, he/she will be blessed with “fuk” (good fortune and luck). Bixi helps to overcome long term illnesses and increase ones longevity.

Dragon Son-2: Chiwen

“Chiwen” is one of the sons that looks like a monitor lizard. Chiwen always look upwards to the sky and protects against natural disaster. Chiwen possesses the power to bless rain because of its ability to spout waves of water from its mouth. Because Chiwen controls water, it can prevent flood as well. Chiwen is also able to swallow fire, therefore can safeguard against fire hazards. If one lives in a geographical location that is susceptible to forest fires, typhoon, flood, earthquake and natural disasters, it is best to invite Chiwen to protect the family. It will ensure the home will not get destroyed and family members stay safe and unscathed.

Dragon Son-3: Pulao

“Pulao” is one of the sons that looks like infant of the dragon. It is small in size. Pulao lives near the sea; is fond of roaring. His presence signifies power and authority. His figure is normally seen on bells.Those who are seeking for increased power and authority or eyeing for a promotion can display it on the workdesk.

Dragon Son-4: Bian

“Bian” is one of the sons that looks like a tiger. Its biggest strength is that it is brave and strong. Due to its righteous attitude, Bian loves to help one overcome problem. Bian is serious in preventing one from going into prison or failing to win a legal issue. Those whose life destiny or homes annual chart possibly affected by imprisonment or lawsuit can bring home a Bian for protection.

Dragon Son-5: Tootie

“Tootie” is one of the sons that looks like a wolf. Tootie loves eating and has an extremely big appetite. Tootie only eats devils, ghost, evil spirits and enemies with bad intention. Displaying Tootie at home will destroy evil forces and enemies of bad intention. If one has a scheming neighbour who harms your family and kids, you can display Tootie facing that neighbour’s house.

Dragon Son-6: Gong Fu

“Gong Fu” loves music and play with water; and his figure is a common decoration on the bridge of stringed musical instruments. His duty is to help family members become more loving and caring to each other. Those who see union problems in the family can seek help from it. Homes that are filled with members that have attitude problems can also be disciplined by Gong Fu. And those playing with water sports or indulge in sea activities can display the Gong Fu to prevent sea disasters or drowning.

Dragon Son-7: Yazi

“Yazi” is impulsive and is bad tempered. Yazi likes to fight and compete, and it will triumph over any tough competition. Yazi is wild and is destructive to its opponents, therefore its image is seen on weapons. If you are facing problems from die hard enemies and bullies, display the Yazi at home facing the maindoor to destroy their intention permanently. They can be business competitors or colleagues that fight with you often.

Dragon Son-8: Suan Ni

“Suan Ni” is one of the sons that looks like a lion. Although it looks fierce, it is quite tame. Suan Ni loves to sit. It is normally seen on incense burners because it loves smoke and fire. Suan Ni’s supernatural power is to bring riches and financial freedom to its owner. Therefore, those who desires to enrich their bank account can invite this dragon into their homes. It does not only create wealth, but generate savings, which is a true form of wealth. It is best displayed in wealth corners or diagonally in one corner facing the main door.

Dragon Son-9: Jiao Tu

The Jiaotu is one of the nine dragon sons and his job is to watch and guard your homes. These ancient guardians are often found in palaces, mansions and homes of royalty, officials and merchants. Jiaotu is as tight-lipped as a mussel or a snail. Its image is normally carved directly onto doors. It is often been mistaken as the fu dog, but in fact they are the more heavenly and royal version of guardians. They can also prevent people of evil intentions from entering the house and to ward off shar chi (killing energy). One can have a peace of mind when they watch over the main entrance and protect the whole family from being harmed. They are particularly effective in preventing robbery and evil haunts.

Benefits of Nine Dragons In Our Surroundings
The Nine Dragons promises all aspirations you desire in life, just like what the emperors in the past desire:

  1. The nine dragons are beneficial for all your endeavours to be realized; as it represents maximum Feng Shui enhancement. It represents completeness.
  2. The nine dragons dictate multiplication of business branches after branches successfully. Let the Nine Dragons make the magical wonders for you in your business ventures.
  3. For those hungry for achievement, knowledge, advancement, fame, authority, power and status, and expect quick and excellent results, display the nine dragons when you are making important undertakings.
  4. For those who are often sick or not feeling well, let the mighty Nine Dragons blow the cosmic chi and liven up “yang” energy in your surroundings. They bring longevity.
  5. For those hungry for career success, the nine dragons will ensure you are constantly improving and achieving your goals. They will ensure you continue to grasp opportunities and counter office politics that could harm your progress.
  6. The nine dragons will also ensure your sheng chi is always at its peak for overall achievement and success in your endeavours. They are good protection against evil spirits and people of bad intention.

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