Dragon Son-7: Ya Zi


Dragon Son-7: Ya Zi
Material: Earth Material
Color: Colorful
Dimension(in): 3×2.5×2.5 in
Weight: 300g
ID: SL11021

The chinese dragon comes in many different forms. Some ancient texts said there were nine dragon sons altogether. Others said there were nine generations instead of nine sons. The information was quite scattered because ancient emperors selfishly kept the information only to themselves and almost all texts relating to them had been burnt. People only knew about them when they visit the China’s Imperial Palace. “Yazi” is impulsive and is bad tempered. Yazi likes to fight and compete, and it will triumph over any tough competition. Yazi is wild and is destructive to its opponents, therefore its image is seen on weapons. If you are facing problems from die hard enemies and bullies, display the Yazi at home facing the maindoor to destroy their intention permanently. They can be business competitors or colleagues that fight with you often.

One can invite the Yazi and:

  1. Display in your business premises facing the maindoor to fight off tough competition from business competitors.
  2. Display in your workdesk to ward off scheming people in your company. If it faces the competitor directly, it is even more effective.
  3. Display in your house facing the maindoor to fight any forms of competition you do not wish to face.
Weight 500 g
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