Four Friends


Four Friends – Energy Infused
Material: Earth Material
Color: White Beige
Dimension(in): 4×2.5×5.2in
Weight: 334g
ID: SL19019


The figurine depicts a partridge astride a white hare, itself astride a monkey that sits on the back of an elephant. This moral tale illustrates that age must be respected above learning, greatness or noble birth. These four herbivorous animals also represent four terrestrial habitats of sky (partridge), tree (monkey), ground (elephant) and underground (hare). This figurine is best used to create respect, harmony and love among family members and friends. It is especially useful when the elderly are facing rebellion from rude children, younger generation or co-workers. Children are sometimes taught about the combined strength of friendship, as by working together the animals reach the fruit on the tree. This figurine is also effective in magnifying your social life with more friends and busier friendships coming your way. At times, it can intensify platonic friendships into intense love relationships.

Note: This item is energy infused and comes with certificate of authenticity. The pillow below is also inserted with a talisman that incorporates five major taoist incantation. They signify 1. Safety (Ping An), 2. Wealth Flourishing, 3. Protection, 4. Harmony and Security and 5. Anti Disaster/Injury

What Four Friends symbolize?
The four friends (also known as four harmonious animals) figure is a Buddhist legend which can often be found as subject in Tibet. It has an elephant standing under a fruit tree carrying a monkey, a hare and a bird on top of each other. A buddhist legend tells that four animals were trying to find out who could be considered as being the oldest. The elephant said that the tree was already fully grown when he was young, the monkey that the tree was small when he was young, the hare that he saw the tree as a sapling when he was young and the bird claimed that he had carried the seed from which the tree grew. So the bird was recognized by the other animals as the oldest, and the four animals lived together in harmony, helping each other to enjoy the fruits of the tree.The bird gave good advice to the monkey and the elephant. He advised them to do good things and not to do any bad things. The bird also did his best to follow his own advice. After the animal friends began to respect each other in this way, their daily life became peaceful and happy. They lived harmoniously together for many years. After they died, they were born again as humans in a better life. In Tibetan this group of four animals is normally referred to as mthun pa spun bzhi (four harmonious brothers) or as mthun pa rnam bzhi.

The Buddha once said to the monks about the Four Friends, “Long ago these animal friends learned how to live together happily by respecting those who were older. From now on, you should respect those who are senior to you. Speak politely to them, listen to their advice and always give them the best rooms, best food and best water. By doing this, you will follow my teachings.” Then the Buddha said: “If you know the Dharma, you will respect your seniors. You will be praised in this life, and happy in the next.”

This figurine can be displayed in the following areas.

  1. Display in the west of the family room to keep the younger generation from showing disrespect to the elderly.
  2. Display at your workdesk to draw respect and create harmony from your coworkers.
  3. Display in your bedroom at your personal “nien yen direction if you are seeking for a happier life with your friends outside.
  4. Display in sectors where natal or annual Quarrelsome Star #3 is prevent disharmony and arguments with your spouse or other family members.


Weight 1000 g
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