Blue Rhinoceros Windchime


Blue Rhinoceros Windchime – Energy Infused
Material: Brass
Color: Gold and Metallic Blue
Dimension(in): 4×0.2x12in
Weight: 170g
ID: SL16049

Favored by feng shui masters, the windchime is known to be the easiest way to remedy flying star problems. Featured with two blue rhinoceros, it blissfully sends powerful energy to counter armed robbery, violence, office politics, backstabbing and business competitors. Consisting of 8 molded mantra rods inscribed clearly with the all-time-favorite “Om Mani Padme Hum” and gilded with gold, it provides a special channel to the cosmic realm to invoke divine blessings. “Eight rods” is a connotation of “prosperity” and is suitable to prevent financial loss. The eight rods windchime is also the most widely used windchime throughout Period 8 (2004-2023). On the other hand, the rhinoceros duo is especially useful in protecting those whose zodiac luck suggests vulnerability of getting robbed or facing financial losses.This windchime is best displayed in the sector of annual Violence Star #7. For eg. in 2016, the direction of this notorious star is in the North.

Note: This item is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

Why Violent Star #7 is bad and how to place this remedy?
One of the most hazardous star is Violent Star #7. This star used to be very auspicious and was a wealth star during Period 7 (1984-2004). But in Period 8, its good attributes are gone and have turned into an evil star that brings nothing good but injuries, burglary, troubles, chaos, fightings, bad luck, law cases and lawsuits. It is associated to “injured soldier” and is hinting blood. That is why it relates to armed robbery and violence. Its effects become worse when combined with other bad stars such as #2, #3, #5 or #9.

Display the windchime in the following locations:

  1. For the safety of your family and children, display it in the vicinity of your main door looking out.
  2. To keep competitors at bay, businessmen can hang this windchime at the main entrance looking out. The powerful rhinoceros will help you counter attack their poisonous threat.
  3. The Rhinoceros is no doubt the most unrivaled cure against Violence Star#7, either from the natal chart, annual chart or monthly chart of flying stars. 

Cosmetic Disclaimer
Defect rules built over time: They have high degree of quality gloss finish. But because they are held by tools and shaped through machining from blocks , there could be tiny tool marks or scratches visible under 30cm visual.
Cast brass work experiences high heat process, gas defect, extreme shrinking and rough process steps, therefore they have “common irregularities” on their surfaces. They include blisters, bubbles, shrinkages, cavities, scratch lines, dents, tarnishes, dark spots, oxides etc. They are NOT considered as faulty and therefore are non rejectable. Despite obtaining from factories that provide high brass purity and the best in workmanship that supply only grade A pieces to us, common irregularities are still unavoidable.

Weight 300 g


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