Victory Over Villains (XL)


Victory Over Villains – LARGE
Material: Exotic Material
Color: Ruby Red
Dimension(in): 7.5x3x7in
Weight: 700g
ID: SL12073

Tapping the power of the horse’s strong fire element, this Victory Horse featured with the Fireball will triumph over villains, troublemakers and scoundrel. Also known as the “Harmony Fireball, the Fireball is actually the dragon’s pearl, whereby the dragon’s cultivation of power is kept into this pearl which it swallows into the stomach. It is an authentic cure by old style masters for all forms of troubled energies that cause hostility, anger and quarrels. It effectively burns away disputes between lovers, problems with office authorities, lawsuits and quarrelsome neighbours. In the chinese metaphysical and chinese astrological world, there are quite a number of evil stars that can loom over you and bring annoying troublemakers, petty characters, rumour mongers and venomous people. Troubles caused by them can ruin a person’s reputation, family, freedom and career. This includes court cases, legal problems, office politics, backstabbing and gossips. This cure is best to reduce gossip, slander, office politics and help you avoid court case.

We recommend a few places for displaying this cure:

  1. To eliminate gossips and keep petty people, troublemakers or venomous characters at bay, display it at your work desk.
  2. To destroy accusation, ill intention and betrayer from any parties, including friends, loved ones and relatives, display it at your personal zodiac direction as shown in the chart below.
  3. To deplete violence, harm and fightings from bad colleagues, enemies and bad neighbours, display it facing your maindoor from inside out.
  4. To ward off ill-hearted competitors who use dirty tactics to undercut your business such as copying your products, weakening your price strategy and causing harm behind you, display it in your shop facing out towards the entrance.
  5. To counter quarrelsome energies, display it in the sector where Annual Quarrelsome Star #3 flies to. Eg. in 2015, display it in the center.
Astrology Wheel: Each zodiac is associated to one subdirection.
Weight 1700 g
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