Protective Double Horn Rhinoceros Amulet


Protective Double Horn Rhinoceros Amulet
Material: Natural Jade
Color: Natural Jade
Dimension(in): 1.3×0.5×8 in each
Weight: 50g
ID: SL10412

This new rhinoceros amulet is better in design, shape, finishing and more beautiful. The double horned rhinoceros is recommended by Feng Shui masters as an ultimate symbol of protection against robbery, accidents, enemies, office politics, biz competitors and backstabbing. This rhinoceros is carved from natural jade and strung together with the mystic knot to create a hanging amulet so that you could conveniently carry along with you or hang it in your office, car or house for protection. Carry this amulet along with you all the time to prevent peer competition, triumph over back-stabbing, robberies, burgalary, harm and violence at all times. This rhinoceros amulet is also great to counter flying violence star #7.

What Rhinoceros symbolizes and how to place this object?
Like the elephant, the rhinoceros is symbolically a tough and protective animal that could counter any other fierce animals in his own way. It has the ability and toughness to protect itself against any form of violence. It is therefore being regarded as an awesome animal to counter violence star#7 in classical feng shui and all forms of threats or violence .

Display the rhinoceros in the following locations:

  1. For safety of our families and children, hang this rhinoceros at the vicinity of your front area or maindoor of your homes to ward off robberies and accidents.
  2. Rhinoceros will help to solve political problems in office, backstabbing, arguments and harmful peers. You can therefore hang it in your office cubicle. It would help to solve quarreling, havoc and irritation in office.
  3. For businessmen, it is best to carry along a rhinoceros all the time to ensure your competitors are kept at bay. The powerful rhinoceros will help you counter attack their poisonous threat.
  4. Rhinoceros is one of the best cures against violence star#7.
Weight 220 g


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