Chundi’s Fan Mirror Amulet


Chundi’s Fan Mirror Amulet – Energy Infused
Material: Brass
Color: 18K Gold Plated and Multicolored
Dimension(in): 2.2×3.1in primary piece
Weight: 52g
ID: 19-AM-09

This special amulet has one side of it the “Chundi’s Mirror” and the next side the “Trouble-Vanquishing Fan”.

The Chundi Bodhisattva is the Mother of All Buddhas and “chundi” means extreme holiness. Chundi Pusa has strong affinity with human race and will answer to all calls of saving all living things. Chundi Pusa is always accompanied by the eight great bodhisattvas and two dragon kings. The Chundi Pusa cultivation is always done with the Chundi Mirror with miraculous set of mantras. The mirror possesses special powers as follows:

  1. Elimination of dangers
  2. Treating of diseases and prolonging life
  3. Termination of evil
  4. Raise Intelligent Children
  5. Blessings of wealth and fortune
  6. Providing harmony and love
  7. Elimination of negative charges

Next, the fan side is Inscribed with “Li Hexagram” which represents the BIG FIRE. This hexagram is an ultimate remedy that effectively burns away all forms of quarrelsome energy (wood element). Quarrelsome energy normally causes disputes between lovers, problems with office authorities, lawsuits and quarrelsome neighbours. Also featured are the phoenixes to increase good reputation and improve popularity. It is one of the four celestial guardians that safeguards your good name. The assembly of 5 Element Phoenixes consist of: the Metal (white), Wood (green), Water (blue), Fire (red) and Earth (yellow) phoenixes. When the 5 phoenixes come together to merge and bond, they will share one powerful vein together to create an unusually high form of power which is essential for rapid magnification of luck associated to human interaction such as: social linkage, popularity, relationship, fame, networking and recognition. Becoming interactively attractive is essential to elevate one to high social status, success in career and happiness in relationship. For those who are suffering from defamation, bad-mouthing and gossips from petty people, the 5 Element Phoenixes will also be tha ultimate answer to suppress and cure such problems. Gossips if left uncontrolled can lead to a kingdom being overthrown, an idol defamed into a publicly disgusting figure, good business being snatched by competitors and obstruction in career advancement. This ultra powerful combination of 5 element phoenixes bring about wonderful luck of benefactors, noblemen, help from powerful people and important network. This fan is an excellent anecdote to combat hostility, gossips, slander, disputes, conflicts, lawsuits and quarrels in your family, office and social circle. It is also excellent at fanning off enemies. The fan improves human interaction and inter relationships. You can carry this fan to anywhere you encounter problems, to make those who are angry with you change their minds towards you and have affection for you. It is best to create respect, harmony and love among family members and friends. It is especially useful when the elderly are facing rebellion from rude children, younger generation or co-workers. It is also effective in magnifying your social life with more friends and intensifying platonic friendships into intense love relationships. This fan will overcome quarrelsome energy at home, havoc, dispute between lovers, problems with office authorities, lawsuits and quarrelsome neighbours, which is usually caused by Quarrelsome Star #3.

Note: This mirror-fan is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

The Chundi Pusa ranks supreme among the 70,000 million buddhas. The Chundi Mirror is used for cultivating and reciting the mantras of Chundi Pusa. The front is the mirror portion while the back shows the back of the Chundi Pusa. One will normally have to imagine the image of the Chundi Pusa when reciting the mantras. One can recite 108 times “Om Zhe Li Zhu Li Zhun Ti So Ha”. Imagine the mirror purifying all the negativities in your body manifesting good luck.

One can display the Chundi Mirror at the prayer altar if there is one. If not, one can display it facing the maindoor to help charge up positive energies on the incoming “chi”. One can also use the Chundi mirror to clear away stale and dark energy from their face to start off a new day when they are going out for an important pursuit. This mirror can also counteract, prevent, or dissipate devilish or unpropitious influences. It will also help one dissolve problems if ones zodiac is terribly afflicted with certain bad energies. For those who intends to carry the Chundi Mirror as a protective amulet, they can hold it up facing the strong sunlight to cleanse the energy once a while.

The phoenix is the goddess of all the winged creatures. This heavenly bird will harvest opportunity luck, magnifies chances of success in all endeavours and prosperity.The Phoenix surprises people by turning bad luck into good luck. It would mysteriously carve out path of opportunities to your business, work, career or all other pursuits of your life. Since it is associated to the south corner, its presence brings you fame and popularity. It would bring out the excellent side of the female. It can even remove quarrelsome energy of a kindling relationship with the fiery energy of the Phoenix. The display of phoenix is perfect for the single female or bachelor looking to find true love.

In general, the followings are the types of major luck associated to the 5 Element Phoenixes:

  1. Family luck – excellent for enhancing descendant’s and partriarch’s luck. Besides it also increases the bread and butter of the family brought by the patriarch. It can also be used by couples who are hoping to be blessed with a child. It ensures you have successful descendants.
  2. Wealth and Riches – will increase your income, speculative investments and wealth luck!
  3. Increased Social Status – quick generation of fame, popularity and enhancement of relationship. It will benefit those who want to stand out in a crowd and aiming to be famous, for example those who are book authors, business writers, showbiz entertainers, politicians and simply workers who desire to be seen for their good work!
  4. Literary and Personal Development – creates good reasoning and wisdom. It also has the ability to tranquilize troubled/stressed minds and is associated to starting of a new life and personal development.
  5. Outstanding Career Pursuits – guarantees quick generation of new career opportunities, promotion in existing employment or enhancement of health. It symbolizes the realization of all opportunities in career and health.

Equally Good Whether Carrying or Displaying the Amulet
It is best to carry along the fan-mirror for maximum benefits, but if it is not feasible, then you can consider the followings:

  1. Display it at your workdesk to counter office politics. Remember, they are the heavenly version of the rooster and when merging in five elements, their power multiplies by many more times to effectively counter office politics.
  2. Display it in the corner of your home to cure “annual” quarrelsome star #3. It is especially important to have if your maindoor is in this location or if your bedroom is located in this location. This enables you to build good relationship with your partner, family members and friends.
  3. Display it in locations of homes where the natal flying star map has the Quarrelsome Star #3 is, especially when #3 meets with #2.
  4. Display in the West of the family room to prevent the younger generation from showing disrespect to the elderly.
  5. Display in your bedroom at your personal “nien yen” direction if you are seeking for a happier life and wanting to forge more friendships.
  6. Display it in the southwest corner to favour Matriarch luck and to favor love and relationship.
  7. Display it in the south corner of your house if you are in the showbiz, politics or craving for fame and popularity. The presence of the phoenixes is important to assist you to be selected or elected for an important event, new role, promotion and important position.

Cosmetic Disclaimer for Genuine Brass Mirrors
Defect rules built over time: This is not a real mirror. It is a piece of real brass plate that has high degree of quality gloss 18K gold plated finish. But because genuine brass pieces are held by tools, there could be tiny tool marks or scratches visible under 30cm visual. Small scratches are “common irregularities” on their surfaces. They are NOT considered as faulty and therefore are non rejectable. Despite obtaining from factories that provide high brass purity and the best in workmanship that supply only grade A pieces to us, common irregularities are still unavoidable.

Weight 220 g


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