Chinese Almanac Interactions/Date Selection Services


ID: FM300

Consultation Description
An Almanac Master will be engaged to perform an auspicious day selection for your intended event or activity (one count). This will encompass also any other event or activity that is not covered in the scope of our free almanac such as setting the bed, seeking blessings, medical procedures, assume a new post, trading, investment, legal matters, gardening, going to the sea, buying a new car, making important purchases, pursuing studies, having a haircut, formality to start work and keeping a pet.

Date selection will be based on the lineage of the late legendary feng shui master Choi Park Lai. The service will be a proper consultation and detailed one where your questions will all be answered (up to 2 questions). Selecting an auspicious date is crucial to enable good fortune and avert disasters.

Using the dates of birth of the persons involved, we will best select dates that are most auspicious. Selection of dates will cover a span of 1 month period and 3 best dates will be provided for you to select at your own convenience. If you feel none of the 3 dates is suitable, a new fee will apply again for 3 more dates to be selected.

This service does not include date selection related to “Yin Feng Shui” such as tomb renovation and burial date. Our feng shui master does not wish to earn a living from those who are griefing.

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