Red Robe Chung Kwei Amulet


Red Robe Chung Kwei Amulet – Energy Infused
Material: Metal
Color: Genuine Gold Plated and Multicolored
Dimension(in): 2.3×0.1×2.3in Primary; 8in length
Weight: 54g
ID: 24-AM-14

Easily identified by his ferocious appearance (bushy black beard and moustache), this matured muscular adult male is Zhong Kui (Chung Kwei), popularly known as the Demon Chaser. With almighty power to repel evil spirits and ghosts, he protects the owner of the amulet against any harm. When clad in his official red robe attire that aligns to the attributes of the new Period 9 and wielding his magic sword towards the sky, his supernatural force becomes extraordinarily multiplied. He is all-time-alert and ready to diminish any spirits that is targeting you. Carrying his amulet is also equivalent to having someone who lends an unseen but beneficial helping influence to remove all feng shui “poisons” magically and safeguard you from misfortunes. He bestows safety from premature death and offers supreme protection against all forces that threaten your safety. Because Chung Kwei’s popularity comes from his ability to defeat ghosts and demons, his symbol is also considered as powerful by traditional styled feng shui grandmasters as the number one counter measure against the 5-Yellow. The 5-Yellow is actually a devil by the name of “Female Yaksha”. This devil is wicked, angry, irrationale, eat humans and has a baby. All in all, the variety of good fortune that can be brought by this amulet is almost endless, where Chung Kwei also represents prosperity, scholastic luck, wealth luck, immortality and longevity. Auspicious energies will be at work creating an invisible aura of protection. Those whose zodiac forecast hint that you are vulnerable to misfortune will require this amulet to reverse the bad luck.

Next to the image, the chinese wordings Yi Ru Ping Ann expresses the sentiment “safe and sound at all times”.

The next side of the amulet features the 12 Horoscope Wheel. The 12 Horoscope will protect the luck of all zodiacs. All zodiacs will get immuned to misfortune and obtain equal opportunities to maximize their luck. The 12 Horoscope will relieve the 12 zodiacs off any disorganized elements and interactive influences. The 12 Horoscope also represent the cycle of time to create good luck, to cure bad luck and to increase desired opportunities in life.

The amulet is consecrated by a taoist incantation of Chung Kwei that removes mishaps, disasters, accidents and negativity. On the other hand, the symbol of bagua with “Early Heaven Arrangement” will neutralize malevolent energies directed at you. In addition, there are two additional Buddhist mantras featured on the amulet:

  1. Taoist Goddess DOU MU (MARICI or Mother of Dipper or Primordial Sovereign of the Big Dipper) is a stellar divinity. With her great merit of medicine and healing, manages and harmonizes the five elements, balances the Vital Breaths of Yin and Yang, dissolves the stagnant and eliminates the evil and dark. She is the mother of Nine Stars and her power is inconceivable as she oversee the welfare of all beings. You may chant her mantra to double the effectiveness while touching the amulet: OM MA RI TZE MAM SOHA
  2. Six Sylables Mantra “OM MANI PADME HUM” – The Goddess of Mercy will help you overcome sickness, family problems, relationship problems, career problem, conceiving problem, children problems, death of loved ones, all forms of stress, examination problems and other types of bad luck.

Note: This amulet is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

Chung Kwei

Chung Kwei is popularly seen in all Goldsmith and shops trading expensive goods in Taiwan as an important symbol of protection from robbery, theft and fraud. He is also considered an exorcist of the highest ability as he is said to have subdued many demon spirits and thereafter had them under his command. The image brings you scholastic luck, protection from harmful people, wealth luck and protection from evil spirits/ghost. Having the image of Chung Kwei in your home will provide potent protection from tough enemies who have been giving you a tough time. For those in high profile professions, Chung Kwei will help to prevent backstabbing and jealousy, both in your workplace and business relationships. Chung Kwei was a fictitious scholar and a swordsman who had gone through a lot of difficult times to attain his ambition of becoming a court official. Due to his fierce and scary looks, he was denied by an emperor to serve for the government despite passing his exams with great results. As a result, he committed suicide on the steps of the imperial palace. Later, after many years, another Tang Emperor Xuanzong (712-56) who dreamt about Chung Kwei was sorry about the unfair deprival of his rightful honors even though Chung Kwai was so capable. He was however posthumously restored to his rightful position, labeled the Demon Chaser, and give the status of “judge” as a reward for returning to the world to save the Emperor Zuanzong from the evil spirits and ghosts that were tormenting the emperor’s sleep. This Emperor ordered his portrait to be painted and recognized for his duty as “God of Demon Buster “. He was then also being recognized to be “Star God of Examinations” by folks in China. Chung Kwei is depicted as being ugly with large protruding eyes and a rough beard. His fierceness alone could kill harmful evil. He uses his powerful sword as a weapon to kill the evil spirits.

Benefits of this Amulet

1. Protects everyone against dirty energy or possible negative spirits and influences from haunted places such as old mansions, hotels, work places, forests or graveyards. It diminishes ghostly attempts and powerfully dissipates any evil energy charging over you.
2. Protects kids/teenagers from succumbing to illnesses and ghostly possession caused by unintended actions or speech that hurt evil spirits.
3. Helps those with suppressed aura. It increases chakra vibes and brighten your aura for those whose life force and spirit essence is low. If not remedied, a person with weak life force and spirit essence are more vulnerable to the year’s afflictions and to the negative feng shui winds. Remember that obstacles will keep manifesting unless you successfully subdue them by increasing your aura power.
4. Removes storms and hiccups in your career, wealth, health and relationship. They will eventually become more promising and good luck winds will start to blow to your direction again.
5. Provides protection against injuries, bloodsheds, mishaps, dangers and accidents. This amulet if kept in your car can also protect you from bad spirits so that one can enjoy safe journeys at all times.
6. Provides safety to those whose zodiac forecast or personal 8 Characters chart hinting the looming of negative stars that indicate danger and injuries in the upcoming year.
7. Reverses bad luck for those whose zodiac forecast hint that you are vulnerable to misfortune.

Weight 220 g


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