Turn Mishaps Into Luck


Turn Mishaps into Luck – Energy Infused
Material: Brass
Color: 18K Genuine Gold Plated and Multicolored
Dimension(in): 3.0×0.1×3.9in plaque; 0.8×0.1×0.8in discs; 1.1×0.1×1.1in coins
Weight: 134g
ID: 24-AM-13

This special cure known as “Dui Wo Shen Chai” expresses the sentiment “whatever that faces me turns into fortune”. It combats malevolent energy, whether it is visible or invisible. This means that when it is displayed facing a physical “shar chi” (poison arrow) such as a tree or a sharp edge outside pointing through your windows to your interior or any threatening interior objects like window blinds pointing to an important area, it will diminish them all. Also when it is displayed in sectors or directions where invisble malevolent energy is such as afflictive annual flying star #7, it will diminish them. The primary piece of the wall hanging has two sides, where one side has Shigandang, while the other side has nine lions. Hanging below are seven discs of water waves with symbols of rhinoceros and elephant. The salient features and the importance of the auspicious symbols can be explained and elaborated as follows:

A. Shigandang is a stronger cure to ward off stronger killing breathe. Shigandang can be used to ward of evil chi from grave yards, dead chi from hospital, corpse energy from mortuary and large killing chi exerted from larger killing features as compared to the size of your premises. It is best used to cast away accidents, ghosts, black magic, ill energies and influence of shar chi from the surroundings It is said to be able to serve as a powerful protection as well as bringing good fortune, and gives the following 10 types of blessings:
1. It suppresses Eight Devils
2. It protects against disasters happening to the family.
3. It benefits those in official ranking to protect against competitors and harmful people.
4. It ensures the family is healthy.
5. It blesses one with wealth luck.
6. It provides cure to family members who suffer from illnesses.
7. It drives away shar chi and has the same duties of a bagua.
8. It prevents accidents.
9. It protects against theft and burglary.
10. Its presence is similar to the presence of Fuk Luk Sau.

B. Nine lions – Lions in a pack of nine are in their most powerful form and are associated with military strength and hunting prowess, a powerful symbol of enforcement. They also denote protection for all the nine directions including the center.

C. Seven Rhinoceros and Elephants – Seven is the unrivaled number of rhinoceros to remedy in difficult, violent and forceful situations. The unparelleled duo is a magnified symbol of protection against robberies, kidnaps, accidents, office politics, competitions and backstabbings. Unwanted visitors, people who harbor ill intention, business competitors and enemies will be kept away. It is also an authentic remedy for the direction where the Annual Violent Star #7 flies to.

D. “Kan Hexagram” – Derived from I-Ching Magic (ancient Book of Changes), two Kan Trigrams combine to represent BIG WATER and holds the key in combating the metal element energy of violence from Star #7. Old style feng shui masters will understand this better.

F. Taoist incantation of removing hardship, poverty and safety – pacifies all negativities, removes all obstacles along your way and helps you cope with difficulties you may encounter in everyday life.

E. “Mantra of Anti-Robbery”- Consecrates the plaque with power. It has a powerful Dakini Talisman that wards off thieves and robbers.

F. Hanging Four Celestial Guardians Coins – are an essential remedy for form and landscape feng shui (“luan tou“). Popularly known, the four celestial guardians are the green dragon, white tiger, black xuan wu and red phoenix, each guarding one cardinal direction (north, east, south and west). A fundamental requirement, a balanced “luan tou” is the basic that will prepare you towards doing up the feng shui and preparing for the well-being of the occupants. When all directions are in harmony, it encourages the dragon’s breathe (lung chi) to settle, thus creating an inflow of auspicious energy. They will also look after family safety, prevent dangers and regulate your career, wealth, health, power and fame. They are also essential to correct any external landscape problems and internal missing corners.

In situations where the magnitude of negative influence becomes overly amplified, we need a substantial amount of power from this special charm to counter such undesirable energy. For example, as we are nearing Period 9 (after leaving Period 7 for almost two dacades), the influence from Violent Star #7 has turned ugly, where it had robbed the world through the spread of Covid-19. This is also a cure more powerful, simpler to use and friendlier than the bagua when it comes to countermeasuring against complicated poison arrows, for example T-Junction, corner of buildings, small gaps between tall buildings, trees, building column etc.

Note: This item is energy infused and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Story of Shigandang
This is based on a true story that happened in China over 1000 years ago. The story started with a family that used to live in the village of Tai Ann. For a period of time, the daughter of this poor family felt disturbed by an evil wind that blew from the southeast direction everytime there was a sunset. As time passed, she became more and more hysterical because of the frequent visit of the evil. Her mother then went to the magical mountain Tai San to seek help from the master who developed his magical powers there. The master’s name was Shigandang. He helped the family and fought off the evil. However, later somebody else in the south of Hokkien District was again reported to have faced similar problem. Again, Shigandang was invited to chase away the evil spirit. It again did not end there. The evil spirit repeatedly went from one village to another to cause similar problem. The havoc spread like wildfire from village to village and so the people started to carve Shigandang’s name on stones and displayed them at home. Shigandang’s name in fact scared and frightened off every evil spirit. The evil finally gave up and the problem was solved. Since then, feng shui masters have started using Shigandang’s name as a simple yet powerful method to cure many problems associated to evil chi or shar chi. The words Shigandang alone can be used to exorcise evil spirits. The words are also used at street intersections or three-way junctions, especially in the crossing, which is often considered a fierce place.

Where to display this cure

1. It can be displayed to prevent bad luck from killing chi if your house has a main door or window facing cemeteries/funeral homes, hospitals/convalescent centers and evil looking mountains.
2. It can also repel evil spirits and negative energy when hung on your main door.
3. It provides protection to the household and prevents theft, harmful people, frobbery and accidents when displayed at entrances.
4. It can be displayed inside the house in areas or directions where protection against bad evil stars is needed, eg. Annual Violent Star #7.
5. It can be displayed inside the house in areas where protection against visible malevolent energy is required. Display facing the direction of conflict either in your interior.
6. For businesses, display it facing outwards at the main entrance to ensure that your competitors are kept at bay and counter attack their venomous threat.
7. Display it in your office to solve political problems in office, backstabbing, arguments and havoc from harmful peers.

Weight 500 g
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