Five Quiren Amulet


Five Quiren Amulet – Energy Infused
Material: Metal
Color: 18K Gold Plated and Multicolored
Dimension(in): 1.6×2.6×0.1in Primary; 8.1in length
Weight: 39g
ID: 23-AM-14

Translating to the luck of networking, this whimsical amulet with Five Quirens promises NOBLEMEN’S LUCK (a.k.a. benefactor’s luck) where you are able to forge ties with powerful and helpful people to support your objectives.  Blessing you with good tidings in your undertakings, the Five Quirens miraculously enable someone in lending their hidden hands at the right time and right place to transform your lives in magical ways. Together with stable footings, you can easily advance further. There are three types of networking you will be able to master with this amulet:

  1. Operational networking – is about building relationships inside your company to get work done.
  2. Personal networking – is about enhancing your professional development and exchanging referrals.
  3. Strategic networking – is about enlisting the support of people who can help you to achieve your strategic business goals.

All successful people must master these three kinds of networking either through the community, at team, your organisation, the social network, knowledge network, people with common interest, events or ad hoc acquaintances.

The amulet features the Taoist “5 Directional Noblemen Deities”. They are:

  1. Prosperity & Fortune Deity of the Year (Chai Buo Sing Chuen)
  2. East Benefactor
  3. West Benefactor
  4. North Benefactor
  5. South Benefactor

According to the classics, they bring the “Golden Luck of Immunity” against 5 pillars of troubles:

  1. Prosperity, Happiness and Good Health
  2. Evaporation of disasters
  3. Rapid turnaround of legal issues
  4. Pulverization of difficulties and obstacles
  5. Termination of misfortunes

Empowering the amulet are two authentic “Quiren Incantations” of the Taoist Sect, providing a special channel to the cosmic realm to invoke divine help from the 5 Quiren Deities. Next, the four chinese characters “shun shun li li” denotes “all well all lucky”. Also featured on the amulet are the emblems of a ruyi and a smooth-sailing Wealth Ship that will symbolically smoothen all your paths ahead. Last but not least, the Big Dipper Seven Stars featured are in charge of the fate of human and earthly fate in the universe. Having the Seven Stars symbol therefore greatly changes ones fate from bad to excellent.

Note: This amulet is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

Benefits of Obtaining Noblemen Luck

  • Strengthen your network business connections.
  • Tap into your network for ideas.
  • Raise your professional profile.
  • Grow your personal brand.
  • Get access to job opportunities.
  • Exchange best practice knowledge with your network.
  • Get career advice and support.
  • Build your confidence.
  • Develop long lasting relationships.
  • Reverse a trouble that is hard to find a solution.
  • Find a job of your dreams.
  • Get things done easily.
  • Obtain priority access in an important queue such as a medical queue.

Why is Nobleman Luck Important

Lacking in noblemen’s luck brings poor networking, relationships and a series of bad luck that will dis benefit your earning and wealth:
1. If your interaction with colleagues at work or social life suddenly go wrong or if you suddenly experience a series of quarrels, hostility, confrontation and arguments in friendships, you may be afflicted with certain negative energy that is tarnishing your benefactor’s luck.
2. If there is tension within the home, especially when members of a house don’t get along very well, leading to relationship issues, you may be affected with negativity that shut your benefactors luck. Even if you don’t quarrel much, but your life is unhappy because there is so much hatred among members of the family.
3. If there is lawsuit and gossip about you in your personal life or at work, which could potentially lead you to legal entanglement and battle, you may be having your benefactor’s luck afflicted.
4. If you are the victim of jealousy and politicking at work or in your neighbourhood. Sometimes even your close friends gets jealous of you because of your increase in financial existence, promotion, good life or wealth. People get jealous to the extent that they back stab your back and play tricks to harm and make you lose. These can come from your jealous colleagues, spurned lovers, envious friends and business enemies.

Best to be Carried Along but Equally Good if Displayed

1. To ensure a smooth-sailing career without bad politics, display the amulet at your work desk.
2. To ensure that you earn money easily, display the amulet at your sheng chi direction, southeast universal wealth corner and water star-8 location in your home or workplace.
3. To increase your personal benefactor’s luck, you can display the amulet in your personal zodiac direction:
Rat – North
Ox – NE
Tiger – NE
Rabbit – East
Dragon – SE
Snake – SE
Horse – South
Sheep – SW
Monkey – SW
Rooster – West
Dog – NW
Pig – NW

Weight 280 g


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