Magic Lamp


Magic Lamp – Energy Infused
Material: Metal; Swarovski Crystals
Color: Bronze Plated; Multicolored
Dimension(in): 3.5×1.4×1.7in; 3.5×3.5×0.2in Base
Weight: 255g
ID: 23-AG-08

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The magic lamp is an important symbol in Period 9 due to its fire element and its association to the realization of all possibilities in good fortune. In fact, many great truths are hidden within children’s fairy tales. Fairy tales are mythological in nature and have deep esoteric meanings that are cloaked in allegory, parables and symbolism. One such fairy tale is the story of Aladdin and his magic lamp granting him wishes when the genie was summon, from Arabian Nights tales. According to Arabian folklore, a genie’s lamp held a magical spirit (a djinn or genie) which could help those who encountered it. Like angels, genies represent beings which exist beyond our realm of perception. Genie lamps thus signify a connection between the normal world and a greater universe of which we might not be aware. When auditing homes, we have encountered in reality 2 billionaires and 1 multi-millionaire who are avid collectors of magic lamps. Its meanings revolve around the concepts of unlimited wealth, increase and unfolding: wish fulfillment in the widest sense. The common secret shared from them was that magic lamps they collect often appear quite ordinary just like in the story, suggesting that true powerful lamps often lies in ordinary looking ones. That is why we make this lamp to be finished in bronze plating instead of our usual 24K gold plating and make it look as ordinary as possible. As for the rationale behind how the lamp from a fairy tale could work, we were later told by a wise feng shui master who had similar experience with his clients that the power that came from rubbing the lamp was the power to move the world in the subconscious mind. When the genie tells Aladdin, “your wish is my command” it shows us how the creative process, the movement of consciousness and thought, begins with a specific mindset. That mindset then brings forth new thoughts, which originate as cause in the conscious mind. These thoughts then proceed to move through the subconscious mind. Rubbing the lamp sets the dominant conscious thoughts into action, which influence the genie, the subconscious mind. The interpretation of the tale of Aladdin’s lamp represents the intelligent utilization of our mind and thoughts and perhaps, more importantly, our creative imagination. Similarly, Taoist practitioners believe that rubbing the lamp to evoke its genie represents a spiritual practice. The rubbing of the lamp represents prayer and meditation, and a deep desire. Those with humble beginnings will be able to attain a very comfortable/luxurious life quick. The magic lamp will also overturn any reversal of good fortune if encountered midway just like how the story of Aladdin went, with a happy ending in the end. There are four rollings of mantras that are kept inside the lamp: 1. Kurukullla Mantra (love and romance), 2. King Gesar Mantra (career enhancement), 3. Yellow Jhambala (prosperity and wealth) and 4. Medicine Buddha Mantra (health and longevity). The lamp comes with a Tai Chi Double Lotus Plate.

Note: This item is energy infused. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

Tai Chi Double Lotus Plate

A catalyst for activation, the plate boosts the energy of any feng shui artifact placed on top of it. It enables the artifact to interact well and form a balance with its surrounding. According to the theory of “Yin Yang”, the manifestation of Tai Chi generates “balance”. When balance is attained, negativities diminish to give way to positivities! The lotuses on the other hand is essentially used to signify joy, harmony, peace, purity and sincerity. The plate is consecrated with the mantra of Amitayus. Having great control over the cosmic world, this mantra increases one’s lifespan, acquires good fortune and wisdom, avoids untimely or accidental death, removes all negative karma, and accomplishes non-death or is reborn the Western Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss. The plate is also empowered with two taoist magic incantations, one to fix 100 types of poison arrows (protection against all negativity) and the other is to enable wishes to be materialized.

Aladdin’s Story

In the Arabian Nights tale of Aladdin, the hero finds a magic lamp in a cave. He discovers that rubbing it summons a powerful genie who is able to carry out all his wishes. Aladdin lived with his mother in a Chinese town, as his father has died. He was a feral child with little adult supervision. One day, an African sorcerer approached him while he was playing in the streets and claimed to be Aladdin’s uncle. He recruited Aladdin to work with him by convincing him that he would turn Aladdin into a wealthy merchant. Aladdin’s mother, also blind to the sorcerer’s true intentions, granted permission for Aladdin to work with him. The sorcerer led Aladdin to a booby-trapped cave. He instructed Aladdin to find an oil lamp deep within the cave. The sorcerer gave Aladdin a magic ring to protect him, but didn’t explain that the cave’s spells required that only the sorcerer could receive the lamp from another.

After the sorcerer attempts to double-cross him, Aladdin finds himself trapped in the cave. Aladdin is still wearing a magic ring the sorcerer has lent him. When he rubs his hands in despair, he inadvertently rubs the ring and a genie appears and releases him from the cave, allowing him to return to his mother while in possession of the lamp. When his mother tries to clean the lamp, so they can sell it to buy food for their supper, a second far more powerful genie appears who is bound to do the bidding of the person holding the lamp.

With the aid of the genie of the lamp, Aladdin becomes rich and powerful and marries Princess Badroulbadour, the sultan’s daughter (after magically foiling her marriage to the vizier’s son). The genie builds Aladdin and his bride a wonderful palace, far more magnificent than the sultan’s.

The sorcerer hears of Aladdin’s good fortune, and returns; he gets his hands on the lamp by tricking Aladdin’s wife (who is unaware of the lamp’s importance) by offering to exchange “new lamps for old”. He orders the genie of the lamp to take the palace, along with all its contents, to his home in the Maghreb. Aladdin still has the magic ring and is able to summon the lesser genie. The genie of the ring cannot directly undo any of the magic of the genie of the lamp, but he is able to transport Aladdin to the Maghreb where, with the help of the “woman’s wiles” of the princess, he recovers the lamp and slays the sorcerer, returning the palace to its proper place.

The sorcerer’s more powerful and evil brother plots to destroy Aladdin for killing his brother by disguising himself as an old woman known for her healing powers. Badroulbadour falls for his disguise and commands the “woman” to stay in her palace in case of any illnesses. Aladdin is warned of this danger by the genie of the lamp and slays the impostor.

Aladdin eventually succeeds to his father-in-law’s throne.

Stories such as Aladdin depict genies as being inhumanly powerful–able to conjure castles out of thin air or remove the moon from its orbit – which grants the lamp an equal sense of power or strength. In Western tradition, genie lamps usually grant three wishes. It symbolizes boundless power and guarantees quick generation of wealth.

Where to Display?

  1. Displaying it in the southeast sector (wealth sector) of living rooms and business premises energizes income, increase in wealth and prosperity and windfall luck. This is the most powerful sector to transmit your home’s chi to become prosperity chi.
  2. Display it in the northwest to increase money luck from important people and helpful people. This is important for business pursuits and careers. Placing it in this sector will also bring you heaven luck.
  3. Display it in the north if you’re seeking for material gains in career through more recognition and promotion opportunities.
  4. Display it on your work desk to create a differentiation between you and your competitors so that you could stay at the forefront of career advancement.
  5. Display it in the center of the home to ensure ultimate wealth success. Such placement does increase your money luck and speculative luck too.
  6. Display it at cashier register, water star#6, water star#8 or even location of annual Star#6 and Star#8, it guarantees windfall and prosperity for you.
  7. Display it at Annual Star #9, Mountain Star #9 and Water Star #9 locations to invite long term money luck and stability. This is said to bring in lots of wealth, good fortune and money to the family. 
Weight 450 g
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