Six White Jade Discs Amulet


Six White Jade Discs
Material: Natural White Jade
Color: White
Dimension(in): 1.9×0.7×11 in
Weight: 50g
ID: SL10909

The usage of AA grade white jade disc is a secret our own Feng Shui Master would like to pass on to feng shui practitioners worldwide. The usage of white jade in generating metal element is more potent and surpassing the effectiveness of chinese coins made from bronze. It is never used because the cost is very expensive! White jade being a natural gemstone stores potent earth energy that is metal magnifying. Crafted in the shape of disc where both the perimeter and the hole is in circular shape, it correctly represents the solid male-line in 3-dimension of a trigram. These white jade discs can actually create and build an energy aura with a radius of about 2 meters. Therefore it is best to shield one from afflicted energy when displayed in afflicted zones. This amulet tied in 6 pieces with elegant gold string and the expensive satin tassels has the same meaning with amulets that are tied with 6 Emperor Coins to complete the CHIEN HEXAGRAM (BIG METAL). One should display this amulet at doors that are in the location or facing the direction north where 5 Yellow is.

The 6 White Jade Discs is recommended in the following areas:

  1. To obtain excellent networking and benefactor’s luck according to Bagua 8 Aspirations, display this amulet in the Northwest corner of your house, living room, office or bedroom.
  2. To harness windfall energy from Annual Star #6, one can also display it in its location.
  3. For homes or buildings with any door located in areas where natal charts showed water and mountain stars#2 and #5 are or their combinations, one can display this cure hanging from the door frame or at the doorknob. This is because the opening and closing of door at those locations will activate those bad stars everyday when you use them. Therefore they must be controlled with BIG METAL energy of the amulet.
  4. This Triple Chien Trigrams is also effective in countering annual afflictions such as the evil 5 Yellow (bring fatality, accidents and mishaps) and illness star-2 (bring long term illness). Homes or even rooms with doors in those locations must be remedied.

Note: We have chosen the finest grade in white jade to make this amulet. They are very beautiful, almost transparent and one can see every single flaw or natural cracks in them with naked eyes without the need of illumination.

Weight 220 g


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