Mantra Enhanced 8-Immortals Double Wulou


Mantra Enhanced 8-Immortals Double Wulou – Energy Infused
Material: Metal
Color: Silver Chromed and Matte Gold
Dimension(in): 1.75×1.75×1.85in each wulou
Weight: 487g all
ID: 20-AF-02

Featuring “8 Immortals’ Implements” (a.k.a Hidden 8 Immortals) and inscription “Medicine Buddha Mantra”, these wulou’s come in a pair with one in genuine 18K gold plated and another in chromed silver. The taoist concept of “double goodness” is that everything that brings good fortune and protection is always more effective when evoked as a pair. Next, there is secret compartment within the wulou that is filled with holy ingredients. One wulou can be filled with “tridacna gigas spheres” while the other wulou can be filled with auspicious rollings of mantras. These powerful combinations prevent all illnesses, diseases and epidemics from stealing away your life force. It is also a strong diminisher against monthly ill winds and all forms of deadly viruses. Besides improving ones immune system and removing “yin parasites”, it brings about good health, finds you the appropriate cure, increases healing power and protects the body from any harm. This is exactly what is needed to powerfully subdue the negativities from Illness Star #2. The salient features and the importance of the auspicious symbols can be explained and elaborated as follows:

  1. “Hidden 8 Immortals” catalyses divine powers to help bless one with positive energy, bring good health, good fortune, wealth, fame luck, longevity and good descendants. Inspired by Buckingham Palace in London, we noticed that almost all the antique vases and potteries possess by Queen Elizabeth have these powerful objects adorned. These magical objects represent the significance and presence of the 8-Immortals which can immediately transform the chi of a space to become an auspicious one. They bring blessings to the entire family, create a dynastic family and generate longevity and good health to both the patriach and matriach of a home.
  2. The Medicine Buddha Mantra Inscription cures ailments. The Medicine Buddha mantra is held to be extremely powerful for healing of physical illnesses and purification of negative karma. Anyone who is stricken by disease can seek blessings from Medicine Buddha for curing.

The holy fillings include the rollings of the following mantras:

  1. Long Mantra of Medicine Buddha – Medicine Buddha has unbiased compassion for all. He protects everyone from physical and mental sickness and other dangers and obstacles, and helps them to eradicate the three poisons – attachment, hatred, and ignorance – which are the sources of all illness and danger. Medicine Buddha not only helps in healing but also for overcoming the inner sickness of attachment, hatred, and ignorance. Thus Medicine Buddha can help decrease physical and mental illness and suffering.
  2. Exalted Mantra King of Great Breath Mantra – it is believed that diseases are caused by the breath sent out by the great lord of all the spirits of all the three continents called Grinning Teeth (sekpa). All humans and spirits living in the world may contract various sicknesses and having their lives taken away once the destructive breath fills up the whole world and touches sentient beings. And it was revealed that the anecdote to the diseases is through the practising of this mantra called the “Exalted Mantra King of Great Breath”. Whenever it is practised, sentiant beings will not be harmed by the breath. The mantra when worn or kept on ones neck, head or body will be protected against Ebola Virus and other contagious diseases, receiving no harm or sicknesses (tongney) from wind, bile, phlegm etc.
  3. Heart Sutra Siddam – it benefits you by clearing 84,000 obscurations, brighten up the path and generate happiness. It clears out unclear, abstruse, indistinct, vague, indefinite, inconspicuous, hidden, remote, gloomy, dark, clouded or dim vision. It leads you to a positive path of transformation.
  4. Four Dharmakaya Relic Mantras – are essential mantras that give power and make the object holy.

Six “Healing Pills” will also be provided. These spheres of “Tridacna Gigas Shell” are a secret ingredient made from the rare and sacred giant clams from deep oceans. They are recorded in buddhist texts as having the ability to purify energies and drive away evils. Its rounded shape and white color both represent metal element, and its material have energies more superior than the metal. It can actually create and build an energy aura with a radius of about 2 meters. This aura can shield one from illness energy when displayed beside the bed.

Note: This item is energy infused and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

DUI trigram being the Heavenly Doctor
According to Eight Trigrams philosophy, the illness star#2 is represented by the “kun trigram”. And we know that changing the first and second lines of a trigram yields the Heavenly Doctor (Tien Yi). And, changing the first and second lines of “kun trigram” actually yields the “dui trigram”. Therefore, the DUI is the trigram that remedies Illness Star #2. The wulou being the abstract shape of DUI trigram will therefore be the remedy to Illness Star #2.

Kun and Dui Trigrams in Eight Trigrams

What the Wulou symbolizes?
The Wulou (bottle gourd) originates from a fruit. When dried, it is very durable and its shape render it useful as a receptacle for medicine. In olden days, the Wulou was often carried by aged people as a charm of longevity and a charm to dissipate or ward off pernicious influences. The Wulou, like baguas and windchimes, is one of the most significant tools to cure many bad situations and to enhance good luck in Feng Shui. It is a powerful symbol of health and longevity. Many deities like the Sau Sing Kung (in 3 Lucky Stars Fuk Luk Sau), Li Tieh Kuai (in 8 Immortals) and Mad Monk God (Chai Kung) carry the Wulou with them to resemble their ability to cure difficult ailments. Some said the shape of the Wulou is also a wonderful integration of heaven, earth and mankind. In real life, taoist monks also use the Wulou to absorb and arrest bad evil spirits into it for imprisonment. Therefore the Wulou has the potency to absorb bad chi and negative energy.

Where to display the pair of wulous?
They are best displayed in the following areas to enhance your health and benefit from longevity:
It is best displayed in the following areas to enhance your health and benefit from longevity:

  1. Display it in the bedroom to create protective shielding of aura against illnesses, to heal ailments/sickness and to rejuvanate the energy of sick people.
  2. Display it in the sector afflicted by mountain star#2 or water star#2 according to the natal flying star chart of your house.
  3. Display it in the east sector of your living room, family room and dining for the benefit of the entire family.
  4. Display it at your workdesk to eliminate illness chi from harming you.
  5. Display it as a powerful cure on annual Illness Star-2. 

Weight 850 g
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