Spellbinding Nine Tailed Fox Amulet


Spellbinding Nine Tailed Fox Amulet – Energy Infused
Material: Brass
Color: 18K Gold Plated and Multicolored
Dimension(in): 2.3×0.1×2.4in primary piece; 7.5in total length of amulet
Weight: 53.7g
ID: 19-AM-08

Powerful air of seduction is at work! The nine-tailed fox radiates love, longing, sexual desire and intercourse and is a potent tantric metaphor for feminine beauty and voluptuousness. The nine-tailed fox is charming, attractive, crafty, quick witted and alert, often described with the ability to imbue beauty on its owner and steer strong attraction from the males with frequent success. This amulet of seduction helps you to fulfill your hot burning desires, whisper terms of endearment, to guide your sensual power, explore your erotic potential, deepen intimacy, reveal and fulfill your lover’s fantasies and infuse lovemaking with sparkling fire. It creates beauty, colorful romance and the amorous feelings of youth. For ladies, it is like a real love potion that encourages libido of your desired men. Suitable to initiate a new love, spice up your existing love life and harvest marriage luck. This is said to be the world’s most powerful seduction amulet ever. Also featured on the amulet is the taoist incantation that catalyzes virtue, brings perfect matches and hopes for successful relationships in romance. It creates the type of romance that brings commitments. It invites suitable candidates into your lives. “Her Her Twin Deities” on the other hand are known as the guardians of marriage.They bless everyone whether you are seeking for marriage luck, happiness, love, family harmony, good friendship, minimize quarrelsome energy and those seeking for proposals. One advantage is that they are the guardian angels of love for everyone irrespective of sexuality. Not only are they good for male-female relationship, but they are also suitable for LGBTs. All in all, when flaunted on your handbag, this beautiful amulet serves to increase your attractiveness and defeat competitors. If given to accompany your lover, the amulet will fan off third parties. It constitutes a meaningful and prestigious gift for someone you love.

This amulet is suitable for:

  1. Igniting sparks of new love and romance for singles. It will bring about peach blossom luck for all zodiacs. It will bring many suitors for your hands in marriage.
  2. Adding back a high dose of love back into an existing relationship. It gives a boost of romance for the already committed partners who are facing stagnation and hardship in feelings.
  3. Repairing love damage caused by involvement with third party. It prevents separation/divorce, create better bondage and will grow back your love for each other. Handsome, sexy, attractive and capable men often get involved with third party seduction due to their lust or because their “8-Characters” of destiny showed they have more than one wife in their life palace. For those of you who are afraid of losing your beloved male partners to the third party, you can actually marry your boyfriends or husbands to this Nine-Tailed Fox Amulet, where the nine-tailed fox can play the role of an imaginary mate. Popular in Taiwan, this is a special method to create a “dummy third party” so that the actual third party relationship cannot be actualized. But of course, at the same time you ought to own one as well, so that the obedient Nine Tailed Fox is well aware of who the rightful master is.

One can carry this amulet along on the handbag at all times.

Note: This amulet is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

Nine Tailed Fox
The nine-tailed fox, is a mythical fox entity originating from Chinese mythology, that is a common motif in East Asian mythology. In East Asian folklore, foxes are depicted as a familiar spirit possessed of magic powers. The nine-tailed fox occurs in the Shanhaijing (Classic of Mountains and Seas), compiled from the Warring States period to the Western Han period (circa 4th to circa 1st century BC). The work states: “The Land of Green-Hills lies north of Tianwu. The foxes there have four legs and nine tails. According to another version, it is located north of Sunrise Valley.” In chapter 14 of the Shanhaijing, Guo Pu had commented that the nine-tailed fox was an auspicious omen that appeared during times of peace. In one ancient myth, Yu the Great encountered a white nine-tailed fox, which he interpreted as an auspicious sign that he would marry Nüjiao. In Han iconography, the nine-tailed fox is sometimes depicted at Mount Kunlun and along with Xi Wangmu in her role as the goddess of immortality. According to the first-century Baihutong (Debates in the White Tiger Hall), the fox’s nine tails symbolize abundant progeny. Describing the transformation and other features of the fox, Guo Pu (276–324) made the following comment: “When a fox is fifty years old, it can transform itself into a woman; when a hundred years old, it becomes a beautiful female, or a spirit medium, or an adult male who has sexual intercourse with women. Such beings are able to know things at more than a thousand miles’ distance; they can poison men by sorcery, or possess and bewilder them, so that they lose their memory and knowledge; and when a fox is thousand years old, it ascends to heaven and becomes a celestial fox.” The Youyang Zazu made a connection between nine-tailed foxes and the divine: “Among the arts of the Way, there is a specific doctrine of the celestial fox. [The doctrine] says that the celestial fox has nine tails and a golden color. It serves in the Palace of the Sun and Moon and has its own fu (talisman) and a jiao ritual. It can transcend yin and yang.”

Her Her Twin Deities
The Two Gods of Harmony and Relationship or better known as “Her Her Deities of Harmony” (Wor Harp Yee Sin) are the most popular deities among those seeking for harmony, good relationship and love. They are the favorites of Hong Kong people. They lived during the transition of Ming and Qing dynasties in China. Han Shan and Shi De were actually real brothers who very much valued the great aspects of harmony, happiness, brotherhood and love relationships. They are in middle age and always appear with long hair tied with two buns on both sides of the head. They are known as the guardians of marriage. In old customs, households of decent fortune would hang up a portrait of the two in the living room where the newlyweds bow to heaven and earth for gratitude and blessings. Their presence are always there to bless everyone whether you are seeking for marriage luck, happiness, love, family harmony, good friendship, minimize quarrelsome energy and those seeking for proposals.

Equally Good Whether Carrying or Displaying the Amulet
It is best to carry along this amulet in your bag, but if this is not feasible, the followings are the recommended areas to display the amulet:

  1. Display the amulet in the southwest location of your bedroom, living room, dining, family room, your car and even your workdesk to activate romance and love luck. Southwest is the universal love sector according to Life Aspiration Theory.
  2. Check out your personal love direction according to your kua number (based on your birthdate) to activate your Nien Yen direction. This is in accordance with 8 Mansions Theory of Feng Shui. Activation using this method will successfully create excellent marriage happiness chi for you. This is also the location to activate new love luck for those who have same sexual preference.
  3. For women and men trying to secure an existing relationship from being broken, display it in your personal nien yen direction (not your partner’s) according to your kua number.
  4. For couples who stay together, this is the perfect amulet to be hung in the bedroom to generate long lasting love and a successful relationship.
  5. Display the amulet beside your bed or in prominent areas of the living room to create happy energy, harmony among family members and newly weds in a household.
  6. Display it in the location of the house where the annual Romance Star #4 locates to activate and boost “love chi” for a particular year.
Weight 220 g


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