“Horse on Swallow” Lucky Fan


“Horse on Swallow” Lucky Fan  – Energy Infused
Material: Brass
Color: Gold Chromed; Copper; Bronze; Crystal Purple, Crystal Yellow
Dimension(in):2.6×0.3×3.0in primary piece; 1in mystic knot; 3.5in upper string; 4.5in lower shui; 2.6×0.3×11.5in all
ID: 17-SH-15

We keep making new “lucky windmills” almost every year because In the past many years, we had introduced many “lucky windmills” and are thrilled to share the fact that many told us they have enjoyed marked improvement in their luck. The lucky windmill never fail to establish success and stability within a household. It is used as protection against all odds, obstacles and dangers to shield one against bad intentions from others. Superbly impressive, this lucky windmill features the “8-Spoke Dharmachakra” and “Horse on Swallow”. For taoist avid believers, the lucky windmill is one of the two most important symbols that generate transformational luck right away. The other symbol being the lucky drum. This being the reason why millions of feng shui practitioners in Hong Kong and Taiwan throng taoist temples during festive seasons to bring home the lucky windmill. With the ability to blow away challenges and troubled energies, this lucky windmill creates favorable fortune in all aspects of life such as career, wealth, health and overall well-being. This will strengthen your luck and ensure that the year will be supportive of you.

Protecting you against all odds, the salient features and the importance of the auspicious symbols can be explained and elaborated as follows:

  1. 8-Spoke Dharmachakra – or “wheel of law”, it literally means “the wheel of transformation”. Also one of the Eight Auspicious Objects, the wheel consists of three basic parts: the hub, the rim, and spokes. Its underlying form is that of a circle, which is recognized across all traditions as a shape that is complete and perfect in itself, qualities which inform the teachings of the Buddha too. Individually, the rim represents the element of limitation, the hub is the axis of the world, and the eight spokes denote the Eightfold Path. Symbolising the ability to cut through all obstacles, the moving wheel symbolizes the movement of cosmic order.
  2. Four propellers – they are strong symbols of dissipating negativities.
  3. Empowered by the Mantra of White Umbrella Goddess – the powerful Buddha of Protection who carries a white umbrella has the power to symbolically dispel any evil intentions of people who may want to hurt you. Be mindful that everyone is vulnerable to jealous intentions of unscrupulous people, enemies or competitors, so it is better safe than to be sorry. This mantra can also ward off black spells casted by the underlying currents of jealousy and making them harmless. The mantra is “Tadyatha Om Anale Anale, Khasame Khasame Bhaire Bhaire, Sume Sume Sarva Buddha, Adhishthana Adhishtite Svaha” which can be recited 108 times a day.
  4. Horse on Swallow with Fireball – signifies speed. The horse is known to be a great racer, but with the help of a swallow that flies, it go even faster. Tapping the power of the horse’s strong fire element, the “Horse on Swallow” featured with the “Fireball” will triumph over villains, troublemakers, petty characters, rumour mongers and venomous people It is an authentic cure by old style masters for all forms of troubled energies that cause hostility, anger and quarrels. It effectively burns away disputes between lovers, problems with office authorities, lawsuits and quarrelsome neighbours.
  5. Tiger Head – being the fiercest among the four celestial animals, it represents strength, power and courage. Its main attribute is to guard, protect, instill fear in enemies and chase evil characters away.
  6. Victory Banner – denotes triumph over evil, disagreements, disharmonies, obstacles and anger. It is also a strong symbol of wealth recovery, suitable for those who had gone through bad and trying times before.
  7. Evil Vanquishing Taoist Incantation – this powerful taoist incantation terminates all forms of evil and those who are trying to cause harm to you.
    8. Travel Safe Taoist Incantation – secures your safety by ensuring that you will not reach the wrong place at the wrong time and save you from dangers such as terrorism attack, accident and disaster.

We recommend a few places for displaying this Lucky Windmill:

  1. To transform your career and wealth luck, you should carry it along or display it by your bed or in your office.
  2. To eliminate gossips and keep petty people, troublemakers or venomous characters at bay, display it at your work desk.
  3. To destroy accusation, ill intention and betrayer from any parties, including friends, loved ones and relatives, display it at your personal zodiac direction as shown in the chart below.
  4. To deplete violence, harm and fightings from bad colleagues, enemies and bad neighbours, display it facing your maindoor from inside out.
  5. To ward off ill-hearted competitors who use dirty tactics to undercut your business such as copying your products, weakening your price strategy and causing harm behind you, display it in your shop facing out towards the entrance.
  6. To blow away obstacles, life blockages and troubles, display it facing your maindoor from inside out.
Astrology Wheel: Each zodiac is associated to one subdirection.
Weight 220 g


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