Luck Over Riding Fan Amulet


Luck Over Riding Fan Amulet – Energy Infused
Material: Pure Brass
Color: 24K Gold Plated
Dimension(in): 2×1.9 in
Weight: 50g
ID: 12-PC-07

Are you tired with endless setbacks in many areas of your life? Things are not going the way you want them to? Everything does not work well and falls apart? You will find the solution to your problems in this ultra fortune lifting amulet. The Luck Over Riding Amulet

  1. protects you against fortune reversal,
  2. transforms bad luck into good luck rapidly and
  3. magnifies good luck into even better luck.

If you have been facing hardship for a while, this amulet actually changes for better conditions of health luck, wealth luck, relationship luck and good fortune in all areas of your life. You will experience a new path uninterrupted by illnesses, setbacks and sufferings.

  1. Four Taoist Incantations -The magical incantations ensure all areas of your life are protected and changed for the better rapidly. Remember, a total of four powerful incantations (not just one) are incorporated. It has esoteric protection against negative energies, hostility, bad intentions and obstacles. The incantations can ward off potential financial losses, bad luck and any financial obstacles. In fact they can also speed up the return of your money by snail-paced borrowers. It is also especially great to transform the luck for those who are unemployed and those who have been suffering from a spate of bad luck.
  2. Divine Fan (Zhuan Yun) – It can be rotated freely with your fingers whenever you feel the need to change your luck. To turn one’s luck around by blowing away misfortunes and bad winds. Smoothens the path ahead by inviting good fortune, longevity and wealth.
  3. Four sets of auspicious transformational stars – Borrowing good luck from auspicious stars will ease ones destination. Because our bazi cannot be changed, therefore we will need to rely on how to draw good luck from the flying stars. The auspicious stars are:
    a) #1 Wisdom White Star – The star of enriching knowledge, mentorship and guidance to result in wealth and fame.
    b) #4 Romance Green Star – Brings about positive relationships, increases interpersonal skills and governs marriage luck.
    c) #6 Nobility White Star – Persons of nobility will be there to assist in smoothening your job, especially good at assisting those who wish to migrate and switch a job. Great profit will be gained from investment.
    d) #8 Wealth White Star – A top-notch wealth increasing star to bring abundant inflow of wealth, favorable for pay rise, promotions and investment gains.
  4. Smooth riding wealth ship – The wealth ship filled with lots of treasures (“Yat Fan Fung Soon” in chinese) is a powerful connotation of unobstructed path foreward. It multiplies your inflow of cash and wealth luck. It will:
    a) maneuver your life smoothly against all tides
    b) combat resistance
    c) provide directional control against deviation

This amulet is energy infused and emits energy unendingly. Item comes with certificate of authenticity.

Note: The price of brass and gold had gone up skyhigh in recent years, where some had resorted to cheaper alloys in making their amulets. But we continue to maintain our commitment in using genuine brass and genuine gold plating in our own amulets. The brass piece is made from a very prestigious brass factory.

ucky fans are regularly found in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. They have been a practice for centuries and therefore it cannot go wrong. Those who want to transform their luck will not fail to use the lucky fan.

If you find your luck not doing well, do not wait or monitor the situation further. Luck is like health, when it worsens to cancerous stages, then it will all be too late.

You may carry along this amulet on your bag, hang it in your office or hang it in your bedroom. You may also display it in your personal zodiac direction or at your work desk to overcome a turbulent year

Astrology Wheel: Each zodiac is associated to one subdirection.
Weight 220 g


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